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'Hey guys! I'm home' Justin screamed into the foyer of their 6 story mansion.

'Hey Ju!' Joey said walking into the foyer smiling

'What's that look on your face for?' Justin asked Joey

'That island Justin...man that's a rather large thing for you to buy...thanx bro!'

'Oh no problem...no problem at all'

'Anyway--is Cami coming to dinner tonight?'

'No,' Justin replied with a sincere look on his face 'we are splitting up'

'Justin, are you crazy? You two couldn't be separated--what happened?'

'Cami has just turned into a rude person since her mom's heart attack, and I met a new girl Joey'

'Whoa--Let me get this straight: You just broke up with Cami today and you ALREADY got a new woman?'

'Pretty much,' Justin smiled 'Kylee'

'What? My name is Joey man!'

'I know you idiot HER name is Kylee'

'O I got ya bro! So when do we get to meet the new 'victim'' Joey said smiling

'Tonight--she is coming to dinner'

'Cool stuff going on--look man I gotta clean up this house some and I gotta shower Talk to ya bout this later'

'Okay Joey' Justin said walking into the kitchen where he found JC and his girlfriend, Hannah, getting a little 'frisky'. Hannah looked up and waved.

'Hey JMan! I heard about your newest investment, that is totally cool!'

'Thanks...Hey Josh.'

'Where is Cami' JC said to Justin

'We broke up...I'll tell you about it later'

'So, no one is coming to dinner tonight?' Hannah asked

'Yeah--Her name is Kylee. I met her at the mall today'

'Justin,' JC said 'Thats not cool to bring a little teeny-bopper home'

'She's not a little teeny-bopper,' Justin said defensively 'she's 19'

'Okay man whatever you say' JC sneered back

'Sorry JC, I didn't me to sound like such an jackass'

'That's okay'

Justin turned around and walked off without looking up.He ran head on into Chris who was carrying a buttload of dishes.

'Sorry Chris,' Justin said 'lemme help.'

'That's okay'

Justin squated down and help Chris pick up all the dishes and delivered them to the sink.

Chris looked around the kitchen 'Where is Cam?'

'Oh we broke up'

'Damnit Justin what did you do?'

'Nothing this time....it was her--well sorta' Justin stated 'she has just been no fun since her mom's heart attack and well I met somone else'

'Oo Baby...Ha...When will we meet the new toy?'

'Toy...ha..tonight at dinner her name is Kylee'

'Awesome well look I got some major stuff to do I will talk to you lizater--Oh and if Zoe calls give her the 411 on tonight for me--okay?'

'Okay Chris' Justin said and he headed for the spiral stairs

He ran up one flight of stairs but then decided he wanted to take the elevator--so he stopped at the 3rd floor and climbed on the black iron elevator. As the iron elevator slowly made its way up to the 6th floor Justin thought--

'I have to call Cami and tell her this isn't working--but what--what will I say?How will she react?' Damn I-I Nevermind'


The elevator was stopped at the 6th floor. and Justin stepped off on to the red carpet. He walked over to his telephone and checked his messages:

'You Have 2 New Messages-1st Message'

'Hey Justin it's Cami...look I am sorry about the car today--call me'

2nd Message

'Justin--Hey Hunny it's mom, just callin to see if you were still alive, call me baby! I love you!'

Justin sat down on his yellow couch and sighed. Slowly he picked up the black phone & called Cami

'Hello Gadsten Family--Frank speakin'

'Hey Frank--it's Justin can I talk to Cam?'

'Yeah hang on'



'Hey Cam--it's Jus'

'O Hey babe--what's up'

'Cam--we really need to talk'

The tone in Cameron's voice got more serious 'About what? What's wrong'

'Us Cami--that's what wrong,We fight constantly and we just aren't the same couple we used to be'

'Oh Justin please don't do this to me!!!'

'Cameron--look baby I love you--I truly do, But this is killing me Cam!'

'Justin--Okay,Okay fine it's over!!!' Cami slammed down the phone and Justin just sits until he gets the annoying beeps.

'What am I going to do Lord--Help me, I need it badly,' Justin said out loud 'help'

A single tear landed on Justins Abercrombie & Fitch jeans before he stood up and walked over to his bathroom where he took a long bath,one where he could think everything over--about a million times.

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Muy bien Mallorie! Keep it comin!!! :)

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