nsync begin work on their fourth album

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nsync begin work on their fourth album

Postby Pryncess14 » Fri Jan 05, 2001 9:29 pm

LOS ANGELES — As they begin work on their fourth album, 'NSYNC are searching for ways to funk up their sound without overpacking the punch, JC Chasez said Wednesday.

'Everyone's kind of on the aggressive kick now,' Chasez said after helping announce the nominees for the 43rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. 'We'll keep the energy in the music, but now I think it's time to find something a little funky. We're going to experiment with sounds and try to create something new.'

This week the Orlando, Florida, quintet began work on the follow-up to No Strings Attached, the best-selling album of 2000. For now, the group members are working alone, but they'll likely bring in outside producers later on, Chasez said.

As usual, they'll record more material than will end up on the LP, Chasez said — a move that helps them put together a cohesive album with the strongest songs. 'We always over-record before we cut an album. We'll record double the amount of songs that go on the album, and then we'll pick what stays and what goes.'

'NSYNC nabbed three Grammy nominations, including Record of the Year, pitting their 'Bye Bye Bye' against Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name,' Macy Gray's 'I Try,' Madonna's 'Music' and U2's 'Beautiful Day.'

'It's kind of bizarre being in the same category as Madonna and U2,' said Chasez, who was the only member of 'NSYNC at the announcement ceremony. 'It's exciting and an honor for sure.'

But winning wouldn't be earth-shattering, he said. 'The Grammys are a wonderful award, but it's not going to change our day-to-day routine. We're going to keep doing exactly what we've been doing.'

Chasez and the other members of 'NSYNC are in Los Angeles for two award shows just around the corner, the People's Choice Awards on Sunday night and the American Music Awards on Monday. They are nominees at both ceremonies.

The group will turn up on CNN's 'Larry King Live' on Tuesday.

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