ASL Request

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ASL Request

Postby Bellerz » Wed Dec 20, 2000 1:26 pm

Hey, just wondering if you were still out there...or did we scare you away yet?!? Just kidding....anyways, if you've read some of the recent posts, we're all trying to debate somethings over your identity. So, I figured, why not ask the man himself who he 'really' is. Ya know? :)
So, to not intimidate you or's the 411 on me (that way you'll have to dish yours out ;))

Name: Sarah
B Day: Jan 12
Age: 18
Grade: Fresh in College
Hobbies: singing, playing the guitar, surfing
Fav. Movie: Princess Bride (if ya haven't seen kicks major bootie)
Fav. TV show: I'm a sucker for Buffy and Angel
Fav. Color: All shades of Blue
Fav. Food: Anything Filipino, sushi, pizza
Fav. Candy: Skittles

Okay, YOUR turn....hey girlies!! Fill out the little survey yourself.... :)


That's all...I'm off to work!! Hi ho hi ho, it's off to work I go!!

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Postby deedar » Wed Dec 20, 2000 6:02 pm

i was wondering the same thing.
yo space cowby we're needing to share some love.
i guess you can tell i'm from philly.
i have a habit of saying 'yo' all the time.
i also talk alot.
i cry alot.
i'm over 29, so let's not go there!
purlpe, blue, black
and anything that nsync wears makes me yell!
i work bad hours that's where i am now.
so what's the 411 on my fellow posts?

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Postby Kate » Wed Dec 20, 2000 6:33 pm

I'm 21, if this is JC....I've met you, but we didn't really talk, you weren't exactly too friendly with me!

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Postby JustinsGApeach » Thu Dec 21, 2000 3:49 pm

I already answered it but i guess my post didn't go through
hobbies:hangin with friends,coming on the mb,dancing,acting,stuff like that!
fav movie:Billy madison..I know all the words to princess bride to cuz my and my sis watched it all the time when we were little!
Fav T.V. show:Buffy and charmed
Fav color:Pink and blue
Fav food:pizza,pasta,mexican,chinese...basicall anything edible..I love food!
Fav candy:gum,blowpops,those lolly pops with caramel on them,cry babies.....I could go on...I'm a sugar fanatic!

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Postby deedar » Thu Dec 21, 2000 5:13 pm

yo, kate!
don't sewat it.
attribute it to his head and not his heart.
if he didn't love the fans he couldn't sing so compassionately.
let me tell you my problem.
outside at night i don't see very well i have not spoken to people that i know is embarrassing sometimes.
so i usually just wave especially from a distance.

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Postby wazzap007 » Thu Dec 21, 2000 5:39 pm

name: Galit (weird but true, i was born in Israel)
Age: 15 on Jan. 22nd.
*I feel a bit young*
Fav TV: Simpsons, Will&Grace and Friends
~I live in Quebec, Canada~
~I saw JC once in my life, he didn't see me tough, it was at Musique Plus on spet. 22nd. He was alone~
Fave Candy: anything exept stuff dat ain't so good!!
Fave Movie : The Grinch ( I ain't bad tough)
Fave Colors: Red, Blue, Pink, Orange
Fave food: Chinese (not because it's JC's) and Subway
~Am I missing stuff~

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Postby Katie » Thu Dec 21, 2000 5:48 pm

Name: katie
B Day: march 17
Age: 15
Grade: sophomore
Hobbies: writing music, poems, stories, basically writing anything, playin the piano, and learning guitar
Fav. Movie: any movie with the brat pack (breakfast club, sixteen candles, pretty in pink, ferris bullers (sp?) say off) those kind
Fav. TV show: law and order, the pratice, friends, law an order:sv
Fav. Color: blue and orange
Fav. Food: chinese from 'banc ock' shrimp fried rice is my fave.
Fav. Candy: chocolate any kind of chocolate, i love chocolate

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Postby JustinsGApeach » Thu Dec 21, 2000 6:30 pm

OMG...the breakfast club is the best movie ever i totally forgot about that one!

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Postby CutiepieTimbalake » Thu Dec 21, 2000 7:06 pm

Name: Stacy
B-Day: Sept 13
grade: Sophomore
Hobbies: SHopping,nsync, hanging out w/friends,and going to the movies
Fav movie: MAN i have soo many-ok-16 candles,breakfast at tiffany's,love and basketbal and soo many more
Fav tv show: FriendsCharlie's angels,i love lucy,90210, and lots more
Color: baby blue and red and silver
Food: N E THING chocolate!!
Candy: JR mints,Snickers,milky way(CHOCOLATE!!)

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Postby Angie fromOZ » Fri Dec 22, 2000 5:17 am

Here we goooooOOoooo000OOOOOOoooooo0....

Name: Marina (aka Angie - it's my stage name! LOL)
B'day: 17th July
Age: 18
Grade: just finished first year at university...only 3 to go...I HOPE!!
Hobbies: singing, sport, catching up with friends, photography, drama, yada yada yada!
Fav. Movie: now that's a toughie!! today i'll go with The Matrix...tomorrow it'd be something else!
Fav. TV show: The Simpsons...i know too many quotes from that's not natural!
Fav. Colour: any and every kind of blue
Fav. Food: i'm a sucker for my fruit and veggies!
Fav. Candy: mmmmm CHOCOLATE!! i luv mah choccie!!!

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Postby JustinsMusicBizGal » Fri Dec 22, 2000 1:10 pm

Name: Jennifer *Timberlake*!
Birthday: July 5th! *7/5/85*
Grade: 9th
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, and watching TV!
Fave Movie: Model Behavior!
Fave TV Show: Dawson's Creek!
Fave Color: BabyBlue!
Fave Food: Pizza!
Fave Candy: Skittles!

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