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January 10th, 2001
Source: Launch
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From: Yvonne

After the Backstreet Boys won the award for favorite pop rock band, duo, or group at the American Music Awards Monday (January 8) , they were asked by reporters, as usual, whether there is any rivalry between them their Jive labelmates 'N Sync. Singer Howie Dorough replied, 'I went to college with Chris [Kirkpatrick]. I think the media unfortunately makes it try to be more of a rivalry [sic] so we'll be at each other, but in reality, there's enough for all of us out there.' Nick Carter clarified further, 'Well, it's not really a rivalry, man. I went to a football game with Chris [Kirkpatrick], a Tampa Bay/St. Louis football game, so there is no rivalry anymore...pretty much.' Kevin Richardson chimed in, 'Like we've said many times, it's just in the beginning the way it all started out...our management company, how it all came to be, who we used to be with, who they used to be with--that whole thing. That was hard to deal with.'

Richardson was asked his opinion on the difference between the American Music Awards and the Grammys. 'I think the Grammys are more of an industry-type thing, and the American Music Awards are more like a people's choice.' Richardson and Carter noted that the AMAs are still important. 'I think this means a whole heck of a lot,' said Richardson, 'because if you're not pleasing your fans ...' 'They'll tell you,' Carter chimed in. Richardson added, 'I mean, without them we wouldn't be here, and they're the important thing.'

The Backstreet Boys were also questioned about what they want to achieve this year. A.J. McLean said the group is ready to tackle 2001. 'We've got a brand new tour to look forward to,' he said. 'We've got a lot of goals and high expectations, and hopefully we'll come to some more award shows and win some more awards.' Carter, on the other hand, said the Boys are aiming simply for, 'One word-- respect.'

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