-teachers bring 'n sync into the classroom-

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-teachers bring 'n sync into the classroom-

Music and Interdisciplinary Connections
Teaching With Popular Music
Teacher Vision

The following is an actual lesson plan sheet from MENC and Teacher Vision. The objective is to use popular music that kids like and incorporate it into their school work. See, 'N Sync is educational:

Lesson based on a song written by Max Martin and Kristian Lundin.
Students will compare in two or more arts the characteristic materials of each art (sound in music, human inter-relationships in theatre, movement in dance, visual stimuli in visual arts).
Students will compare how different arts can transform similar events, scenes, emotions, or ideas.
CD Player
*NSYNC music videotaped from television for educational purposes
Your choice of additional materials related to theme
Note: Students should have been taught at least one lesson in MENC's *NSYNC series and be familiar with *NSYNC songs.
Listen to music.
Play I Want You Back.
Lead short class discussion about what story the lyrics convey. (Lost love.) How do elements in the music contribute to that story? How do tempo, key, instrumental accompaniment, and music texture help portray the story? What about vocal techniques? Are there vocal slides or catches used to convey ideas? Who is telling the story? What is he feeling?
Watch at video.
Show *NSYNC music video you have taped for educational purposes. (Please see copyright note below.)
Lead short classroom discussion asking: Does this video--a mini-drama--tell the same story as the song alone? How do the members of the group tell the story in the video? Think about emotions shown, interactions with others, choreography. What do you notice about camera angles, lighting, scenery, time of day. How do these tell the story?
Make connections.
Ask your students if they can think of books, movies, opera, artwork, or dance that might share the same theme? (The arts are rich with stories of lost love, but you might include Shakepeare's Romeo and Juliet, Bizet's Carmen, Lerner and Loewe's Camelot, the movies Casablanca and Titanic, pop songs Teen Angel and Yesterday, and country songs Blue and Your Cheatin' Heart. These are just starters--you'll think of many appropriate for your class's age and maturity level.)

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