Ludacris Visits 'late Nightk W/ Conan O'brien'

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Postby admin » Thu Jun 08, 2006 3:47 am

My next guest is a popular rapper and an actor. He recently appeared in the academy award-winning film "crash." Now he is the narrator of the documentary "the heart of the game," which opens this friday. Please welcome chris "ludacris" bridges.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Conan: How you doing?

>> I'm good. How you doing?

>> Conan: I'm doing fine. Thanks for -- thanks for being here.

>> Thanks for having me, man. This is my first time.

>> Conan: I know, it's good to have you. Did you check out my -- you can sample my singing if you ever want. You just put that on a rap --

ha! A little of that in there or something.

>> Sorry, man.

>> Conan: Not going to happen. I didn't think so.

[ Light laughter ]

[ Audience aws ] Come on, he's got to make a career here.

[ Laughter ] "Aw, ruin your career for conan." Now, I have a question for you. You have very a exciting life. And you obviously like performing. These crowds are just so exciting, you get so much energy from them. Now you're making films. And this is good news, you have a great film career. It's -- people don't understand making films is so boring, you know? There's so much downtime. There's so much that's not happening. How do you handle that?

>> There's a lot of downtime. I have to do something with my time. It's funny you should ask that. 'Cause actually on the set of "2 fast 2 furious" it was so much down time that I actually -- I had to turn my trailer into, like, a club.

[ Laughter ] And invite extras over.

>> Conan: Wait a minute. What did you do to your trailer to make it into a club?

>> I called it club luda. You see, I went to wal-mart, all right? I got as many different christmas lights, got a little strobe light, man, and just used every amount of juice -- electricity that you could use. And just turned my trailer into a club.

>> Conan: So you had music. You had a good time?

>> I had music going on. It was cds, I had security patting people down at the front door.

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: It sounds like a very cool trailer. I wish I'd come by.

>> Oh, man, you see, you missed club luda, man.

>> Conan: I blew it, I blew it. But when you and I are working together on my album, we'll spend time together.

[ Laughter ]

>> Right, right, right.

>> Conan: Now, I've heard that you are a -- an aficionado of strip clubs. That you -- that you consider yourself an expert on strip clubs.

This true, first of all?

>> Well, you see, I've been through -- I've been all over the world. You know? I've traveled quite a lot, and I've come to --

>> Conan: I like how that has to mean strip clubs.

>> I've come to the conclusion that atlanta, georgia, where I'm from, has the best strip clubs.

[ Cheers ] See, they know.

[ Laughter ] They got the best strip clubs in the world.

>> Conan: Yeah, they're just hoping we don't cut to them.

[ Laughter ] "Yay, I mean I wouldn't know."

[ Laughter ] "What is this strip club you speak of?" What is it that you look for in a strip -- like what do you want?

>> Well, of course, the women, first and foremost. The curves, you know, how they shake, they get it down to a science. You hear the newest music in the club in atlanta, georgia. And funny enough, the food is -- is great.

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: The food? Who's going to a strip club for the food?

>> I'll tell you.

>> Conan: "Get your breasts out of the way! I'm trying to eat some lasagna."

[ Laughter and applause ]

>> You can say that until you come to a strip club and check out one of the dishes.

>> Conan: You got me, I gotta go.

[ Laughter ]

>> You got to.

>> Conan: My wife will say, "you are not going." "I'm going for the food, honey."

[ Laughter ]

>> Exactly, you can tell her that, for real.

>> Conan: They have a vinaigrette there I have to try.

[ Laughter ] All right, now, you've talked about the person. What do you -- people want to know. What do you look for in a woman?

>> Of course, intelligence, confidence, you know, I kinda know it when I see it. But the most important thing is gotta have pretty feet.

>> Conan: Are you serious? Pretty feet?

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: Not a lot of guys say feet. They don't go right to feet. But you like feet.

>> I love feet. It's like if your feet are messed up and just -- wear boots, please!

[ Laughter ] That's all I ask. You know what I'm saying? Don't have them out if they're not right.

>> Conan: Okay, all right. What if a woman's just drop dead, unbelievably gorgeous, smart, talented, but then her feet aren't happening?

>> We gotta -- I can't really do much with that. We gotta work, we gotta work with the feet somehow.

>> Conan: Okay, let's say halle berry had bad feet. What if halle berry unfortunately had feet that weren't so great?

>> Aha, but she doesn'T.

[ Laughter ] She has great feet. I peeped it out, man, everything.

>> Conan: Are you serious?

[ Laughter ] Well, how do you know she has great feet?

>> 'Cause I know. You can look --

>> Conan: What do you mean you peeped it out? What do you mean, you hired people?

[ Laughter ] "Your job is to check out halle berry's feet! Now get going!"

