Lil Bow Wow On Craig Kilborn 6/28 Transcript

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Postby admin » Sat Jun 29, 2002 4:27 am

Craig: I cannot wait for august when robert evans is on. He's going to be telling stories. Big show tonight. We have bow-wow coming out. Rabecca gayheart and warren zevon. Let's meet our first guest, he's a 15-year-old multiplatinum actor and his movie 'like mike' opens july 3.

>> It's a perfect fit.

>> The guy who dropped them offer said they used tow belong to some famous basketball player when he was a kid.

>> M.J.? Merv, come here. Look. Look. The shoes. M.J.

>> M.J.

>> It can't be.

>> Man. That's like some weird basketball cinderella. Craig: Please wel living legend, bow-wow!

[Applause] G:Haup?

>> Hey. Craig: I'm confidence. all the ellway stuff. The football stuff.

>> I'm a fashion fanatic, man. Craig: Yeah?

>> Ie jerseys so I'll wear any jerseys. Craig: You rememberatching him play?

>> I was at the super bowl. Aig: You lead a great life. I'm confidence when did you drop the lil? Ses like tw weeks ago, righ in the

>> Is no. Like january. Craig: Why?

>> I'm getting older. I don't want to be 18 and be known as li'l bow-wow. Craig: How long did you have it because you started rapping when you were like 5?

>> At the age of 12, that's like basically when people started to notice me so when i -- for like three years I had it and i decided to drop it. Craig: You're all grown up and you're bow-wow. You think you'll ever be would you?

>> No. Everyone asks you me that. Craig: Mr. Would you? Mr. Bow-wow?

>> Bow. Craig: I'm sorry. I just love saying it. You were in th guies book of world records when?

>> I don't even know. Craig: As the youngest rappe

>> Yes. As the you know yest rapper ever to reach something. Craig: How many years ago was that?

>> Last yea ink. Craig: That's great being in the guinness book of world records, selling all those records.

Yeah. Craig: When did you start rapping when you were 5 and then when did you get discovered?

>> At the age of 5 by snoop.

>> Snoop dogg?

Yes. Craig: You know each other?

>> Yes. Craig: How?

>> From the age of 5. It was like the -- craig: You said the chronic tour?

>> Yes. Craig: Everyone knows what the chronic tour is


>> I think we remember the ronic tour.

>> And i got on stage and started rapping. I was only 5. And snoop wanted me to come black stage and me and m mother went backstage and so I was only 5 so I didn't know what they bo so my mom talked to him and next thing you know I was out in the midwest. Craig: Because you're from columbus, ohio. And you like hoop a lot so tell us about tovie?

>> It's about this 15-year-old orphan kid which you can he gets these magical sneakers. Craig: Is i thought it was the guy who played for the knicks.

>> Heg get smart with me. Craig: Yeah.

>> But like we said, michael jordan it was his sneakers. And what happens i these sneakers give him the about to play like mike and gets him chance to get to the nba. And he has two goals, to get to theba and get adopted. Everyone thinks when they go

goingo a basketball. But it's like sad and it's a great movie because it's combined with comedy andad moments so it's an all around type of movie.

Looked cool whenhe kids are looki around and think the shoes just might be magical. So you wear these and you can jump to the moon and do the stuff joorn does?

>> Well, I don't know about jumping to the moon, but I can jump. Craig: That's a movie. Now what if someone steals your sneakers? O havehe sneaker on?

>> I have to have the shoes on. Craig: So that's just me thinking out loud. I just don't want that to happen. Ok who is in it? All the n gs?

>> Yes. Alan iverson to vince carter to david robertson who gets dunked on by me. Craig: You dunked all over him

>> I dunked all over him. Craig: That's good.

>> Michael finley. Steve nash. Kevin garnett didn't make it. Craig: That's my man. You would have dunked on him?

>> Yes. Craiet's see.

Are your future plans?

>> Well, hopefully, my ultimate goal was to become a basketball player in life bore music or acting. basketball?

>> Yes. So hopefully at 17 or 8, I'll brample off and go to school. I like duke. So hopefully for basketball that's where i want to play. Craig: S you're 15 around you play for the high school teem?

>> Yes I'm going to camp this s before I go on my tour so -- you know? Craig: Stay with us. When we come back,five questions' for bow-wow.


>>Nd now the answer to tonight's 'the late late show' trivia question. If you said c, tusker du, you were correct. Craig: Back to bow-wow, the star of 'ke mike. How -- let's see, you're a rapper and an actor.

>> Right. Craig: How are the ladies treating you? Are you too young to think about girls?

>> It's both the same. Yeah. The whole music side is still crazy butt's like if I do something else they all going top shift to the next thing craig: They just follow you.

>> Yes. Craig: So it's going wel

>> Yes. Craig: It's time f 've eson' here we go.

[Applause] Craig: All right. Geography. Name one of the teams playing in the world cup soccer finals.

>> Oh, god. Britain? Craig: No.

[Buzzer] Craig: Brazil or germany. It's a tough one. I n't follow it either.

>> I knew it started with a B. Craig: Who sang the 1982 remake of 'i want candy'? There's at sang that.

>> Uh-uh, I don't know. Give me the

[Buzzer] On that one. Craig: The answer is bow-wow-wow. What is the name of michael jordan's restaurant in grand central station in new york. It's a bit of a trick question. What is the name of his flaunt new york?

>> I didn't even know he had a restaurant in new york. Craig: It's a steakhouse. See it says grand central station?

>> Oh. Michael jordan's steakhouse? Craig: Yes. I understand maybe next year you'll be getting our drivers license I believe. In the state of california can drivers make a right at a red light in california?

>> Uh,. They can. Craig: Dwre, they can in california. Yes, they can.

[Applause] Craig: No help from the pretty girls out there. And finally,0ecdsn the clock, name five nba players who are not in your new move gym.

>> Any chemical bay mutombo. Ray alan davis. Dr. Jay. Kevin garnett. Craig: There it is. Dr. Jay. Down in the last few seconds.

[Applause] Craig: 'Like mike' comes out july 3.

Mting you, N. See you around. Bow-wo we'll be right back.

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Postby wazzap007 » Sun Jun 30, 2002 11:00 am

Thanks Jeff :)

OOOH i didn't know Vince was going to be in it :) I'm soooo going to see this wednesday :)

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Postby dazed410 » Tue Jul 02, 2002 10:20 pm

:laugh: it looks so silly, you know I'm gonna see it though :)

Thanks for updating Jeff!

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Postby Teenybopkiller » Sat Aug 10, 2002 6:22 pm

THATS IT I had with this bow wow charecter. why the hell do u people like him is it becus Nickelodon shoves him down ur f'king throats??? Bow Wow needs to go back to the shyt hole which he came from. U wanna know something next to a real man he'd get his ass kicked in. I like to see him go to Jersey City and see if he can play with the big boys becus I certinaly dont think so. I am sick of all u rich white suburbian kids thinking u be all ghetto cus u listen to that crap stuff. No I am not raciest against white people cus I am white and I am from the ghetto and I dont walk around wearing these huge ass pants and fubu and crap! AND U KNOW WHAT I AM RESPECTED FOR IT as well becus unlike u sheep I dont need to be something which I am not I am myself and not what everyone else is. If ur friends dont liek u cus u dont wanna be like them then skrew em!!! U have freedom of speech duh!

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