January issue of J-14

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January issue of J-14

Postby lyna » Mon Jan 01, 2001 9:49 pm

This was in the January issue of J-14


This year, everything *Nsync touched turned to gold. You would think that Justin, Joey, JC, Lance, and Chris would want to slow down and take it esay- but next year looks to be even busier.

Hollywood Bound

*Nsync movie rumors continue to persist. At first, there was talk that they would adapy the old Saturday morning television series 'The Bungaloos' into a feature film. THe latest idea has the guys starring in 'Grease3'
At this point, nothing is finalized. 'Our first movie will most likely be 'Grease3,' Lance says. 'Everything is on hold because of the SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) strike that's supposed to happen next year. It's very bad timing for us, but we're going ahead and getting the script written. We just have to wait and see what happens witht the strike and then we'll start filming.'
IF the film gets made, the plan is for Britney Spears to co-star with the guys and for the story to be about the six of them rather than just a boy and a girl, whick was the model for the previous Grease films. 'It's going to be an ensemble,' says Joey. 'There will be two leads, but everyone will be as important as the other.'
Adds Lance, 'It'll definitely be written for a group, but there will be a female lead.'


While we- and *Nsync- are waitng to hear if Grease is the word, the guys are also planning to get back into the studio to record their new album in time for a June release.
'We have to get creative again, reinvent ourselves and come out with a new style,' JC says. 'After this tour, we'll have to clear our minds and come up with something different, We still want it to be fun, but you've also just got to come up with new style.'
Adds Justin, 'It's hard to say where our music is going to go. I think we've found our sound within the past year. Hopefully, we can just grow with our audience.'
Chris belives taht they will. 'I think every time we release a record or even a single, we're reaching a new audience,' he explains. 'We try to, anyway. I think when you hear our sounds, we've taken pop music so far and turned it into something different. We're changing with the times. We'll continue working to develop our sound and be innovative and get someting new out of the album rather than the same old thing.'
THe guys plan to have even more control on the new album, handling a lot of the producing chores themselves. THey'll also continue to explore different types of music as they have with Latin and Country.


'Everyone can get something out of our music,' says Lance. 'That's what we want to prove to everybody. It's something new and different and we want to challenge ourselves.'
'Music is fun,' adds JC. 'It's a journey. I don't think any artist really likes just one kind of music. They're usually very creative people and they like a bit of everything. We've just been lucky enough to kind of push they boundary and actually do it instead of wondering about it.'

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Postby sue » Wed Jan 03, 2001 8:30 pm

I think thats cool that the guys want to explore more then just in the music business.But this is just my opinion but I think it would be a little chessy if they did a grease 3 and having Britney as the girl lead.

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