Ludacris On Trl Transcript 10/7

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Postby admin » Wed Oct 08, 2003 3:46 am

>> Number 7, obie trice, "got some teeth." Hanging out, my brother ludacris is in the building. Y'all make some noise.

[ Cheers and applause ] "Chicken and beer" is out today now.

>> Man. It's out.

>> Let's talk about the title for a lot of people who don't know. "Chicken and beer," your two favorite things.

>> You are what you eat, baby. I eat chick chicken each and every day, man, for real. It's self-explanatory. People want to know where the rhymes come from. It's about eating chicken and drinking a hell of the the a lot of beer.

>> You shouldn't be saying that on tv.

>> Root beer for those under 21.

>> You're building a great career now. Three aemalbums, really four albums. What is the key to lasting in hiphip-hop? You got a lot of one-hit wonders.

>> It's just about staying consistent, because it's like if you gone for too long, people gonna forget about your about.

[ Bleep ]. That's for sure. You got to come out with hit songs, keep recording hit records. And that's what it's about. Stay true to yourself. And you definitely got to reinvent yourself each and every time. That's what it's about this third go around. "Chicken and beer" in stores right now.

>> Right now. Let's talk about the family. Disturbing the peace, dtp, you got chingy doing his thing.

>> You got I-20 coming next, self-explanatory. He was on move bi for all the folks who remember I-20. And worth the wait, little fate, they all coming soon.

>> You got a lot going on.

>> Yeah.

>> All right. So you gonna hang out with us.

>> I'm gonna chill. I'm gonna chill. You don't want me to go nowhere right?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> You're gone ooh call people at their house.

>> I'm gonna do it.

>> Don't worry. Give us a shout-out. Mtv.Com or star mtv on your virgin mobile phone. When you hear your phone ring, it might be me and cris calling. They're hanging backstage with quddus. "Chicken and beer" in stores right now. "Trl." All right?

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Hey, what's up? What's up? We're back. "Trl's" coming at you. That's luda chillin'. He's calling people at home who are holla'ing back.

>> It'stime for a big surprise here in the audience. Youthese guys are performing here in new york city tonight. They want to hand out some tickets to the show. These are the all-american rejects.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Oh, yes. You saw it backstage.

>> They're handing out tickets to the audience. In the teen time, number 6, justin timberlake. I'm going to go get some ludacris chicken. I got the murchlies.


>> Number 5 right there, hilary duff, yd "so yesterday"." That video is going to retire soon. Ludacris, "chicken and beer" in stores right now. We called people and left our phone number. Who you gonna call right now?

>> I'm going to called call it this personnel rald right now.

>> Emerald?

>> Yes. Hope her mama don't pick up.

[ Phone ringing ]

>> Hello?

>> May I speak to emerald?

>> This is she.

>> What's up?

>> What's up?

>> How you doing?

>> Good. How are you?

>> How your mama doing?

>> How's my mama doing? She's real good.

>> You got a question for me. Right?

>> I got a question, man.

>> My roommate says hey.

>> Tell her i say, what's up?

>> What's up?

>> You got the album already?

>> No, I want to go get it today. I've been in school. I've been in class. But I want to go get it.

>> It's at a special low price at the register.

>> I'm so excited that you called.

>> What's your question?

>> My question is, what part of atlanta did you grow up in because I'm from stone mountain.

>> Oh, yes!

>> South side.

>> Oh, okay. Okay. I understand. I understand. Club envy?

>> Tonight, man, actually, i got a party at club vision. So you need to come on through, that is if you're of age.

>> Four hours away, man. I'm in georgia southern, man. I'm in school.

>> You can make it.

>> Leave right now.

>> Okay. I'm gonna be there.

>> Peace out, man.

>> Thank you. Buy.

>> We're gonna call some more people. A back at them at their home phone numbers. It's time for another break. We got more with ludacris and halle berry and fred durst, something is going on here. We get a first look at limp bizkit's new one. Can't miss it.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Welcome back to "trl." It is your recall "trl." Hang out with quddus, luda and la. A new video from limp bizkit coming up. You got fred durst and halle berry getting together.

>> That's close.

>> Doing that whole kissy kiss thing. We'll find out about that after the next request.

>> It's on and off the countdown. And now it's getting all the way up in your top 4, ashanti with "rain on me." Have a look.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Number 4 right there, ashanti with "rain on me." We're calling people at their homes right now.

>> Yeah, man.

>> They don't even know we're calling. Let's call somebody right now.

>> We got to call virginia in texas.

>> This is live on the air. They have no idea we're calling right now. Anything --

>> They do know we calling if they watching the show.

>> Yeah, but they don't know we're calling them.

>> They do. I just said her name.

>> Oh. All right.

[ Phone ringing ]

>> Let's see what's going on.

>> Hello?

>> Virginia?

>> Hey, man.

>> What up, man?

>> See, I told you.

>> I heard you got a question for me.

>> I want to know how did you get operations on your album?

>> See, the people i collaborated with I'm fans myself. It was just as simple as asking them to get on the soth with me. It was done. It's quite simple.

>> All right.

>> All right? All right.

>> Make sure you go fet get the album.

>> At a special low price. Peace.

>> No doubt. And it's time for a first look at the new limp bizkit, i told you about it, it's from the movie "gothika." Here's a look at "behind blue eyes."

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> I can't tell you how many times that's happened to me when I was in prison. Man. Limp bizkit, "behind blue eyes." The first look at the new album. 800-dial-mtv or mtv.Com to get that on the countdown.

>> Let's get into the next request.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> It's actually been stuck in the middle of the top 10, recently got a big boost. It's by simple plan. It's called "perfect," and it's number 3.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Simple plan, up one. Might be a new number one contender. Hanging out with ludacris. In stores "chicken and beer." I hear you have a special plate of food at gladys knight's restaurant. Did they call you up and ask you if you could do that?

>> Yes, of course, they did. The plate is two legs, two thighs, two breasts, some collared greens, some macaroni and cheese. It's for those hungry people. That's what's up.

>> Definitely. Check out the restaurant. "Chicken and beers" is in stores right now. We got to thank lewd ris for coming by.

>> Now we got to take break. When we come back, the battle for the top pot spot is on. Another challenge for outkast. Plus "trl" is at a special bargain price.


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Postby wazzap007 » Fri Oct 10, 2003 4:29 pm

Thanks Jeff :)

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