Mayer And Katie #4

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Postby lancechica4 » Mon Aug 30, 2004 10:44 am

He just gets better and better. :wub:

My show was on the 20th (:ph34r:) and it was fabulous. I took my dad instead of my Mayer buddy because he couldn't find tickets and he's almost as obsessed as I am. :lol: We went to the venue early because I got invited to the soundcheck... which was super awkward because no one knew eachother and everyone just stood around silent before we went out to the stage. :lol: We had to sit in the 15th row... not sure why, but I think I definatley got some long distance eye sex. ^_^ They were filming the soundcheck, rumor is for a VH1 special and he was over the top hilarious. He raised the mic as high as it could go and then tried to sing into it, jumping up and yelling the words. Then he put it as low as he could and hunched over to sing into it, then sat down crosslegged, and then got down on the floor. :lol: He also played us some 90210 songs describing the situation in which they would be used as background music. And finally he invited someone up on stage to do a freestyle rap contest. Not normally the kind of thing I do but as soon as I mustered up the courage to raise my hand, another girl who'd been practically jumping up and down was picked... she wasn't that great. :lol: But John totally was. Who knew? :blink: After the soundcheck I chatted with SCOTTY CROWE on the walk back out of the stadium. I met up with my dad and we went out for dinner and when we came back David Ryan Harris was playing a side stage. My dad and I were the only one's there for like 2 songs... which again was super awkward. Scotty was working the merchandise table and when I went to pay he said "Enjoy, Katie"!!! He remembered my name from when I had to sign in before the soundcheck. :o After DRH signed autographs and when he got to me I said "Thanks for playing" and he said "Thanks for showing up first, babe". :o So moving onto the show. :D John was great, but not nearly as talkative and silly as the soundcheck. Right at the beginning he said "Boston, I understand you. So that's why I'm going to shut up and give you as much music as possible" or something like that. So here's the setlist.

New Deep
No Such Thing
Something's Missing
Blues Number
Come Back To Bed
Why Georgia
Trust Myself
Only Heart
Old Love
Your Body is a Wonderland
Bigger Than My Body
Comfortable (solo)
Neon (with Jameson McValentino)

During Old Love, John and DRH pulled some amazing guitar stunts. John stood behind DRH and played his guitar while DRH reached back and played John's. CRAZY. I was so excited when he started the encore. I'd never heard it live before and who doesn't love Comfortable? He started by saying it was written on the 7th floor of 150 Mass Ave. Now I can go stalk him even more by knowing where he used to live. :lol: And Neon was so messed up. They tried to blend it with This Love and it was so not happening. Scotty made them apologize to the entire city for the damage. :wub: So that's it. Now all I can do is wait for a recording to surface, the VH1 special to air and my pictures to come back. :P

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Postby JT Fan Girl » Mon Aug 30, 2004 3:21 pm

How amazing does the soundcheck sound?! And :lol: @ all John's messing around.

Scotty remembering your name!!! :o If you're in with him... you're in with John. :nod:

Can't wait to see everyone's pics!

You got Comfortable! ^_^ Glad you had a brilliant time and as always, I'm one jealous biitch. :lol:

Mayer Goes Nashville for VH1 Special
Sun Aug 29, 2:38 PM ET
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - VH1 camera crews were in Music City over the weekend to trail pop singer John Mayer (news).

Mayer, who performed Friday in Nashville, arrived in town a day early to do some shooting for an upcoming VH1 show about him, according to The Tennessean newspaper.

Besides filming scenes at the amphitheater where he performed, VH1 also followed Mayer walking along the Lower Broadway honky-tonks Thursday. The neighborhood had more than its share of cameras that day — a "60 Minutes" crew was there following journalist Ed Bradley and country star Gretchen Wilson.

Mayer's hits include "Your Body is a Wonderland" and "Why Georgia."

Wilson's hits include "Redneck Woman" and "Here for the Party."

I wish I could see this... or you know, John would be pretty good to see too... can I come live with one of you girls? :P

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Postby renee » Wed Sep 01, 2004 12:57 pm

katie the soundck sounded like so much fun! if you ever run into scotty again ask him what kinda camera he uses...i had it written down once but lost it :huh:

i love comfortable! sounded like such a great show... :)

:thinking: maybe he didn't talk that much at ours cuz he was trying to give us all he had musically :shrug: ....he was interacting w everyone on stage alot and did the cross over guitar playing thing too :lol: .....

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Postby justins bubbles » Tue Sep 14, 2004 4:16 pm

<span style='color:blue'>I just want Comfortable ONCE in my life... :pray:

It's sweet you took your pops! :wub: My dad and bro went to the Yankees/Twins game WITHOUT ME. <_< That deserves a new car for me. :lol:</span>

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