NSYNC in globo

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NSYNC in globo

Postby admin » Tue Jan 23, 2001 5:12 pm


Yeah, it's a bad translation, but you get most of the meaning:

The band of the namorado one of Britney Spears arrived almost with two hours of delay at palco. But she compensated the wait with a triunfal input and a show of special effect. Boy band N'Sync promised to enter flying in palco, as marionettes of the clip. E fulfilled. They also are five, but the style is well different of the Five. Chris, Lance, Justin, J.C. and Joey make the held sort, that nor Sandy and Junior. In time of the black color bad boy of butique, a mixture of gypsy with clown dressed the Americans. ' and there, Brazil? We are very happy to be in Rock in Rio 3 here ', says Lance. Have is it leaves for solar Justin ' God must spent '. Much blue and pink smoke, much adeuzinho of the fans. A speaker appears in the telão and offers: ' From now the N'Sync he is enslaved of vocês. They choose next music ' In the multiple choice my won superhit ' Tearin`up heart '. Gritinhos and gritinhos. Of florida shirt, the leader Justin is alone for an alone performance that included until stretch of sonorous track of the 007. Following the example of comadre Britney, the others also change of clothes. Nothing of special. Supersonic tennises, pants and shirts largonas with camiseta underneath. All adolescent good. The public vibrates, applauds and folloies. He knows everything. Little Bee Gees, that the band sings to the chapel. Great moment. Cineminha in the telão: Lance participates of the quiz show ' Who wants you be millionaire ' and asks for aid to answer which of the four cited creatures is not a Pokémon. It makes right in full and it rains perforated paper in the lawn. In another bacana effect, a mask of giant and falante clown appears in the deep one of palco before ' Space cowboy '. The show already is extended for one hour. He is late for child to sleep, but the boys continue to all in palco. ' This is the biggest multitude for which already in we present them ', they confess. The mass reacts: ' Uhhhh '. Justin shows the flag of Brazil and the five take a walk on the mobile auditorium in one passarela. Show of illumination. Now, the appearance is futurista for ' Digital getdown '. E the last one: ' Bye, bye, bye '. Hour of mimi.

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Postby IHateHandles » Fri Jan 26, 2001 4:05 pm

The public sure do vibrates. LOL!

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