Ludacris On Last Call (rerun) Transcript

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Postby admin » Tue Jul 29, 2003 4:57 am

[ Cheers and applause ] Let's get right into it right now. This man has sold millions of records, millions of tickets, from the hottest movie in the country, "2 fast 2 furious," give it up for ludacris!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Yeah! Hey, man.

>> Carson: What up, ludacris?

>> What's the damn deal? What up?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: Really good. Thanks for taking a second. Ludacris is gonna perform tonight.

>> Oh, fo' sure, we gonna do it.

>> Carson: So that's gonna happen a little bit later. We wanted to sit and chat with you a little bit. How's life? The busiest man in show business.

>> Life is good, man, but I never look back. It's all about what's to come, believe that.

>> Carson: A lot of people are a little bit impatient about "chicken 'n' beer," your next record.

>> Hell, yeah, man.

>> Carson: When is this thing coming out?

>> The most highly anticipated album ever. It's coming out september of this year, man. "Chicken 'n' beer," we're selling a million copies off the title alone.

>> Carson: Oh, I believe you.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Yeah, man, 'cause the last time I was on your show, you asked me about it. That was like almost a year ago.

>> Carson: Yeah, it was. What's taken so long?

>> The only reason is, you know, we had to get this set up from the movie real quick. This actor fool, get the free movie money, then we set it up for my pleasure. So that's what we doing. Otherwise, the album would have been out right now, but you know, it's a process. It's a gradual process. We leading up to it.

>> Carson: What I want to know about "chicken 'n' beer," since I haven't heard anything, is how bad lyrically you go after bill o'reilly?

>> I tell you what, man. Bill o'reilly, I only have to say, like, three lines for him. Three intelligent ass lines on "chicken 'n' beer," and it's a rap. It's over. It's a saran, complete.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: What did you think -- as you guys know, bill o'reilly just blasted pepsi when pepsi did a spokesman deal with you.

>> Right.

>> Carson: What did you think when you heard that?

>> I mean, of course I was devastated, man. Of course, at first, I just feel like he's a hypocrite, and I definitely feel like he's a racist. I'll be real with you, you know what I mean?

[ Applause ] He just did it for ratings.

>> Carson: He was on the show, and we were talking about it. I think the thing with bill o'reilly is he just didn't know. He was just talking stuff. He just wasn't right, you know what I mean?

>> Nobody ever really knows, and that's the thing because, you know, once -- I'm a big fan of the osbournes, you know what I mean? Ozzy osbourne, I been a fan for a long time. But see, I'm saying words. So the perfect example of pepsi, you know, adding them and dropping me, this is how they live in their home each and every day. So for somebody to say ludacris is worse than the osbournes, and I'm saying words on an album. You don't see how I live each and every day, then that's completely -- that's ludicrous, for real.

[ Applause ]

>> Carson: So what happened with the whole pepsi thing? They dropped you. Are you pissed off at pepsi, or more with bill o'reilly?

>> I tell you right now, we still in kind of negotiations for 'em because I have something called the ludacris foundation. So if there's anything they can do for me right now is help me out with the community, which is something I always do to give back. So we're trying to work something out where they can do something with the community.

[ Apauause ]

>> Carson: Bill o'reilly said this about you. He called you "a thug rapper who espouses violence, intoxication and degrading conduct to women." That is definitely not the ludacris your fans know or that I know.

>> I mean, people get hip-hop anand rap misinterpreted all the time. Because for one, it's all about bringing people to your neighborhood. So you know, it's just about narrating what's going on, not necessarily what somebody does each and every day. You just talk about reality, and I think all these people are scared of reality. They're scared of the truth. Bill o'reilly being the number one person that's scared of the truth.

>> Carson: Right. I just want you to know, though, 'cris, we had -- not all old white men think that way about you.

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: We had a guy on this show who had some good things to say about you. Let's roll this down.

>> Carson: Ludacris?

>> Ludacris is very funny.

>> Carson: Yeah.

