JC Chasez Candid

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JC Chasez Candid

Postby Sandy » Mon Dec 04, 2000 11:02 pm

Pic kinda looks weird but here it is anyways! :)


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Cotton Candi
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Postby Cotton Candi » Mon Dec 04, 2000 11:15 pm

Melt...........that is all I can say...AHHHHHH...that guy is sooo sexy...thanks Sandy

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Postby Katie » Thu Dec 07, 2000 4:29 pm

okkkkkkaaayyyyy. just smile and nod when you don't understand. ::smile and nod, smile and nod::

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Postby wazzap007 » Thu Dec 07, 2000 5:21 pm

HAHA Katie you make me laugh! the picture does look weird but the guy has niceeeeee arms!~

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