Jc Mention In The Awful Truth

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Postby LaNcEsDEvIl3 » Mon Feb 16, 2004 11:52 pm

JC Chasez was clearly hoping it was real money he kept winning at the faux gaming tables--complete with haute dice-blowers, sweet pea. I swear, Jace was squealing almost as much as when he does leg presses at the gym. Hardly audible out on the superpacked dance floor was our cutie-tamootie...

B. McKenzie, who gave barely a booty-wiggle (sorry, gals 'n' gents) and just did the hand-in-the-pocket, "I'm a white guy over here sippin' my Red Stripe" bit. At first, Mischa and Ben wouldn't leave each other for a second, touching each other on the hips, abiding by the junior-high flirting handbook. But soon, they split off--only briefly!--probably to suppress rumors of coupledom. Barely able to strut anywhere after he shot his gambling wad was...

JC, who schmoozed through the sardine-packed crowd. When the beautiful honeys demurely apologized for the pushin' and shovin', JC piped back, "It ain't nothin', honey. It ain't nothin'." He has obviously picked up some of that hip-hop jargon J.T. has been throwing around. Despite capacity issues...

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Tue Feb 17, 2004 1:54 am


I really don't understand this section unless I hear Ted say it out loud. :ph34r:

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Postby justins bubbles » Tue Feb 17, 2004 4:39 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Me either. :confused:</span>

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