All The Small Things

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All The Small Things

Postby wazzap007 » Thu Dec 28, 2000 6:36 pm


All The Small Things
There are so many little minor details about JC that I like. Added together, these small things make the wonderful man.

The way his eyes crinkle when he smiles real big. [me- Lindsey]

When he gets so into the music, closing his eyes, shaking his head, & moving his arms around, especially during 'This I Promise You'. [me- Lindsey]

Sometimes he touches his earlobe while answering a question or explaining something. [me- Lindsey]

In concert, he jumps around like a maniac and still manages to sing so beautifully. [me- Lindsey]

When he is talking to someone and calls them 'sweetie'. [me- Lindsey]

He can ramble on and on about one topic. [me- Lindsey]

The way he compares Napster to free hotdogs. 'It's a free country. Everyone deserves a hot dog!' [me- Lindsey]

His voice. Period. [me- Lindsey]

The way he smiles and shows his teeth, because you know its genuine. [Christina]

The little accents that he does sometimes, like the british one on MTV's 100 greatest pop songs. [Christina]

The look in his eyes when hes singing a ballad and he looks straight ahead. Its just the deepest look and it draws you in so you just cant help staring. [Christina]

The way he makes the cutest faces when he dances. [Jacqueline]

When he laughs, you know it's funny. [Nicole]

The way he sings 'Sailing', with passion. [Nicole]

His dimples. [Nicole]

His laugh it's like a little kids. [Shea]

The way he carrys toys in his backpack still. [Shea]

The way during almost every interview when someone says something funny a little funny or hilarious he swings his heads down to his knees (how cute). [Jessica]

The way he waves his arms around wildly when explaining something. [Tabitha]

How his voice takes on a soft, velvety, smooth tone when he gets involved in a discussion. [Tabitha]

The stage lick in Digital Getdown - I don't think anyone will forget that for a looong time! [Tabitha]

On 'MuchMusic Backstage With NSYNC', the way he told on Rick (the host) like a little six-year-old boy...'Tony! He wants to go in the Quiet Room!!!' [Mary]

When Justin rambles on for three minutes about nothing and repeats himself twenty times, and JC interrupts and saves him with a simple one-word answer to the question. :P [Mary]

His whole 'Yes, we like GIRLS and there's nothing wrong with THAT!' rant. [Mary]

His smile. [Maelie]

The way he can be so serious yet sexy. [Maelie]

His love for music. [Maelie]

The beautiful songs he writes and puts so much effort into. [Maelie]

THOSE EYES! [Maelie]

When he wears a hat...he's a 'hot mama'! ['Shebang']

The way he's so humble when he sings! ['Shebang']

His groans (esp in Sailing). [Sara]

The way he talks with his hands. [Sara]

Normally I don't like this ...but when he sweats...OH Baby! [Sara]

When he stuck his tongue out during IGBM on Rosie. [Sara]

When he exclaims, 'WHAT?!' [Sara]

When he says, 'Oh my goodness.' [Sara]

Everything about him. [Sara]

When he's singing at the end of 'Space Cowboy' in concert, he goes 'if YOU, wanna FLY baby!' His voice does the growl thing and its just like 'whew! its hot in here' all of a sudden!! [Christina]

The fact that his idea of a perfect girl isn't perfect. She's someone normal. [Kassey]

The way he sings, 'Bye bye, baby!' [Sara]

His Kermit impression. [Sara]

When they were on Loveline, JC yelled 'You'll go blind!' [Sara]

When he wears his WWJD bracelet. [Sara]

When he said 'Oh, you want some sugar...' [Sara]

When the whole band starts talking at the same time and JC notices no one in the band is listening to him so his voice trails off. [KC_6794_KC]

The fact that no matter how much Chris teases him he still just laughs it off. [KC_6794_KC]

The boy looks good in a pair of shades. [Kirenna]

Overall appearance wise, JC is just incredibly sexy, but there's one thing that makes him look even sexier - a pair of leather pants. Tight ones. Purrr... and all this coming from a LANCE fan! ;) [Kirenna]

