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Postby fricksgirl1 » Tue May 11, 2004 11:14 am

AHH!!! I saw JC in concert on Sunday night and it was absolutely amazing. :wub: Strangely, I wasn't all that excited about it until I heard him doing soundcheck. Then I started getting hyper and couldn't wait to get inside. My friend got a Meet & Greet pass so we got there really early because she was supposed to check in. It seemed a little unorganized because no one really came out to say anything until around 5pm or so. She was told to be there no later than 3:30. It was so hot and we just stood around for a few hours. Then we found out that only disposable cameras were allowed and we didn't bring any :angry:. Thankfully we did find one so we got a few pics. She was allowed to take her regular camera in for M&G and she said he looked really good. :lick:

After we finally got inside, we were so excited to see how close we were to the stage. Would have been awesome pics but... <_< I don't remember a lot of details because I was just into it and having a really good time. He opened with A.D.I.D.A.S and closed with 100 Ways. I didn't stop dancing from the time he came out until he left. :dance: There was just so much energy and he looked like he was having the greatest time. Made it much more enjoyable. And...WOW can he dance. :bootyshake: I always knew that but he took it to another level. Blew me away. One of the best moments was when he did part of The Game is Over. We were jumping up and down like crazy people and my friend actually had a tear in her eye. She said it made her nostalgic and she couldn't wait to see them all again at Challenge. We wanted to roadtrip but there's really nowhere left for us to go :cry: Hopefully he'll do more shows...without Ms. Spears!! I don't want just a few songs from him. I need the whole thing!!

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