I know that JC has 'chosen' the girl to be with him

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I know that JC has 'chosen' the girl to be with him

Postby Bellerz » Thu Dec 21, 2000 6:20 pm

Here I go:

I have NO clue what their lives are like, so I'm not even going to say that I know. ANYWAYS, I know that JC has 'chosen' the girl to be with him, and I also TRUST that JC wouldn't make any decisions that would harm him, his family, morals, beliefs, fans...etc!!

SO, this is what I'm gonna say about Bobbi. *Deep Breath* If JC is happy with the girl, then I'm not going to diss her or say anymore mean things about her. I know that in a relationship that the two people want to be together as much as possible...so I don't really see anything too wrong with them always together (I'm gonna keep what's in my mind right now...wel..in my mind for the time being). :)

With that said, I say YOU GO JC!! I'm glad he's in a relationship now that he doesn't feel he needs to hide. It's good to see that smile on his beautiful face when she's around him.

So, that's my opinion....and to say that it's done a 180 is right on the dot....Yes, I do 'like' her now b/c I trust that JC knows what he's doing! :)

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Postby JustinsGApeach » Thu Dec 21, 2000 6:26 pm

yeah i agree she can't be all that bad of a person if such a great guy(JC) would be in a relationship with her...and hey if she makes him happy ..I'm all for her!

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Postby JustinsMusicBizGal » Fri Dec 22, 2000 1:15 pm

yeah i agree to with JustinsGApeach that Bobbie can't be that bad of a person if she is making JC happy! and if Bobbie is making JC happy, than more power to her!

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