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Posted by Mickeybear on DP

I went to JC's pre-Schizophrenic tour on Thursday (in Anaheim) and Friday (LA) and like all of you, I cannot express the sheer amazement he has brought on the last two nights. As I told my friends, he has so much energy, doctors should study him. The last two nights he has shown his strength as a solo artist and I'm counting down the days when I have "Schizophrenic" in my hands.

Anywho, I wanted to bring a piece of information to this community that might change your views on one of the songs he performed. I was fortunate enough to meet Tony Lucca's percussionist, Martin, after the Anaheim show. My friend and I wanted to ask him a few questions about Tony's set and we found out that he actually met Tony through JC. Martin worked on a number of tracks on "Schizophrenic" and I commented how amazingly diverse JC's songs were. He, then told us the inside story behind the ballad, "Dear Goodbye." When he, JC, and their guitarist friend were creating this track, it had a whole different meaning (he didn't specify what, but I always assumed it was a break-up song). Before they finished the track, their guitarist friend died of cancer. Afterwards, JC decided to change some lyrics and that's how "Dear Goodbye" was conceived. Martin also told us that he didn't have a chance to hear that song in San Diego the night before, but when JC performed it in Anahiem, Martin said, "it gave me chills listening to that." The next night in LA, before JC performed "Dear Goodbye" he talked about how life can give you the most natural high and then there are days when you don't even know how to deal with your lows and it gave me chills. He went on to say that you have to be thankful of what you have and learn how to deal with the bad things in your own way. Then he started to sing that song and I almost cried. I'm assuming it's probably going to be mainly a break-up song (because afterwards he did his rendition of "The Game is Over"), but the story behind it blew me away. I was listening to JC sing that with such passion and in those three or four minutes, I could literally feel exactly where he was channeling that emotion and (as corny as it sounds) it felt like he was letting me see a new side of him. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. I'm a firm believer that everyone should have a certain song like that. It transforms you in a way that nothing else can. It's an emotion, no matter how soul shattering it is, you still want to feel that because it feels real. And I want to thank JC for helping me finally find that song. Yes, JC did show his many sides, but I saw something else, too and I'm a bigger fan because of that.

JC is da sh**! lol

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