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Postby cuddly_angel84 » Mon Jul 29, 2002 6:08 am

I really luv Ja Rule, i think he has the coolest voice and i luv his style, and the hot bod. I don't want him to quit the music biz, i think he's better of as a rapper than an actor. His voice is so cool and unique and has attracted so many fans, and he even makes a lot of other ppl's songs sound better like Ashanti and JLo. I'm really lookin forward to his two new albums, but i wish he wouldn't quit!! I've never seen him act, but i think he'd be aight, although i still want him to stay as a rapper cause i really luv him and his songs. I dont think he'll be that big of a hit as an actor as he was a singer, and i'm pretty sure his fame's gon' go down, n i dont want dat to happen. well i hope he does good in his acting career and makes some good movies and i'm really lookin forward to see how he does.

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