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JC; Hello there. Welcome to Reality Radio. This is JC Chasez,
comeing to you live! I will be taking over the radio for an hour,
were are here in the studio, and I've bolted the door so the DJ's
can't get in! It's locked completely. I have here a pile of great
songs which I think should be exposed to you, which is the only
thing I can and am allowed to be exposed.(lol, what was he thinking.
lol) Well, to start it off, I'm playing for you a great song by
Ashanti "Rain On Me." She is awsome, great vocals. This is Reality
Radio...(playing Rain On Me.)

JC; Hey, this is JC again, playing to you the songs. I'm playing
whatever the hell I want. Our next song is from an artist that wrote
her first song at the age of like 12. She learned to play the gutiar
on her own, she's great artist. Michelle Branch. I mean come on girl
please be happy. The world ain't so bad. Do you need a hug? Come on
girl don't be bitter, I'll give you a hug. Here's "Are You Happy
Now." (playing song)

JC; Hey there, this is JC Chasez here on Reality Radio, and since
this is my time, I think I should expose you to some really great
music. Well, I'm gonna play for you my song, since I can. It's
called "Some Girls." It just a part of what you will be hearing in
my new album comeing out on January 27th. It is an awsome album. It
has everything you would like. There's some beautiful stuff for
those who dance, and there's some great stuff for those of you who
like to move a bit. (Background. "Reality Radio" starts to play Some

JC;JC Chasez here on Reality Radio taking over your radio station.
I've got another cut up here for ya. It's called "Holiday Inn."
Cause Hotel, Motel (While he's saying this he's like going up and
down tone like iniciating something. It's so cute.) Holiday Inn
(goes in a high range) Say What! (Goes really high. really cute!) If
that...and you know what, I can't say the rest cause my mama will
come get me. (lol) I'm not trying to deal with that right now. Some
days I feel great, but not today. Umm it's right here. It's the next
song up on Reality Radio. It is Chingy (Goes in a high voice as he
says it. lol) Oh, it's more than Chingy. (the producer laughs in the
background as JC laughs too.) It's not just Chingy, it's Snoop, and
Ludacrius (sp?).

JC; This is Reality Radio. The next cut I got is Da Punk. This song
is like the ultimate party song. This is the song that you're
hanging out with all your friends and you're in the stupidist mood
in the whole world. It's called "One More Time." This is the one
where you pop the bottles and you shake em' and you get crazy cause
it's fun! And damnit have fun. (JC...wow I'm having fun. lol.)
(starts to play the song)...

JC; JC Chasez, I'm still here, and I am not going anywhere. This is
Reality Radio. And Uhhh, basically it's been a hectic couple of
months for me because I've finally finished working on my record
uhhh Schizophrenic which will be coming out January 27th, and then I
gotta tell ya, I'm really excited to get it out there for you guys.
Ummm, it's..it's just a great record. I just shot the video, " Some
Girls Dance with Women." You do the math. Think about this video.
(bong chime in the background then a club rythem in the background)
Put it in your mind. It's not such a bad thing. Ummm...but uhhhh
I've..I've got another cut for you right now. It's actually a cat
named Dirty Vegas. Some Girls Dance with Women, this guys last name
is Vegas. I don't know. Ummmm, this songs called "Days Goes
By."...plays song

JC; This is the next one after bat right here. Missy Elliot. This
little Misdemeanor Chick. This is past the dut This track is just
blazin'....(plays song)

JC; Welcome to Reality Radio, this is JC Chasez, and I'm hosting
cause nobody else is allowed in the room, cause I done kicked
everybody out cause you know, we like to do things...we like to mix
it up. We don't like to play by the rules all the time. Somethimes
we have to play whatever the hell we want, and that's what I'm here
to do Ummmm, Nelly Furtato is probably one of the most inovated
artists to come out in a while man. And I've gotta tell ya, I
really, really love what this girl does, and I'm gonna play her new
song, it's "Powerless" On reality radio...(plays song)

