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The Fresh Prince?
Why JC Chasez is doing things differently than Justin. And how the artist formerly known as JC from 'N Sync went about serving up a CD that'll have you seeing Purple by Tom Sinclair

'BLOWIN'' UP Chasez embarks on a solo adventure

Sexual energy, it has been said, is a key ingredient in the creative process. On this chill December evening in New York City, 'N Sync's JC Chasez seems hell-bent on convincing the crowd at Irving Plaza that he's as horny as he is talented. Or is it the other way around?

''All day long I dream about sex!'' he sings repeatedly, hammering home his message with single-minded intensity as six female dancers, built like high-end strippers and done up like dominatrices, bump and grind around his madly gyrating figure in a performance that's just a pelvis pump shy of an R rating. ''Y'all are makin' me feel like a stud tonight,'' a grinning Chasez pants. As if to underline the point, the singer and his band launch into a bludgeoning hard-rock take on Prince's ''Let's Go Crazy.''

One suspects it's not a totally random cover. With his bandmate Justin Timberlake being hailed as the Michael Jackson of the new millennium, Chasez (pronounced sha-ZAY, as in par-TAY) seems to be positioning himself as this era's answer to Prince, the '80s' most erotically minded pop genius and Jacko's erstwhile rival. After all, Chasez's eclectic first solo CD, ''Schizophrenic'' (due Jan. 27), showcases an unexpectedly risky -- and risqué -- musical adventurousness that Prince would likely admire. And ''Schizophrenic'''s first single, ''Some Girls (Dance With Women),'' is just the type of ''hey, wouldn't a threesome be a gas?'' meditation that used to be the Purple One's specialty.

The afternoon prior to the show, Chasez is getting his hair ironed straight for a photo shoot and talking about his new incarnation. Sure, he admits, in the wake of Timberlake's breakout success it seemed all but inevitable that Chasez -- 'N Sync's other hottie, according to sources -- would bust a solo move. Yet by Chasez's account, the decision came about almost by accident. '''N Sync was on hold, and I was on vacation,'' he says. ''I just wanted to get back to a normal life, going grocery shopping and being with my family and friends.'' Chasez, 23, was thus ''chillin''' at home in L.A. last year when he got a call from Atlanta-based producer Dallas Austin, inviting him to ''hang out in his studio and goof off and have some fun,'' maybe even record a song if the mood was right. The result was the propulsive ''Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love),'' which wound up on the soundtrack to the movie ''Drumline'' and became a modest hit. That, says Chasez, started the creative wheels turning. ''After that experience with Dallas, I was like, 'I don't have a problem making a record if I'm doing it on my terms.'''

Intriguingly, the singer chose to forgo big-gun producers such as Timbaland and the Neptunes -- who worked on Timberlake's ''Justified'' -- in favor of left-field critics' darlings like dance-music whiz BT and Prince-inspired electronica duo Basement Jaxx. Chasez struck up an unlikely friendship with the latter group when he dropped in on one of their London recording sessions last year and wound up singing on ''Plug It In,'' a highlight of the band's current CD, ''Kish Kash.'' ''I didn't know much about 'N Sync when I met JC, so I didn't have any prejudices,'' says Simon Ratcliffe of the Jaxx. ''But the boundaries between what's cool and what's not cool have kind of blurred, haven't they? And the fact is, he is a terrific, soulful singer who understands groove and funk. He's able to bring that X factor to music.''

Chasez says he intentionally cast a wide stylistic net with ''Schizophrenic,'' which includes dance-floor jams, new-wave homages, gooey ballads, and cheese-whiz rockers. ''I wasn't going for any sound except what inspired me that day,'' he says. ''I go into my CD collection every morning when I wake up, and one day I'll choose an acid-jazz CD, the next day it'll be Busta Rhymes, and then Led Zeppelin. I'm submerged in every kind of musical culture. It depends which side of the bed I wake up on.''

Following his muse rather than the Timberlake template is a surprising (and commercially perilous) move, but it's one Chasez feels is, well, justified. ''All the cats that worked on my record were friends,'' he says. ''I didn't want to rely on a producer's name to catapult me into the spotlight. J[ustin]'s my best friend, and he's doing what works for him. And the record company understands that it's stupid to have two of the same thing. They're not interested in making carbon copies.''

But don't throw away your 'N Sync Fan Club card yet. Chasez points out that the band intends to record again, probably late this spring. ''My plan is to give everything I've got to promoting ['Schizophrenic'], and when it's had its run I'll go back and work on the next 'N Sync album,'' he says. ''Right now, I've just gotta go out there and do what I do to the best of my ability.'' Okay, stud. We'll B rooting 4 U.


ahh i hate azerty keyboards <_< !

bubs i see weve got a new poster :yay:

finally ya made it to the good board :lol:

i love how he still pimps the group :wub:

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<span style='color:blue'>:wave: I came here not too long ago when Tash was writing...but then when she finished, it kinda died again. :( But I'm back and giving JC my ALL. No more Justin for me. :D :unsure: Okay...you know what I mean.

I LOVED the article! I love him. :wub: And YES :yay: pimping the group...:wub: But, HE'S NOT 23! Get your facts straight people! :rolleyes:

And yay for him being the 'next Prince!' :lol:

I can't wait for his album!! :dance:</span>

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i'm gonna throw one HELL of a par-TAY when his album is released! :party:

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