who thinks bow wow is going to be BIG

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Postby ogknoccout » Wed Jun 12, 2002 12:28 pm

Isn’t bow wow such a cutie??? Boyz got talent, which even makes him more of a hottie. Its like you can have phat rapperz but if they aint got tha looks they’re not getting too far. Ya know. It sounds kinda messed up but its true right? or am I trippin’? Any of you peeps heard of tha BIG TYMERz, herez anotha crew that has it goin on…they got the tiiite lyrics, makin’ ya shake yo booty and laugh at tha same time..if you guys have heard the song ‘still fly’ or ‘hello’ u know what I’m rappin’ about..if u haven’t ur missin’ sum funny ish but since I luv mah peeps I’ll help ya out..go to cashmoney-records.comhttp://www.cashmoney-records.com big tymerz have gotten far, has anyone been wit dem since the start?! They have this new street team goin’ on..free gear.>> ufanz.com/team/cashmoneyrecords.comhttp://www.ufanz.com/team/cashmoneyrecords.com any of ya’ll part of this ish?? u gotta luv what they do for us..Bootyshaka forEVA…Holllllaaaaaa~

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