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Postby Bellerz » Wed Dec 13, 2000 2:53 pm

Well, we all know that Karen's his 'mommy'...but here are some pics of JC and his mom. I think the first was taken on the Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now tour on the tour bus. The second was taken backstage at a NSA tour concert. The two little boys I guess are his two half-bros. How adorable! Mini JC's :(

HOW MUCH DOES HE LOOK LIKE HIS MOM? Same eyes, nose, mouth...So here's where he got those killer eyes!! *sigh* Woah!!


CUTE!! It's two mini JC's!! Oh...prepare yourselves boys...if y'all turn out to look anything like your big'll be runnning from the ladies too!! :laugh:


p.s I wanna thank Marie and her website (Marie's Lil JC Spot) for the pics. :(

p.p.s Marie's got all the 411 on JC and some droolworthy pics of him too. So, surf on over and check them out!!

p.p.p.s :laugh:

Here's something that might be of interest to you guys about JC. (Also from Marie's Lil JC Spot...Marie talked to Lance herself :) *lucky girl*)

I met Lance at their hotel in LA, it was my first time meeting him and I decided if I met him, Joey or JC I'd ask about JC being adopted, since that's what most of my viewers seem to NEED to know.. as he signed a pic for me I asked him if JC was adopted.. Here's that part of my conversation w/ Mr. Bass:

MissMarie: Was JC adopted? there's a rumor about that going around the internet
Lance: Yes. Yes he was. I mean, he knows his real Mom. but umm.. yeah..
MissMarie: oh my gosh really? that's so awesome! Why doesn't talk about it?
Lance: *Shrugs* 'Nobody askes him' (He said ASKESES! it was cute)
MissMarie: I have a webpage, could I put it on there or is it too personal?
Lance: Uh, I mean he's said it in magazines before, you know what I mean
My friend Melanie: So he doesn't hide it?
Lance: No he doesn't hide it.. just no one I guess asks him cause they don't know *CUTE GIGGLE & SMILE*

(**AWWWW>>>That was sooooo incredible for Roy and Karen to do that! :) Man, I love his 'rents!! :(**)

Ok. There's confusion here.. JC said on E!tv that 'when I was five years old a family was nice enough to take me in' (Sound clip) BUT if he was FIVE then why is there a baby picture of him w/ Roy? Some people are telling me maybe Roy is his 'real' dad and married Karen later.. I DONT KNOW people! I doubt it but think whatever you want. I'm TRYING to clear this up but I'm SO confused. People are telling me Lance LIED to me and all I have to say is: Thanks but keep it to yourself. If he WAS lying to me then fine, but until I prove it please stop saying that. Maybe JC DOES say it to interviewers, they just don't print it......

(** are a godsend!! You raised that boy to become one very FINE and talented and all-around gentleman....KUDOS to Mama Chasez!!**)

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Postby Katie44 » Wed Dec 13, 2000 8:12 pm

hmm...I'd kinda like to know myself. I'm sorta confused on the whole issue.

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Postby Shannon » Sat Dec 16, 2000 12:42 am

Me too!!

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Postby renee » Sat Dec 16, 2000 1:21 am

i had never even heard any of this before, thanks

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Postby JustinsMusicBizGal » Fri Dec 22, 2000 2:24 pm


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Postby jenndee » Fri Dec 22, 2000 2:37 pm

JC biological mother is very blessed that her son actually had a great life after adoption. That was probably her intention in the first place, when she decided that she wasn't going to raise him herself. She's also real luck that they appear to look cordial together. A lot of adopted children wouldn't have handled it so great... yet another reason to admire Joshua Scott Chasez.

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