spoofing 'n sync backfires for punk band

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spoofing 'n sync backfires for punk band

Postby Miz Timberlake » Thu Jan 18, 2001 10:10 pm

-spoofing 'n sync backfires for punk band-

Punk Band Sinclaire's Image Out Of Sync
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When Toronto emo-punks Sinclaire decided to spoof boy bands like Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync with the title and artwork of their CD Attention Teenage Girls, they thought it was hilarious -- until some folks didn't get the joke.

'Now we've been pegged as the boy band of hardcore,' laments guitarist Ryan Ford. 'Some people have even started calling us 'N Sinclaire. 'We were just having a laugh. Our singer, Ian (Murray) had written this song that had these cheesy lyrics. They sort of sound like something a boy band would write. We've always thought boy bands are so obvious they should just say, 'Attention, teenage girls!', so that's what we called it. Then we decided to make that the title of the album, and take some boy band-type pictures to go with it. And some people believed it. 'It was a joke,' he says. 'It's amazing how many people took it seriously.'

Taking things seriously is still something of a recent phenomenon for this gang of pals in their mid-20s, who first began jamming in 1997 while still in school in London, Ont. After releasing an EP, Sinclaire -- which also includes bassist Gregg Wolfe and drummer Mike Maxymuik -- caught the attention of respected Canadian indie label Sonic Unyon, who issued their debut album, Attention Teenage Girls, a strong set of punk, popcore and alt-rock numbers whose songcraft belies the lads' tender years. Tonight, Sinclaire play their first local gig at the Royal Albert -- although it should be their second.

'We were supposed to play there in July, but I broke my arm,' Ford says. 'It was a poolside incident. I was drunk and started shooting everyone with the SuperSoaker and they tried to throw me in the pool and I fell. I was gonna try and play with a cast on, but it just wasn't going to work.'

This time, Ford is being careful -- he has to stay in one piece for the band's longest tour yet. After a gig at the Broadway Community Centre next week, the boys head to Florida, then play their way up the East Coast of the U.S. and through the Maritimes before going home.

All that time will give them plenty of time to work on their dance moves -- just kidding -- and hone new material, which Ford admits is getting poppier by the minute. 'We're not, like, political by any means. We come from the hardcore scene and stuff but we're just a rock band that sings about girls.'

Maybe it has something to do with the band's main influence: '80s rocker Rick Springfield, the guy who wrote Jessie's Girl. 'I listen to Rick Springfield every day,' says Ford. 'Seriously. I'm not kidding. I like his old stuff. Working Class Dog is a great record.'

As for the whole boy-band problem, they plan to address that in the title of their next album, he says. 'We're thinking of calling it From Boys to Men.' Yeah, that should clear that right up.

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