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Postby Miz Timberlake » Sun Dec 31, 2000 10:30 pm

Chris Kirkpatrick: Hi!
Danielle Raabe: Hello!
Chris: About FuManSkeeto.. the concept behind the company, we wanted to have something fashionable and accesible to the public that was sporty and casual, classy and quality. All our stuff is definitely quality stuff.
Danielle: In the company, we want the people to know that we want to do production. We wanted to send a positive message out there. Chris wants to do camps later on...
Chris: I have Busta hairs all over me. :) The name of FuManSkeeto came from....
Danielle: And he's never answered this before.
Chris: I was actually in the hotel room jamming around with a friend of mine, I had just got my braids cut off and there was a mosquito on my braid, and I said look there's a 'FuMan Chu' and 'Fu Man Skeeto' and it just stuck.

lolawski: When did the Fuman Store open again?
Danielle: Today! It launched today. It launches at Nordstrom the day after Thanksgiving, on the 24th.

addicted2mtv: What has been the greatest moment so far in working for Fumanskeeto?
Chris: I am CEO, Master of Ceremonies, chairman of everything. :)
Danielle: And I'm the President...
Chris: I think seeing it from almost a joke as a crazy name, to seeing it on shirts and as a production company. I want to show everyone the FuMan Crew. This is the beautiful Erin. Now we have Ryan and Dave. This is the FuMan Crew right here, the posse.
Danielle: Notice the hat that Dave is wearing.
Chris: As you can see we're not only a production company, but we're also tattoo artists. :) Okay, they are done.

jillr984: Will FuMan Skeeto be available in stores other than Nordstroms? You know, for those of us who dont live anywhere near a Nordstroms!!!!
Danielle: It will be online at They're selling the same stuff as the Nordstrom store. We sell different styles than they do.

kelleyincincy: How did you come up with the idea to create the company?
Chris: I think basically I have another gig, I'm a musician a lot of the times, I'm in a group and we're doing pretty good:) But there's a lot of stuff that that group can't do. And htis is just another arm of what I would like to do. What *NSYNC is doing is a lot of charity work, like Challenge of The Children and Child Watch, and that's what I'm doing more of with FuNamia, we have a little doll that celebrities take a picture with and then we give a doll and a picture to a terminally ill child. It's different from *NSYNC, the guys are involved in a lot of the things, but it's different.
Danielle: I think for Chris it's another creative outlet. it's something for him to do outside *NSYNC.

fuman_belle: Dani- What is your fav shirt in the new line?
Chris: I like the spaghetti string top, the halter, that shows off my halter. :)
Danielle: This is mine...the FuGirl.
Chris: Shows off my belly. :)
Danielle: Chris was going to wear one of these as well, but I talked him out of it.

daisy_luna: Chris, I think you guys are so talented... how do you come up with the designs for fumanskeeto?
Chris: We all do... all the crew, everyone you just saw is involved with every aspect the creative, the designs, everything that has to do with that.
Danielle: We have meetings all the time.
Chris: Big ops to the FuMan Crew!!
Danielle: All of us voice our ideas and we go over everything.
Chris: We actually have a mysterious guy in the crew, the Fregga man, he helps Dave with a lot of the art work... That's his comic book.

fuman_goldilocks: Where would you like to see FuManSkeeto in five years?
Chris: Finished. :) Oh wait.. no. :) You know what? There's no telling where it will go. As long as it's successful and still sounding, it can go anywhere. We want to work with so many things. We're talking about cartoons, figures, and just all these different things. It would be great to see the success of the company where when you hear FuManSkeeto everyone will know what we're talking about.
Danielle: We just hope that its successful and that it stands on its own feet. That it gives people the opportunity to do things.

hackwor4: Is Fuman going to have swim wear this summer?
Chris: Thongs. :) No I was just kidding about the thong thing. :)
Danielle: Children's line is something we really want to do. Childrens' stuff is Chris gave to Rosie last week.
Chris: It's called Wigglers... that's the name of the baby mosquito.
Danielle: Wiggler is the name of baby misquito.
Chris: The childrens line will come out sometime next year. I just figured out that we have to get the summer line out like sometime next week.
Danielle: How do you guys keep up with this? How do you understand what Chris says?

diggin_fuman_chris: Chris and Danielle, I love you FuMan! It's awesome! Is there going to be Plus Size line anytime soon..for us chubbier Fu's!?
:0) Thanks you guys..I love you both!
Danielle: We do extra small to extra large in everything. We can tell who really works in this company. :)
Chris: Everyone save this at home.. this is your screen saver :)

h33t7: Ron Irrizary has done a great job opening for *NSYNC on tour! How did you come across him?
Chris: Ron and I are old friends, we used to sing together in coffee shops, and we actually used to write together and we were even inquired
together. So I feel like the success in my music endeavors should be shared with the people that deserve to be in the spotlight as well. And hopefully
*NSYNC will be around for a long time and we can continue this success with friends.
Danielle: We do accept demos...
Chris: I listen to everything we get.
Danielle: Chris wants the opportunity for everyone to be he listens to all the demos.