>> Very funny. I know that some people find it a little crass, but as far as I'm concerned, if it's fun -- as a slapstick element -- "who's a ho" is very funny.

[ Laughter ]

>> Who's a ho?

>> Carson: There you go bob costas.

>> Who's a ho?

>> Carson: Who's a ho? Him just saying that, I thought, was funny.

>> I'm gonna get "on the record" like bob costas.

>> Carson: Congratulations. "2 fast 2 furious" pulled down some huge, huge numbers.

>> $52 million, man, the first weekend.

>> Carson: Incredible. And you were excellent in the movie.

>> Yeah.

[ Apause ] I'm not just in there for five minutes, too, I'm throughout the whole movie, so you gotta go check it out.

>> Carson: Does this prove that they really didn't need vin diesel for the second one?

>> I guess those numbers, putting those up for the first week, you could damn sure say that.

>> Carson: Yeah, and you play tej. Tell everybody about tej, who he is.

>> Tej is the hustler in the movie. He's the guy organizing all the street racing and stuff that's going on. So you know, he's the gambler. He always has the upper hand on who's gonna win the races. He's just all about his money.

>> Carson: And I heard that loon, redman and 50 all auditioned for the role of tej. What did you do in your audition that got you the part?

>> Man, what did I do? I'm gonna tell you -- this is a crazy story because -- of course, john singleton, the director, he had never met me, but he wanted me to try out for it. He's put out such rappers and entertainers like ice cube, you know, tupac before. So he wanted me to try out for the part. At this time, I was on the eminem "anger management" tour. And we were in california, right, about to do a show, so I had to memorize the lines to try out, like, that whole day. So the camera people come in and, like, the casting director -- I had, like, five minutes before I had to go on stage. You know what I'm saying? For the eminem concert. So they're rushing me. I had four minutes, three minutes. I get down to three minutes before I have to go on stage. I'm sitting here, all out, just like, you know, pressure is on, in front of the camera, doing my lines. Nailed it, went onstage, about a week later, called me, told me I had the part, man, so I was happy as hell about that, believe me.

>> Carson: Congratulations. Let's go ahead and take a look at ludacris from "2 fast 2 furious."

>> All right. You each got a barrel to go around down at the end of the road here. Second wave gotta sit tight till your partner crosses this line right here. First team to go down and back twice wins the race. At which point, the losers will hand over them keys, otherwise you'll be eating breakfast through straws from now on. Comprende?

>> I get it.

>> Oh, this means you, too.

>> I got it.

>> A'ight. Let's race.

>> Carson: There you go. "2 fast 2 furious."

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> I'm in about five more parts, too. That's not the only one.

>> Carson: No, no, no. I don't know how you shoot. I was in miami, and I was talking to paul walker about this. Somebody like you, especially, 'cause miami is just so populated. You got early call time. You shot most of it down there. That's gotta be difficult anand distracting.

>> It's crazy, but a lot of people don't know, when you shoot night scenes like that scene you just saw, you have to go to work when the sun goes down. You don't get off till the sun comes up. So we living like vampires for, like, a whole week.

>> Carson: Right, so like, 10:00 A.M., You're looking for a hot club to go to, and there's just nothing there.

>> 10:00 A.M., Your ass is rea to go to sleep.

>> Carson: Yeah, I would imagine that. And you executive produced the soundtrack. All this stuff --

>> Executive produced. It's in stores now. Just went up in sales this week. Go get the "2 fast 2 furious" soundtrack.

>> Carson: When are you gonna take a break? When was the last time you had, like, three days in a row?

>> I haven't had sleep in three years, like.

>> Carson: Have you had three days in a row off?

>> Three days, like, three, but four or five? No. You hit it on the money. I've had about three days off continually.

>> Carson: If you could get seven days off, like, tomorrow, seven full days aw from the entertainment business, where do you go, and what do you do?

>> I go home. Just home, man. Believe it, man, I'm not at home enough. But if I wasn't on the road doing what I do, I wouldn't be able to go to the home I have.

>> Carson: Well, tonight, you're in our home, and we're glad to have you here. Come back and perform.

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