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Postby nsyncs1girl » Fri Jul 23, 2004 11:50 am

JC interview. A gay guy says he loves JC. Read and laugh kids.

Jase: He used to be in Nsync, y'know, with Justin and Joey and all of them-- his name is JC Chasez, and here's his song from his album, Schizophrenic: All Day Long I Dream About Sex. We're going to be talking to JC in a few minutes on the Edge.

[ADIDAS plays]

Jase: His name is JC Chasez, he used to be in Nsync, and now he's gone out on his own, obviously-- and his album's called Schizophrenic. We're just waiting for the operator to put us through to him at the moment-- I have some cool questions I really wanna ask him--
JJ: Oh, yeah-- like what?
Jase: Oh, all sorts of things, actually. He started out when he was like 12 - won a talent contest, that's how he got into it...he's a bit of a Mummy's boy. I wanna ask him if he's got anything for his Mum or anything--

[sound of JC singing absently in the background, then the operator talking to him and connecting the two parties]

JJ: Oh! Did we interrupt, you, JC?
JC: No, not at all.
Dom: JC-- it sounded like you were singing in the background there.
JC: Yeah, I was just goofin' off.
JJ: What were you singing?
JC: Uh, I dunno, I guess something, like-- just something I was working on the other day.
Dom: Can you sing it for us? Can you give us a sneak preview?
JC: [laughing] Oh, no no no-- I can't give that away.
Dom: C'mon dude--
JC: [laughing] It is an idea-- I don't want somebody else to hear it and take it!
DJs: Awwwwww--
Dom: Promise we won't tell Joey Fat One--
JC: [laughing]
Jase: [to Dom] It's Fatoney.
[JC busts up laughing]
JC: [still laughing] Niiiiice.
JJ: Is it? I don't know.
Dom: Is it Fat One or Fatoney?
JC: Fatooone.
JJ: Oh! Fatone. Ohhh.
Jase: I was a little too Italian on it, sorry--
JC: But actually, that's, that's-- he goes-- he tells people to call him the Fat One, I guess, as a nickname--
Jase: Oh, good. Nice. Hey now, does anyone actually still call you Josh, or Joshua?
JC: Um-- only my mom when she's angry.
Jase: Oh, really?
JC: yeah.
JJ: JC, before we get any further into this interview, speaking of Josh-- we've got a friend whose name, whose name is Josh. he is-- he's a gay guy, but he is the biggest fan of yours, ever, and when he heard we were talking to you, he begged if he could get the chance to ask you a couple of questions. Would it be okay if we get him on the phone?
JC: for sure.
JJ: Josh?
Josh: Yup?
JJ: JC's on the phone now!
Josh: Oh my god! Are you serious?
[JC starts laughing]
Josh: are you honestly serious?
JC: yeah, man-- what's up?
Jase: yeah, he's right here.
JC: what's up, dude?
Josh: oh my god...this is....oh my god, this is massive-- this is nuts...I'm just. Oh my god....can I ask a question?
JC: yeah, go ahead.
Josh: um...one of my favourite songs at the moment is, um, Blowin' Me Up, and it's, it's huge and I love that song and stuff and I was just wondering, have you released it in the US and uh, if so, are you gonna release it in New Zealand at all, or?
JC: uh, yeah, actually I released it a while ago-- um, it was actually part of a movie soundtrack that I did, for the movie called Drumline--
Josh: I saw that movie! It was really good--
JC: yeah? so I uh, dropped it on there, and then um, so that, that, that's kinda, uh, already been out and stuff like that, and now we're, I'm actually releasing a ballad right now over here.
Josh: oh, awesome-- that sounds really cool. Now, um, when's Nsync coming back, man?
JC: uh, actually, um, we're gonna have a meeting, in a, in a couple of days, like, about a week. [the sound of something like a huge iron gate closing. is JC wandering about on the phone? ahahaha] We're gonna go do our charity event and decide, uh, when we're gonna start working on another record.
Josh: Very cool. What sort of music is it gonna be like? Cos with Justin, when he came out and stuff, he was all more urban and everything. With your debut single-- with your debut CD and everything, is it, what sort of feel has it got to it?
