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Postby happy » Mon Mar 08, 2004 11:53 am

3 out of 5 stars (rating for teens)

SCHIZOPHRENIC is appropriately named, as it seems to express multiple musical personalities.

NSYNC fans will discover that boy band graduates (or at least this one) think about sex -- a lot! Aside from that potential surprise, mileage will vary; this CD will be fine for some teens; perhaps a little much for others. Take a look at the lyrics on a site like and decide if this CD is okay for your teen. Those accustomed to explicit content will find JC Chasez refreshingly tame.

The first track on SCHIZOPHRENIC, "Some Girls (Dance With Women)," is a terrific dance song with a homoerotic twist: the girls are all dancing together and this guy wants to join the fun. It's sexy with a refreshing shot of longing. The rest of the CD is sexy too, with a couple of pretty explicit moments here and there. This may come as a surprise to underage NSYNC fans who expect a sappier brand of romantic pop from the boy band veteran.

Justin Timberlake was the "cute one" in NSYNC, but JC Chavez makes an effort to maintain his "hot one" persona on SCHIZOPHRENIC with some very sexy lyrics. He also puts on a lively and very danceable show with energetic rhythm tracks and a "let's not take ourselves too seriously" sense of fun. The strongest tracks are the most danceable, featuring dynamic musicianship and enthusiastic vocal performances.

SCHIZOPHRENIC may not be the most exciting or innovative album of the year, but it reveals the more mature, evolving side of a beloved boy-band member's personality, and it's a lot of fun for older teens.

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