i've finally seen the Ntimate Holiday Special!!

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i've finally seen the Ntimate Holiday Special!!

Postby Angie fromOZ » Tue Jan 02, 2001 11:58 am

DW!!! awwww girl!! i can't tell ya how much i've missed ya!! it's been TOO long and it just wasn't the same without ya! We had a couple of parties (for new years and stuff) while you were gone...but without you, it just wasn't complete :( Â

So how have you been? whatya been up to?! OOH! i've finally seen the Ntimate Holiday Special!! it was AWESOME! Â they actaully bothered to show it over here *SHOCK HORROR* but in a stupid time-slot! but who cares coz it was ON!!...and i swear i've nearly worn it out already! just having a WHOLE hour of *NSYNC to watch is like a dream come true!! O Holy Night...awww can that arrangement BE any more beautiful?! i think not! and 'You Don't Have to Be Alone' just affirmed by undying love and devotion for JC!! and YES...i still love his clothes! you know i always will :(

now, Â there's something i've put on about three posts but i haven't had much of a response, so maybe you can share this melting moment with me?!
Ok...do you have the Latin Grammy's on tape coz you're gonna need it to see my FAVE JC look!! blink and you'll miss it! ok, when JC starts singing 'I've loved you forever'...in Spanish of course, and the crowd goes wild and there's this smile that spreads across and lights up his face!! it's JUUUUST GOOOOOOORGEOUS!! UGH! what a moment! you can tell we don't get much to drool at over here, but i'm tellin ya...it's GOOD STUFF!! meanwhile, my reliable sources (Kate :)) informed me that he 'gets down' in the MSG concert and i've heard that's pretty darn good too! Bellerz put up the animation of it!!

gosh, i'm so so sorry! i've just rattled on and on and on!! i've just missed talkin to ya!! it's so good to know you're back and i hope all is well with ya!! :)
Good luck with catching up on all the posts...there are a couple of new boards for other actors and musicians that are DEFINATELY worth checking out!! Helena and Bellerz have been working hard on the Other Actors board and the results are MAGNIFICENT!! :)

Luv ya girl and
God Bless :)

Meanwhile...i think Rashedah and DW and all others coming back calls for a celebration!! whattaya say BOARD?!! are you in or are you in?!!...now as for the location, how bout my place? that way you can ALL come over to Australia and so can *NSYNC! DOUBLE BONUS!! we can all cruise down to the beach...hire out a Club in the GRAND (fancy hotel right on the foreshore where i had my year 12 formal/senior prom) and dance and swim and build sandcastles (hehe, such a big kid!) and go for romantic moonlit walks along the beach!! sounds good eh?! so, care to join me everyone?!! :)

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