The way he stammers when he's been asked a personal question. Eg: 'Um... I don't know... I have... uh... wowee...' [Kirenna]

The way I could go on forever about the little things he does. [Ashley]

His tongue, period. [Ashley]

The way he says 'Ya know' between almost every other word when he's nervous. [Ashley]

JC + wifebeater = OH MY GOSH. [Ashley]

How soulful his voice can be in each and every one of the songs he sings. [Jacqueline]

The way he always look sexy no matter what occasion. [Diana]

The head dance he did in the music video, 'Mysterious Ways' on MMC. [Danielle]

The way he jumped up and down every commercial break when I saw them in the window on TRL. [Danielle]

When he jumps around and does his little flips onstage to show us how flexible he is...(haha lol) [Kristine]

At the Staples Center (11-26), how he was trying to breakdance, and he did fine if you ask me...(go on with your bad self!) [Kristine]

The NSync FOX special. Wowee. [Kristine]

The way he moves his head around when he talks. [Des]

The way his face shows his sensitive side. [Des]

The way he has the guts to date a Playboy bunny! lmao (even if I'd rather he didn't... :P) [Kaylee]

The way he shakes he's butt in just got paid (in concert) [Jenny]

The way he expresses everything with his eyes. [Lisa]

The way he points index finger up EVERY time he hits a high's sooo cute. [Toni]

The way he tries to be ghetto: 'They're havin' a party in their crib man' but he's still sounds soo white!! Hehe...whatta cutie. [Toni]

His smile and his amazing voice! [Terri]

Each and everyone of those beautiful veins in his arms that we can all see because they pop out! [Meryl]

His lips look so soft! Lucky Bobbee! [Meryl]

He is so adorable when he pretends to fight with Chris at the Billboard Awards. [Meryl]

I love JC for writing DigGetdn and for the lick that he does during it! I broke my tape i rewound it so much! [Meryl]

For being innocent and sweet! [Meryl]

His spikey dark locks that look soft to the touch! [Meryl]

In the This I Promise You video he sings HIS last line he puts his arms on the table and his eyes are like so nice there! And then when it's Justin's turn to sing he looks at [Stephanie]

When he's explaining something and he's on a roll, then runs out of things to say so he kind of slows down. Then he straightens out his arms in front of him and say's 'yeah' or 'so' really softly. [jblovinp]

When they perform Digital Getdown at the concert and humps the floor and the show the camera view from beneath him!!!! Ahh!! [Diana B]

The way he is like my sidekick sprinkles!! Hahaha!!! I luv him :) [Poofhead]

Okay! JC is the most popular guy and he's doing such good things with his music and for himself. He makes me feel like I can work harder then anyone. I'm soo proud of him and his bandmates for sticking right though until the end. [Sara]

The way his mouth opens when he hits a high note, that little strained look? It's so cute! [Rachel]

During the HBO special, during Digital... he's sweating and he's singing his verse and he does this smile and glances at one of the guys and looks like he's laughing... I love the way he's so normal on stage. [Rachel]

His stomach! [Rachel]

His nose is so perfect, so long and straight. [Rachel]

The way he sounds so desperate to sing so fast in 'It Makes Me Ill'. JC honey, you sound fine! [Rachel]

He's so into the music and you see it in his °eyes°. He punches the air to hit every beat like in i want u back - ' girl(punch) what(punch punch) can i dooo(punch punch punch punch)' ahh! [Pamela]




Justin Digs Deep!!~



I'll find some more another time!~ Hope ya enjoyed!~

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Postby Maire » Thu Dec 28, 2000 6:41 pm

Haha in lke the 2nd to last the way he is wearing his hat is so gay!! LOL that is to stupid! I mean it is cute in a way!!

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Postby wazzap007 » Thu Dec 28, 2000 6:52 pm

it's cuz he's a homie from mah crew!~ PEACE OUT TO THE WESSSSSSSIDE BULLETPROOF!~ hihi jsut kiddin'!~

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Postby Katie44 » Fri Dec 29, 2000 1:04 am

WOW...congrats. I can't post pics b/c it is just too complicated!!

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