*NSYNC Year In Review

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*NSYNC Year In Review

Postby wazzap007 » Thu Dec 28, 2000 7:15 pm


01 - performs in Hawaii at the Blaisdell Center
04 - nominated for 3 Grammy's - Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for
'Music of My Heart' with Gloria Estefan, Best Country Collaboration with
Vocals for 'God Must Have Spent' with Alabama, and Best Song Written for a
Motion Picture, Television, etc. for 'Music of My Heart.'
05 - self titled album *N SYNC went diamond
17 - performs 'Bye Bye Bye' at the American Music Awards
20 - AOL Live chat
22 - TV special 'Wham Concert' airs
24 - making of the video for 'Bye Bye Bye'
26 - hosts TRL; world premiere of Bye Bye Bye on MTV's TRL
27 - 'Bye Bye Bye' debuts at #1 on MTV's TRL; the Pokemon soundtrack
['Somewhere, Someday' featured in it] goes double platinum which was
released on November 9th, 1999
29 - appears on MTV's Super Bowl pre-show and peform Bye Bye Bye
31 - Lance appears on 7th Heaven


>>each *N SYNC-er have their own cover for TV Guide

05-06 - MTV's Snowed In
23 - TRL class of 1999 yearbook picture; Grammy's Backstage on MTV; presents
an award


>>featured on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine featured on the cover of
>>Teen People magazine featured on the cover of Disney Adventures kid

02 - break Amazon record for the all-time bestselling pre-order
07 - Justin appears on the Regis and Kathie Lee show to talk about his TV
movie Model Behavior; 'Bye Bye Bye' is ranked #14 as MTV's most expensive
music video
08 - appear on MTV for *NSYNC@MTV week
09 - guests on Z100 radio station for morning show; 'Justin's' french toast
up on ebay for $1,025; later was revealed it wasn't his
11 - musical guests on Saturday Night Live
13 - appears on Good Morning America; Justin confirms that *N SYNC will do a
18 - featured on MTV's Ultra Sound; *N SYNC Live
20 - appear on the Rosie O' Donnell show and sing Happy Birthday to Rosie;
Z100 holds a No Strings Attached listening party
21 - release of No Strings Attached album; sold 1.1 million in first day and
2.4 million in first week; appear on TRL; Virgin Megastore autograph signing
in New York; special *NSYNC broadcast in WAL*MART
22 - appear on Live Much Music
24-25 appear on MTV's Spring Break Dedications
25 - guests on Rosie O' Donnell Show; No Strings Attached concert tickets go
on sale; the group broke TicketMaster's record for single-day concert ticket
sales (850,000 tickets sold)
27 - performs 'Music of My Heart' with Gloria Estefan at the Oscars
28 - guests on the View; break record for most concert tickets sold in a
single day; 51 out of 52 dates sold out and over $40 million gross


>>featured on the cover of Teen magazine featured on the cover of Lifestyle

04 - guests on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno
10 - break second week record of album
15 - appears on Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards
24 - Justin and Lance appear at the White House in Washington D.C., for the
annual Easter egg hunt
27 - guests on the Donny and Marie show
29 - Nickelodeon Special; mock movie premiere at Cannes


>>featured on the cover of COSMOgirl magazine featured on the cover of UK's
>>Live and Kicking magazine featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

01-04 - Lance on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - wins $125,000
09 - kick off the 1st leg of the No Strings Attached tour in Biloxi,
Mississippi; team up with lifebeat.org to make a commercial about HIV/AIDS
prevention; perform 'Believe in Yourself' on Sesame Street airs
12 - Justin is given his high school diploma at the Memphis, Tennessee
concert; Gloria Estefan's special airs
13 - hosts Wango Tango 2000 in L.A. and sings backup with Lenny Kravitz
14 - Lance goes to Planet Hollywood in Nashville to announce his new record
company, FreeLance Entertainment
16 - unveil new film project at Cannes
22 - world premiere of 'It's Gonna Be Me' on MTV's TRL
23 - It's Gonna Be Me debuts at #7 on MTV's TRL
25 - Justin hosts the 25 Hottest Stars Under 25; Brian Litrell from BSB and
Justin tie for the HOTTEST


>>featured on the cover of YM magazine Justin featured on the cover of Teen

03 - perform 'It's Gonna Be Me' for the first time live on the MTV Movie
10 - go to Vancouver with Britney Spears to shoot McDonald's commercials;
a record at Rose Bowl for attendance -70,000 people!
17 - honored with Gloria Estefan the Special Achievement Award at the ALMA
[American Latino Media Arts Awards] for the 'Ten Outstanding Music Video
Performers' with their hit video, 'Music of My Heart'
19 - Challenge for the Children basketball game charity tickets went on sale
and sold out in 15 minutes!
20 - trading cards from Topps come out; they take home a Blockbuster Award
for favorite song from a movie, 'Music of My Heart' with Gloria Estefan
25 - Joilet, Chicago concert moved to August 1st due to the collapse of the
27 - Lance dyes hair black/blue for the Lexington, Kentucky concert