[ Laughter ]

>> It goes so bad, even if you look at the magazines and they have their toes out you can look and --

>> Conan: No, but they can airbrush that. You can't tell that way.

>> No, I've heard of people airbrushing, you know, facial features. I've heard of them airbrushing curves. But I've never heard of them airbrushing feet. So you know what? You might be right.

>> Conan: You know what, we have one way to figure this out, which is halle berry was on my show a couple of years ago. And she's been on the show a lot. She was just on the show recently for "x-men." But she was on the show a couple of years ago and she didn't wear shoes during her appearance.

>> Go ahead and show them.

>> Conan: We can actually show that and we can see what her feet look like. Let's get -- there are her feet right there, those pretty feet? You think? Let's zoom in a little bit. Let's see how those look.

[ Laughter and applause ] See, I think that -- that's not good.

>> That's a special effect.

>> Conan: That's some very good technology we have.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, we have very good camerawork here. Now I know I would give -- I would just give my left arm if i could write a song. Where -- and I can't, but I would love to do that. Where do you write your music?

>> The majority of my music is written inside vehicles, actually while they're in motion, while I'm driving.

>> Conan: While you're driving? So you can -- what if you get a really good idea for a lyric and, I mean, you're driving?

>> Yeah, I mean, I drive with my knees, man.

[ Light laughter ] You know, I can drive with my knees and write -- I know it's dangerous, but it happens. Yeah, a lot of the songs that --

>> Conan: So literally you'll just be there driving with your knees writing a tune?

[ Light laughter ]

>> Writing a tune. You know, and if it's that serious, then I just pull over. You know, stay there for a little while.

>> Conan: I hope so. I'm just going to pull over right here.

[ Laughter ] I'll turn --

>> You gotta get it down to a science, man. Knee driving is getting very popular these days.

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: Well, the cops are looking for you now. Be on the lookout for the knee driver, ludacris.

>> Exactly.

>> Conan: All right, we're talking about cars. In "2 fast 2 furious" you, you know, you get to be around all these fast cars. Do you like to drive fast?

>> Man, I drive fast all the time.

>> Conan: Really?

>> Yep, I love to drive fast. I can't help it.

>> Conan: Okay, what's the fastest that you've driven?

>> About, like on the autobahn, or whatever --

>> Conan: In germany. Yeah, there's no speed limit there, is that right?

>> Nope, none at all. I think I went about 280 kilometers, which I think is about 180 miles per hour, if I'm not mistaken.

>> Conan: It's just cooler to say I did 280 and leave out the kilometers.

[ Laughter ] "What'd you do?" "Aut 280.

[ Talks quietly ] -- Kilometers." Wow, 280, wow, okay.

>> Yeah, I've gotten a speeding ticket before. Basically I was going over 100. I was in atlanta, georgia, a guy gave me a ticket. I actually had to go to traffic school because of it. And I didn't want to sit in traffic school with, like, a bunch of strangers, so I had to recruit all my friends to come sit in traffic school with me.

>> Conan: And they all came with you?

>> They all came with me.

>> Conan: They all took the day off from work, and were just like, all right, we're gonna go help him out?

>> I got friends that love me, man.

>> Conan: That's nice.

>> They came and sat with me and you know through the long time period and we made it happen.

>> Conan: That is real love, when people will go to traffic school with you.

>> It really is. Thank everybody who came to traffic school with me.

>> Conan: Now, "the heart of the game," you're narrating this. And, okay, why do you think they chose you to narrate?

>> Man, you know, I've been told I have a very powerful voice, you know, that demands attention. A very good voice, so they came to me. I laid it down, made it happen with no problem whatsoever.

>> Conan: Very nice. Okay, so, yeah, it must be nice going through life with a voice like that.

>> Oh, definitely. I use my voice as an instrument, as a tool all the time.

>> Conan: But also when you're talking to the ladies, it must be nice to have a voice like that.

>> Of course, I mean, I don't know. Ladies, what do you all think?

[ Cheers and applause ] They like it.

[ Talking in nasal voice fast ]

>> Conan: My voice -- gets way up here when I get talking fast.

>> I peeped your voice out while you were singing over there.

>> Conan: Yeah, yeah. No, yeah, when I was in, like, high school and stuff and I talked to girls --

[ Talking in nasal voice fast ] "Hey, wanna go to the prom? What do you think?" It was way up there. No, it didn't work.

[ Laughter ] Then I'd knee drive home and it was sad.

[ Laughter ]

>> Gotta knee drive.

>> Conan: No kids, don't knee drive.

[ Light laughter ] Ludacris says you gotta knee drive. "The heart of the game" opens friday in select cities. And thank you so much for being here.

>> Thank you for having me, man.

>> Conan: Thanks, ludacris.

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