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<span style='color:green'>With his bawdy new CD, ‘NSync’s JC Chasez sings the praises of going solo, in music and in love

For a guy whose first solo album is filled with provocative songs like “All Day Long I Dream About Sex,â€￾ JC Chasez sure doesn’t sound like the smoothest player. Especially when he’s out on the scene with his ‘NSync bandmates. “Chris [Kirkpatrick] and I will be like, ‘Hey, look at that girl. Look how fine she is,â€￾ says Lance Bass. “And he’ll be like, “Where? What? What are you talking about?â€￾ We’re like, ‘Shut up!’ He’ll totally blow your cover.â€￾

In fact, what Chasez really dreams about most of the day is music. Stepping out of the ‘NSync mold on his eclectic CD Schizophrenic, he combines Prince-inspired come-ns, reggae ditties and synth pop that would make Devo proud. (Yes, boy-band fns, he belts out a couple of aching ballads as well.) Chasez (pronounced sha-ZAY) also wrote 16 of the 17 tracks and played keyboards on the album. “Some of the songs I think of when I’m in the shower,â€￾ he says. “Some of them I’ll think of when I’m falling into bed – I’ve got to get up and put this down! When I get bored, I’ll zone out and I’ll just sit in front of my computer and start writing any random song that comes to mind.â€￾

And sometimes they just happen to be exceedingly raunchy (“I just want to get close to you/Find out what it takes to move you/Feel the rhythm, hit the spot, getting hot/All night longâ€￾). “Here’s the deal,â€￾ says Chasez, 27. “When you write 30 songs, you have to pick so many, right? And of course, the ones that everybody likes are about sex. There’s a whole pile of other songs sitting on the shelf that aren’t about sex.â€￾ He also shrugs off comparisons to buddy Justin Timberlake, the first ‘NSyncer to go solo with 2002’s Justified. “J’s had his time to breathe,â€￾ says Chasez. “Now I’ll have my time to run and play.â€￾

Playtime was rudely interrupted by the NFL’s decision to ax his halftime gig at the Feb. 8 Pro Bowl after a certain “wardrobe malfunctionâ€￾ involving Timberlake and Janet Jackson. But Timberlake and Chasez quickly patched things up. “He cared enough to call to say he’s really sorry. I told him I can’t blame him for what’s happened to me,â€￾ says Chasez. Says Bass: “We call JC the daddy of the group because he’s like the father figure, the mature one.â€￾

As a kid in suburban Bowie, MD, Joshua Chasez, nicknamed JC, “was a painfully shy whip of a boy,â€￾ says second cousin and comanager Phil Baker-Shenk, 47. The oldest child (his sister Heather, 26, and brother Tyler, 22, are both students) of Roy Chasez, 52, a technology consultant, and his wife, Karen, 50, an editor, “stood out with his incredibly beautiful voice singing Christmas carols at family gatherings.â€￾

If Chasez’s vocal skills gently nudged him into the spotlight, dancing cracked his shell wide open. At 13, he and pal Kacy Combs formed a coed dance troupe that won local contests with routines done to tunes by MC Hammer and New Kids on the Block. Their funky footwork eventually earned them third place at a 1991 national competition in Orlando, where Chasez ended soon after with a spot on The Mickey Mouse Club with Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Success on a par with those multi-platinum Mouseketeers would be nice, but Chasez – who will join Spears for a week on her U.K. tour starting April 27 – says he can do without a high-profile social life. “You’re not going to see me throwing paparazzi around, doing excessive amounts of drugs or having a line of girls outside my room,â€￾ he says. “I’ve seen enough Behind the Music to see that’s a road to nowhere.â€￾

As for rumors that he dated Tara Reid, he says, “We were connected at the hip for a while, but we were buddies,â€￾ adding that he doesn’t traffic in movie circles anyway. “I don’t need a Hollywood girl. They’re crazy. If you’re with an actress, you don’t know who you’re going to come home to every day.â€￾ For now he’s happily living single in an ivy-covered French chateau in Winter Park, FL. “But I wouldn’t mind a relationship with the right girl,â€￾ he admits. “Every artist needs a muse.â€￾

These days eh may need two: Chasez now has dual roles to fill as he kicks off a solo tour on April 19 and gears up to record a new album with ‘NSync later this year. For the record, he insists that being in a boy band in his late 20s is cool with him. “It’s the fountain of youth,â€￾ says Chasez with a laugh. “If I’m 40 and we’re still playing shows, and people want to call us a boy band, by all means – drink from the fountain of youth!â€￾ </span>

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I thought he lived in LA.

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