>>appear in an issue of Playboy magazine

02 - JC is named one of most eligible bachelors in People magazine
09 - British tabliods print article on Justin and Britney's engagement
[false news]
13 - Melinda Bell announces that *N SYNC will be going for a 2nd leg for NSA
15 - mcy.com ables people to view concert footage; go clubbin' with Tommy
Lee and Britney Spears
16 - All Access week - Making of the Tour
18 - Silverdome Detriot, Michigan concert is filmed for IMAX movie
20 - participate in McPress conference in Philadelphia
21 - world release of white tigers benefiting Stars of the Wild
25 - announced MTV VMA nominees - 6 nominations for them; [tied with Eminem]
for Best Group Video for 'Bye Bye Bye,' Best Dance Video for 'Bye Bye Bye,'
Best Pop Video for 'Bye Bye Bye,' Viewer's Choice for 'Bye Bye Bye,' Video
of the Year for 'Bye Bye Bye,' and Best Choreography in a Video for 'Bye Bye
Bye' Justin and Lance attend Jennifer Lopez's birthday party thrown by Puffy
26 - Chris announces his partnership with Child Watch of North America; FAO
Schwartz to hold a press conference with Living Toyz to unveil the guys
marionettes; sound check party for 100 underprivelaged kids
25-28 sold out Madison Square Garden
27 - 3rd day out of 4 at Madison Square Garden airs live concert on HBO
28 - performs on the Today Show to a record breaking crowd of over 10,000;
Planet Hollywood kick off party in New York to reveal Challenge for the
Children basketball charity teams
29 - sings the National Anthem at Jayson Williams Celebrity Softball
Challenge; Challenge for the Children II charity basketball game -raised
31 - Justin, Lance, and Joey attend the movie premiere of Coyote Ugly


>>featured on the cover of Twist magazine featured on TV Guide for MTV VMA

01 - nsync.com is named the #1 website on the top 100 searched terms; wrap
up tour in Joilet for 1st leg; bubbles were blown during This I Promise You
by fans; Space Cowboy soundtrack comes out [but no song from *N SYNC]; fans
complain that it's *N SYNC's fault for traffic that caused them to miss the
concert; woman wants to sue
03 - *N SYNC and Britney to perform at the Rock In Rio in January 2001
04 - *N SYNC/Britney Spears video and CD [Your #1 Requests...and More] on
sale at McDonald's until August 24th
07 - Blaque teams up with Joey for next single
10 - *N SYNC board game hits the shelves
11 - hit clips on sale at McDonald's
16 - room dedicated to them at the Ronald McDonald House in Orlando; Mayor
of Orlando hands over the key to the city
17 - Lance appears on TRL to talk about FreeLance Finals; after TRL -
FreeLance Finals - looking to sign talent to his entertainment company
22 - Justin, JC, and Chris appear at the 2nd Annual Teen Choice Awards; take
home 5 surfboards - Choice Single 'Bye Bye Bye', Song of the Summer and
Choice Music Video 'It's Gonna Be Me', and Choice Male Hottie of the Year
for Justin; Justin and Britney accept award for Hotties of the Year and
tease crowd by fake kissing
24-29 - go to Japan for promo
25 - Lance appears on Emeril Live! on the Food Network


>>Britney Spears finally reveals that she and *N SYNC's Justin Timberlake
>>are an tiem. 'When you're totally comfortable with someone you love, the
>>silence is the best,' she tells October's Elle magazine, which will be
>>on Tuesday. 'And that's how me and J are. When we're in a room together,
>>we don't have to say anything. And when we go to a club it's like we're
>>the only ones there. It's for real.'

04-08 - Chris appears on Hollywood Squares for Teen People
05 - Guiness Book of World Records for selling the most records in a single
07 - peforms 'This I Promise You', 'Bye Bye Bye', 'It's Gonna Be Me' medly
at the MTV Video Music Awards; Britney and Justin make a public appearance
together at MTV VMAs; they take home 3 moon men - Best Choreography, Best
Pop Video, and Viewer's Choice
13 - performs 'This I Promise You' in Spanish with Son By Four for the first
ever Latin Grammy Awards
15 - performs 'Bye Bye Bye,' 'It's Gonna Be Me,' and 'This I Promise You at
the Summer Music Mania 2000 airs on FOX
16 - No Strings Attached concert tickets for 2nd leg go on sale
21 - JC and Joey present at the Much Music Awards [Canada]; they take home
the Internationl Viewer's Choice award
26 - Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees gives a shoutout to *N SYNC in his thank yous
on their new album, Revelation. 'A big shout out to *N SYNC - it's been
awesome to watch you guys rise to the top. No one deserves it more!'