JC: um, well, uh, Schizophrenic is, uh, uh, is just, a really open-minded record, it has a lot of variety, so, um, who knows what the next Nsync records gonna sound like? I mean, uh, that's just something we'll have to explore together when we're all together in the studio. Um, but my record, yeah, it's a different kinda record, it's um, it's, it's very, again, just very, very open. I didn't think in terms of boundaries. I just decided to make tunes that I liked, and I didn't decide, 'okay, I need to be this style'-- that's just not really my personality. I like variety, so um, that's what I did on this record.
JJ: okay, Josh-- thank you so much!
Josh: thank you so much! thanks JC-- you're a legend!
JC: [laughs] alright!
Josh: Thanks! Love you! Bye!
[laughter from everyone]
Jase: what was that?
Dom: I think he said he loves him.
JC: uhh...okay.
JJ: okay, so what's happening? We know you've got your album and your single. It's your birthday coming up in a couple of weeks-- have you got anything planned?
JC: [surprised] it actually is. Wow-- you're the first person to bring that up. [laughs]
JJ: we've got your present sitting here, just waiting for your home address, so we can send it over--
JC: hey!
Jase: so feel free to hand it out-- no no--
Dom: have you, have-- we gotta check to make sure you haven't got it already-- have you got a copy of the Justified CD?
JC: [laughing] of course I got one of those.
Dom: oh, sh**. Oh, well, we gotta-
JC: I got it before it came out. I know people.
Dom: oh, you big name-dropper! Get your hand off it!
Jase: actually JC, when was the last time you actually talked to Justin?
JC: uh, what? uh, a couple of days ago.
JJ: so, you having a birthday party or something?
JC: uh, actually, I'm gonna be on a airplane the day of my birthday. I got, I got work to do.
JJ: awwww.
Dom: if you talk nicely to the hostess on the plane, maybe she'll, like, broadcast it over the plane for you.
JC: [chanelling Lance] yeah, that'd be great.
Dom: now we read that you were going to tour with Britney lately, but she had a problem with her knee and she had to back out of it?
JC: yeah, man-- poor girl busted her knee up, man. She was on her video shoot and she was doing a dance sequence and uh, yeah, I mean, she tore just about everything inside that knee, dude. She can't, y'know, she can't dance on it for at least four or five months.
Dom: so she's spending a lot of time on her back at the moment?
JC: [laughing] be nice!
[more laughter]
Dom: are you and Britney fairly tight? cos, you were a Mouseketeer as well, back in--
JC: yeah, man. She's definitely a friend of mine.
Dom: yeah.
JJ: I heard that Nicki Hilton gave you her number a few weeks ago.
JC: dude, are you kidding me? Stop. [laughter]
JJ: what?
JC: no! Everybody makes-- like for some reason, when you open up a magazine and somebody wrote, like, that she, like gave me her number and it's like, I'm like, I've known her forever. It's silly.
JJ: oh. oh, so it's not even a big deal.
JC: no.
JJ: oh, cos we were so excited when we heard about it. [laughs]
Dom: and you and Paris are friends?
JC: yeah.
Dom: Have you-- okay, okay, so this is something I wanna know, like, from guy to guy, like. Okay, even though she's like a friend of yours, have you still been tempted to watch the video?
JC: No. That was actually-- like, that was weird for me actually, because I, a million people of course emailed it to me, but I was like-- I was too, I was really weirded out by the whole thing. Uh, I actually just, I just couldn't watch it, just 'cos I didn't-- I was scared to see her after I'd seen it, so, y'know. I've pretty much deleted them, and y'know, it's a crummy thing to happen. I mean, everyone's done something, it's just that her dirty laundry got broadcast, y'know?
Dom: I tell you what, when she was 18, she was looking good. She had a little bit more fat on her then than what she's got now. She was looking excellent.
JC: [brays with laughter]
Dom: I read on the internet that you shaved one-- just one of your legs?