JC; JC Chasez and I'm still here. Yes, I am definately getting
annoying aren't I? (lol! I never thought that...in fact I wanted him
on longer...lol) But guess what? (you could tell he was smiling his
mischevious smile.) You have to live with it, cause I can't help it
I play good music, yeah! Uhhh, this song has got to be the funest
song in the club, because I love the line. "Go on home with your big
ass." ( He speaks a bit louder when he said it.) I can't think of a
better way to express myself. ( kind of laughs when he says it) so...
(laughs) Ludacruis man, you made a home run with this one. It's
called " Stand Up." (He says it high. It's sooo cute)

JC; JC Chasez here, now we're still doin' it. This is Reality Radio.
This band man is, I think, I just got to say I love these guys man,
this front man, this lead singer of this band, uhhh, Maroon 5, his
voice is just incredible. He's...he's got a hell of a range on him
and uhhh this cut right here "Harder to Breath" is just...I love
it...I just gotta to have it, I gotta play it so here we go. (plays

JC; Man, well I'm about to wake you guys up in case you guys have
been fallin' asleep, cause we don't wanna hear all these...well
commercials are good and everything, we all gotta pay our bills, but
guess what, we've got to play music here too, and I got..I got the
cut right here man. This "Outkast" cut is just, I love it. It's so
inovated, and creative. This guy pulled a little bit of everything
man it's called. "Hey Y'All." cause...(goes in a more louder
animated-like voice) Len' me some sugar,I am your neighbor. I don't
know who the hell thinks to put that in a song, but whoever did
it..it's hot dude, I love this. All you other guys...I'm reading all
this songs, and thinkin' about all these songs, and I'm pissed off
that I didn't write these songs, but thank you for doin' it. Why
couldn't you just tell me and I can do it later. (laughs lightly)...
(plays song)

JC; This is JC Chasez, welcome to Reality Radio. And I'm about to
take you guys back. I about to play you a cut, that probably hasn't
been played on the radio in a long time. Ummm at least not on a pop
station. Everybaody likes to play all these cool songs...like
every...this, this is an artist. This cat is a creative...he's a
genius that...everybody knows this. It's undeniable Prince man. But
everybody seems...everybody always plays Kiss. Now don't get me
wrong I love the song and everything like that, everybody plays
Eroticy (sp?), I love the song, I love all his songs. But this song
is the favorite of mine. And because I'm in the radio station, and I
get to play whatever the hell I wanna play, I'm gonna play "Never
Take the Place of Your Man." Cause this song is just a great cut...
(plays song)

( Now mind you it's supposed to be 12 to 1 pm. By now it was 1:06
pm.lol. so what you hear here is because JC overstayed his welcome.
I didn't mind, but unfortunately the radio DJ's didn't)

(Knocking on the door hard)

JC; What!?! (You could tell he was a bit bothered but didn't show
it) Wh...wh...what?

Man's voice; "Open up and get out of there man!!" (knocking hard)

JC; Ok look...look..look...(he was stuttering) alright, alright.
I've gotta call a wrap. They're actually...

Background voices; "Come on!"

JC;...Kicking down the door. I don't know what this guys wants

Man's voice; "Get out of there!"

JC; Ok, ok. JC Chasez, Reality Radio. I gotta get out of here before
I get arrested...

Man's voice; No kiddin' man!

JC; Ummm...

Voices in background; Open up!

JC; Ummm...but before...no it ain't nothin' don't you worry about
what it is. (indicating us the fans).. I'm gonna take this last like
ummm 10 seconds to plug the record. Schizophrenic, January
27th. "Some Girls Dance With Women", you better plug it into your
box right now, because that record is hot and ummm hry man,
everybody like to see girls dance on girls, including girls cause
that's just the way it is!

Man's voice; Security?! Open this door!

JC; I'm gone...

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