addicted2mtv: What are some clothing brands that have inspired you? --Sheila, tx
Chris: We don't steal from anybody. :)
Danielle: Just comfortable...we want it to be comfortable and fasionable. We want to make sure that its fashionable, but when you put it on, its
really comfortable to wear.
Chris: I think our logo 'whole new vibe' we go with what we like, we don't look at what Dolce & Gabana is doing.
Danielle: It was the pants?
Chris: That's one thing about our clothing line that we're very excited about, don't wear it for more than a week a t a time! :)
Danielle: Yes! We want to do a model search.
Chris: Yeah, I'll be heading the model search. :)
Danielle: Wait, so maybe we wont' be doing the model search then...:) I'm doing the model search.
Chris: All shapes and sizes like pears, apples, bananas, it doesn't matter..>:)
Danielle: We want to get all shapes and sizes.
Chris: Go to
Danielle: There's an address on our site that ppeople can send pictures to.
Chris: No matter how cheesy it sounds, beauty comes from within, that's what we find, I know so many people that are just great people, the look...
it's great to have all types of models.

baker22662: How did you two meet and why did you decide to form a partnership?
Chris: Well.. you know it's real funny..:)
Danielle: We met like 2...2 and a half years ago.
Chris: She was in one of our videos, and she was the star in the video, and I just kept following her.
Danielle: He made me really angry and I left him.:)
Chris: She would constantly follow me... she followed me down the road, lol:) No, just kidding:)
Danielle: I stalked him forever.:) We clicked personality-wise, and we wanted to do something together, and the company was perfect!

fumanchipper: Just wanted to say I love the new changes that you have made to the fuman website they look great! Are you geared up and excited
for the opening at Nordstrom?
Danielle: I'm nervous too!!
Chris: I'm nervous! No I'm not.. I'm just kidding.
Chris: I just hope we don't SUCK!
Danielle: They are the cutest things.
Chris: We really did it for our fans
Danielle: I think they'll appreciate the clothes.
Chris: We built friendships and a community on the website. I check out the message boards, Danielle posts a lot. Our best ideas come from the
fans, because that's who's buying the clothes, that's who wears it.

ken_joe_99: Hi Chris!! I'm a big fan of 'N Sync and FuMan Skeeto, I was just wondering what the price range will be. I hope to get some of yoir merchandice and see u in concert soon!! Thanks!
Chris: The fans really give us great feedback, and we keep in touch with everyone.
Danielle: We read the forum...and we answer all of our emails.
Chris: It's affordable. :)

chrisanddanny4ever: Has it been challenging being a member of *NSYNC while establishing FuMan Skeeto?
Chris: It's hard. It's one of those things where I find an even balance. *NSYNC comes first, and that's with everything I do. And FuMan is definitely up there. All my friends are involved with it. A lot of heart was put into this. Too much!
Danielle: We make them wear the clothes.
Chris: Sometimes, my sisters will always wear it just to impress it. :) Oh man, they are all wearing the stuff all the time.
Danielle: They're great for models.

gurlyfromthehillsofpenn: There are no Nordstrom stores in my area and I'm not allowed to buy off the interent....will FuMan Skeeto be coming out with a catalog?
Chris: We want to.
Danielle: We've abeen speaking to Alloy about doing something...we just want to do everything!

addicted2mtv: What are five words to describe yourself?
Chris: Oh gosh! Um... Crazy Sexy Cool:) okay:)
Danielle: For chris: lack of attention:)
Chris: *snoring*
Danielle: Workaholic, fun, honest...
Danielle: I don't freak. I've loved hockey forever.
Chris: She makes my fan be a hockey fan as well.
Danielle: My dad's a huge Ducks' fan.
Chris: Her dad is more than a fan, he's obsessed, I think he even goes to games more than he works.

addicted2mtv: What is one adjective that you would use to describe the FuMan Skeeto clothing line? --Sheila, tx
Chris: Crazy Sexy Cool :) Innovative.
Danielle: Community, we're a community.
Chris: Yeah, come up with a better one than that Danielle :P
Danielle: describes the clothes!!!
Chris: j/k :)

addicted2mtv: I've noticed there are going to be a lot of sporty items in the FuMan Skeeto clothing line. Are there going to be any formal
outfits such as dresses? --Sheila, tx
Danielle: Our spring line is comfortable...there's a ton of fashion pieces in there. We did like 4 different styles... We did a whole spring line, jeans, sports, etc.
Chris: For thanksgiving I will be in Las Vegas eating turkey with the crew of our show. Spare time: Video games... my fave video game. I just got
the new Madden for Playstation 2. MediaX is going to hook me up with all the cool new video games too right?
Danielle: Yes, got it like a year ago.
Chris: I had the Playstation2 from Japan like a year ago, but I couldn't understand the adventure games because they were all in Japanese.
Danielle: He just makes me watch him...he doesn't let me play. He let me play one time, and he got so mad at me. But it had been like a year,
since I last played!

nsyncobsessed185: What is the hardest part about running FuMan?
Chris: I think everyday there is about 50 million challenges, you never realize how much work it's going to be. The hardest thing is you can't please everybody, but we try too. And you just can't do it. There's so much involved in the company.
Danielle: We had no idea what we were getting into. Our first line, now is done completely wrong.

