joe namath and nsync

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joe namath and nsync

Postby admin » Sun Jan 28, 2001 2:41 am

I found a couple of super bowl legends. Of course, joe namath and tomorrow the entertainment for the halftime show, *nsync. Hey, guys. How are you?

>> Hi.

>> What did you think of that?

>> I'll tell you what i think is great now, being up here with these guys.

>> Why? You're the man.

>> Well, i'm a fan, too. You know, 'bye, bye, bye' and all, you know. And my daughter jessica's here and i just want to tell her, 'eat your heart out, honey.' I'm up here.

>> Joe namath is rubing it in with his own daughter.'S incredible.

>> Have they met?

>> My daughter met them last year the at super bowl. We had a visit with them and a great type. We were fans before that and she's an even bigger fan now.

>> Joe, do you remember, since they're performing with aerosmith in the halftime? Do you remember the half testimony show in your super bowl?

>> Ewe bank was sensational. He was our coach and our halftime show was in the locker room. That's it.

>> This is great to have you here. This is such an incredible party here and you're the first rock star of super bowls. Does it ever make you wish that you were playing tomorrow? The party here in tampa is just incredible.

>> It's great. You know, 30-odd years ago at super bowl iii, it was big then.

>> Thanks to you.

>> This is the greatest thing going in sports now, the super bowl and i'm just thrilled with the N.F.L. Getting this super bowl together so big. It shows you how great the sport of football is.

>> Yeah, absolutely. And it's not every day we stand here with joe namath and 'nsync. Have you got enough left for tomorrow? You've been out on the town all night?

>> Here in tampa, it's so close to home, so...

>> This is great for guys like us to walk around here and meet so many incredible people like joe namath and all thelks here tonight. How's the rehearsal with heir submit-- aerosmith. What can we expect at the halftime show?

>> This is going to be the greatest halftime show of all times. Aerosmith, britney spears, nelly, mary j. Blige. It's going to be insay.G to rock it out.

>> Very good. We have a lot more coming up tonight. Thank you, guys. It's nice to see you. 'Nsync, they'll be out there tomorrow for the halftime show and joe namath, thank you very much. The party's still jumping here at mack dill air force base. It's super bowl saturday and more ricky more ricky coming up right after this.

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