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baby timberlake
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Postby baby timberlake » Fri Feb 09, 2001 4:05 am

I e-mailed this girl from groupie central I can't post all of it cause some of its kind of graphic. Its 3 different e-mails. I'm gonna post it in the n'sync board too.

I have been friends with JC since 1997, and I am also real
close with Lance. I go to G.C. to read the funny stories about their
'encounters' with the guys of *NSYNC, which are bs. I am using a fake name
and am using a new addy. I know about J through girltalk with previous gf's
etc. Just harmless stuff, I have never actually been with him. Well, if
you hqave any other questions that are not too persoanl, than feel free to
ask me.
Well, since I am friends with them I obviously like them. They are all
really down to earth, and friendly and funny. If you ever see them in
public, don't hesitate to go and ask them for their autograph and to have a
conversation with them. The rumours about Justin being rude and having a
big ego are false. Sometimes he can be a little rude after a rough day, but
he is human. That goes for all of the guys. Credit their family and
friends for keeping them grounded. If any of them began to get a big ego,
none of us would hesitate to tell them! :) Lance is real quiet, and such a
good listener. He likes to observe things, and once he gets to know you he
really opens up. Chris and Justin both have a warped sense of humour.
Justin loves to cook actually, and is quite good. He and Lance are momma's
boys. Joey is, well, he's whatever you read about him. A big flirt. JC
is, wow, he is an awesome person. He is considerate, and gets real hyper.
He can be quite quiet. He is serious, as you probably know. Whatever you
read about them on fansites are pretty accurate. They tell it all in
interviews. Well, if you have any other questions, than just ask. Take

I wouldn't exactly call Josh poetic. He is very serious and creative, but
also hyper. And he has a bad temper. A really bad one. J and B...well, I
would love to tell ya a whole bunch of things, but that is not my place to
go to. That could mean 2 things-it is a publicity stunt, or they are more
serious than anyone could imagine. That is up to them to tell the public,
not me. It would probably leak out so fast, whatever I say. I hope that
you understand. Justin does NOT only like black girls! That is totally
false. Black, white, brown, any religion, it doesn't really matter.

I am not sure if I told you that I am closest to JC and Lance. I have wrote
so many emails I have lost track of whom I have said what to. I talk with
both of them about 2 times a week, depending on their schedule, as well as
emails with them and the other guys. If I had already told you this, please
forgive me. I originally met Josh through a mutual friend of ours back in
1997, before they were famous. We hit it off, and have been friends ever
since. At first, Lance and I did not hit it off. We are both real quiet
and observant when we meet new people, so it was awkward. Then, in 1998, I
went to a concert and really got to talking with Lance. Next thing you
know, we are really good friends. When the guys are on tour, they will
phone me together. When I am done with one, the other will come on. Once a
week, all of the guys will get on.

I hope that I answered your questions for you. If you have any others,
don't hesitate to ask.


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Postby meebs » Fri Feb 09, 2001 11:04 am

ya never know about this kind of stuff. i am not her to doubt her story could very well be true. i just know that people can lie about anything on the internet casue its so easy to do and there wasnt anything in those emails that we didnt know already. its awesome that she did get on here and tell her story though if its all for real. if it is then she is one lucky gal!

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Postby Madoline » Fri Feb 09, 2001 1:10 pm

It could very well be true, however, one thing, seriously think about it, if you honestly were THAT close of friends with the guys of probably the biggest male pop act around, why on God's green earth, would you go telling people. You would do it for attention, now, if she gets to talk to the guys of nsync every week, there is no need for attention, she has um, so if you want my oppinion its POOH! Just like a lot of things. POOH!

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Postby wazzap007 » Fri Feb 09, 2001 4:23 pm

??? i have nooo idea ???

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Postby Katie » Fri Feb 09, 2001 6:25 pm

okay yeah if she really is friends with them wouldn't they be kind of mad if she is telling the whole lot of people. i think their true friends would repect them and not tell everyone.

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