>>get their own regular column in UK's Live and Kicking magazine Justin
>>featured on the cover of USA Weekend magazine

04 - Lance presents an award at the Country Music Awards; they take home the
'Act International' at Germany's Comet Awards
09 - performs on Good Morning America
17 - kick off 2nd leg of the No Strings Attached tour in Charlotte, North
24 - sings the National Anthem for game 3 of the World Series
26 - world premiere of 'This I Promise You' on MTV's TRL
27 - 'This I Promise You' debuts at #2 on MTV's TRL
28 - Usher is set to release a new album and have a duet with Justin


>>Justin featured on the cover of COSMOgirl magazine featured on the cover
>>of ERES a Spanish magazine Chris featured on the cover of Scope magazine
>>featured on 2 covers of Canadian TV Guide

04 - Lance, Joey, and Chris present an award at the Radio Music Awards
07 - guests on Rosie O' Donnell Show; Grinch Soundtrack goes on sale ['You
Don't Have To Be Alone' on it]
10 - co-hosts with Regis on Live With Regis; perform at Bloomingdales in New
York - ornaments go on sale to benefit Challenge for the Children
11 - hosts Stars at a Party at Planet Hollywood in New York City
12 - turkey hands go up for auction at butterball.com. Proceeds go to
America's Second Harvest to build new Kid's Cafes, through the ConAgra Foods
Feeding Children Better program
13 - appears on Queen Latifah; Planet Hollywood party in New York - part of
the 'family'
14 - Platinum Christmas from Jive Records goes on sale ['I Don't Want To
Spend One More Christmas Without You' on it]; Joe's 'I Believe in You'
featuring *NSYNC will be the new single
17 - The Beatles Revolution airs with comments from Justin and Chris; AOL
Live Chat with Chris
18 - Joey goes blonde!
21 - Madison Square Garden HBO concert released on DVD; BSB's Black and Blue
album released - later reported that it did NOT break *NSYNC's 2.4 million
record sales for first week
24 - FuManSkeeto clothing line at Nordstrom
25 - MTV and Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Pop Songs airs - *N SYNC hosts
videos 41-60
26-28 - L.A fans to bring unwrapped toys to concert for the needy
27 - *N SYNC Live at Madison Square Garden video released in UK
28 - TV special Sesame Street Music A-Z airs; *NSYNC@MSN is announced at the
MSN press conference
29 - musical guests on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno; sued by Sid and Marty
Krofft over puppets
30 - appears on the Early Show; Justin, Joey, and Chris present an award at
the My VH1 Awards; JC and Lance present award to Michael Jackson at the
Angel Ball; Fox Christmas Special '*N SYNC's *N Timate Holiday' airs


>>featured on cover of UK's Live and Kicking magazine Entertainment
>>Entertainers Of the Year Most Intriguing Couples: Britney Spears & Justin
>>Timberlake featured on cover of Teen People magazine for February 2001

01 - MSN Live chat with Lance
02 - wrap up tour in San Diego, California; Justin brings Britney out on
stage and have crowd sing Happy Birthday
04-17 - gives advice on bbc online
05 - performs 'Just Got Paid' for the first time live and co-hosts with
Kathy Griffin at the Billboard Awards; they take home 4 statues - Album of
the Year for No Strings Attached, Album of the Year Duo/Group for No Strings
Attached, Top 40 Artist of the Year, and Special Billboard Award for biggest
one week sales ever on an album for No Strings Attached
07 - No Strings Attached album goes diamond; Brian McKnight teams with
Justin Timberlake for BM's next album
10 - they take home 4 awards at the Online Teen Awards - Best Teen Cover,
Best Untrue Gossip [for rumor about Justin and Britney being together],
Coolest MTV Video, and Favorite Boyband
12 - MTV's Making of the Tour released on video; Justin and Chris attend
Sports Illustrated Sportsman Awards
14 - Justin makes a surprise appearance at Jingle Ball 2000 in New York
16 - Justin is voted 'Most Beautiful' in PEOPLE.com poll
19 - MSN Live chat with Chris
22 - appearing on Maury [from a previous tape] airs
31 - Lance's Roseland party in New York; Dick Clark; MTV


- performance during halftime at Super Bowl XXXV
- Rock in Rio with Britney Spears in January
- People's Choice Awards and American Music Awards in January
- the Simpson's will air in February
- new album in the process
- another tour after the album
- the anticipated movie spring 2001

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Postby Bellerz » Fri Dec 29, 2000 5:10 pm

Holy cow!! Can you say that girl is just a bit OBSESSED much?!? Yikes! Quick...someone give that girl a hobby! :)

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4-real....can anybody say FANATIC????but hey if i had the time to do that i prolly would to so..i can't say much about it~

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