Psycho384: Is FuMan Skeeto going to be world wide?
Danielle: Its a challenge everyday...its a hard business.
Chris: That's where the online stuff comes into play, so yeah we do do international shipments,
Danielle: We're looking to get into Asian and Canandian stores.
Chris: If there's not a Nordstrom near you you can get the stuff online through our site

jeter_jet_12: Dani, does Chris drive you crazy sometimes with his craziness?
Danielle: Yeah! As you can see, we have to take breaks every once in a while.
Chris: She is a little bit to into hockey!
Danielle: When he eats too much sugar or drinks too many mountain dews, everyone needs to take a break from Chris. He likes Pittsburg, so we have a little hockey conflict. I'm a neutral fan now.
Chris: Now she's gotta be neutral, she's not allowed to like anyone, so we like all the teams now:)

busta_the_dog: Hey Chris, I'm one of the girls from the busta page ) and was wondering, since we're running out of news, what's a good way to honor the best Pug around?
Danielle: And Korea.
Chris: Busta is my dog that has shed all over me because I haven't seen him in a couple of works. And Korea my other little one. Erin takes care of my dogs while I'm gone. :)
Danielle: He wants to go back on tour.
Chris: And Busta was just like sitting by me the whole time I was home, he wanted to come to this chat actually. Justin doesn't want him pooping in his bunk again anyways.

h2ogirl4life: Will you guys be advertising the clothing line anywhere?
Chris: I don't know maybe doing CHATS!:) No just kidding. It's pretty much just word of mouth, or if I go on shows, I talk about it. But we haven't really started a full fledged campaign for it yet.
Danielle: Nice...Fumercials.

joshchasezluva: What celebrity would you like to see wearing the FuMan Skeeto clothes?
Danielle: A lot of athletes.
Chris: We have given some stuff to a couple of different celebrities. We're trying to get Britney to wear it. And a lot of people that I know are always asking for it.

alisha_14_2000: How did you pick who was going to be your FuMan Crew?
Chris: We're talking about doing some signature clothing with the guys in the group, so that should be interesting.
Danielle: We found them on the street....Just kidding! We just gelled really well with the idea.
Chris: I don't think you can pick those, If you threw all of us into a crowd we'd all stick out. All of us are friends and have known each other and we just work well with each other. We have the 2 cute ones, the crazy one, the artist and the bald guy. Because everyone needs a bald guy. :) Those logos are so difficult too, you just don't realize it.
Danielle: Just the logos... there's so much out there...there's just books and books of stuff to read into.
Chris: My biggest insecurity... I think part of my body... my face...I don't know, I don't think I'm really insecure about anything. You live with your faults, and you live with the things that you have said that are really stupid and you have to live with.
Danielle: I have a million...I hate watching myself on camera...I hate hearing my voice. When i used to model, I had so many insecurities about my body.

justinsmylove: Do you plan on opening any FuMan stores around the country?!
Danielle: Thats why for the model search, we want to get all sorts of models to reflect all the different body types out there. Just getting that together has been crazy.
Chris: We actually had plans before to open up stores, but that's just something that will come up in time. We do have an office which we're real happy with. A lot of people have put a lot of hard work into it and we're happy with it.

fumanfuman2000: Where do you get your creative inspiration for the clothes?
Danielle: We get inspiration from everybody.
Chris: Basically we take play-do... i was just making something up....start over again.

fuman_belle: What is the secret to the fabric? How did you get it so freakensoft and yet holds up to a ton of washing? Behold the power of Fu!
Chris: Peruvian cotton.
Danielle: That's the problem with doing it online, that people can't feel and touch the fabric.
Chris: Go to Nordstrom and you can feel it, it's the same material that we use for the stuff online
Danielle: The sizes are a bit different, we changed the range of sizes. They're not t-shirts so they're not big...they're baby tees. So if you want it to be free-fitting, you should probably buy a larger size.

doynk_98: Hi, I was just wondering how much is the clothing going to be at Nordstroms?
Danielle: The pricing is a little different. But they do vary a little bit, depending on the item.
Chris: The price from the Nordstrom and the online stuff are around thesame. Thank you!!
Danielle: Thank YOU!!!
Chris: You are incredible for staying with it!
Danielle: Thank all our fans...they're awesome!
Chris: Thank you to all the fans!

amuznet_live: Thanks everyone! Thank you Mediax for putting this together and and FuMan Skeeto. Make sure to check out for your chance to win a $1000 shopping spree at FuManSkeeto! And check out for the online store! Thank you all for coming!!!! Also, keep checking back at for the transcript of this chat and the archived video! BYE!!!

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