JC: I did it one time! When I was like, 12 or something. I actually had to do this-- weird story-- um, I. My first professional paying gig in the entertainment industry is-- I was a foot model. And uh--
[laughter from the DJs and a 'woohoo']
JC: I had to shave my leg and, cos they had to paint it and put all this stuff on it. And they took pictures of my foot and it actually ended up becoming a poster in like, all these shoe stores.
JJ: Oh my god. How bizarre.
Dom: Yeah, I, I thought. I'm glad we got to the bottom of that because I thought maybe you were on tour one time and you woke up and Lance was in your room, shaving your leg.
JC: No. Not even close.
JJ: how's your collection of Hard Rock Cafe menus going?
JC: uh, it's good. you know what, though? I've kinda quit collecting 'em just because everyone started giving 'em to me, uh, you know. The fun part about it was actually, y'know, picking them up myself, y'know, so I kinda had a wall full of places that I had been to, so, y'know, now I find other things to collect.
Dom: okay, now JC- I read on the internet that you're a christian, and you've got christian beliefs and values?
JC: yeah--
Dom: do you think Jesus would be pissed about you using the name JC?
JC: [laughing] No.
JJ: [laughing] oh, god--
JC: he thinks it's a-- I'm sure he would say it's a nice coincidence.
Dom: yeah. Hey, we're loving your song ADIDAS at the moment-- that's a good song, man.
JC: I'm glad you like it, man.
JJ: cos Dom can really relate to it, of course.
[laughter from JC]
JJ: have you got a girlfriend at the moment?
JC: uh, no.
JJ: awww. it's a bit hard to when you're- so busy?
JC: yeah, I mean, you know. It just is what it is. I just haven't met the right one.
JJ: awwww.
Dom: this is a chance for you to name-drop --and don't feel bad about it, because we're asking the question-- like who are some of your famous friends? Like who do you hang out with? Like, do you know Robbie Williams? Do you hang with Robbie?
JC: ahahaha...I don't hang with him-- I mean, I know him, and I've chatted with him a few times, but y'know, he's not somebody that I go over to his house every day or anything. You guys pretty much know everybody, that, probably the more most famous people-- you already said 'em-- which is Justin and Britney. They're probably two of the most famous people in the world, right?
JJ: I know, but they're not our friend!
Dom: yeah, yeah-- Justin changed his number and he forgot to call us and give us the update. Can you give us the new number?
JC: well, I got it, and you don't, so nyaaaah. [laughs]
JJ: so, as part of your album, are you gonna be coming to NZ at all, d'you think? To promote it?
JC: well, that's actually something that I'm planning right now. It just depends on the success of the record. If it does well, I've blocked off a good amount of time in September. September is the goal if the record does well, I'm gonna come down there and back it up.
JJ: oh, that'd be awesome.
Dom: Cos we read that you're a fan of the hobbits, so I tell you what-- if you come to NZ, we would gladly take you to the set where they filmed the hobbit scenes in LOTR--
JC: oh, is it still up?
Dom: yeah, it's still up. Not looking quite like it did in the movie--
JC: hey, of course--
Dom: It's just a big-- it's some farm paddock, it's got some sheep wandering around--
JC: I mean, hey man-- that's the movie magic.
Dom: yup.
JJ: hey JC, it's been so cool talking to you--
JC: yeah, you guys take it easy, man.
JJ: thank you very much for your time.
JC: alright.
Dom: see you later!

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Postby mtvjunkie » Fri Jul 23, 2004 12:14 pm

aww :wub: i love jc! thank you so much for posting that, it was a funny interview. this:
Dom: okay, now JC- I read on the internet that you're a christian, and you've got christian beliefs and values?
JC: yeah--
Dom: do you think Jesus would be pissed about you using the name JC?
:rofl: :rofl: i loved that bit!

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