Timberlake & The Jerkins Bros Working With Aaron,

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Aaron Carter
By: Brian Hillman
He's young, talented, and selling tickets to shows across the country. Jive Records recording artist Aaron Carter took some time out of his very busy schedule to talk with us; and gave us an exclusive look as to what he's been up to, and what his plans are for the next album and tour. With a new album, several movie rolls, and a greatest hits album out, this young man is sure to become a well known house hold name - if he hasn't already.

Aaron says that his next album will be a step up from his previous works. Working with some of the top producers in the business - it's sure to be hot. The Jerkins Brothers and Justin Timberlake are among some of the talent working with Carter. The album is due to drop in the US sometime next spring but if that's to long to wait, Aaron's "Most Requested Hits" CD was released in November to keep his fans satisfied.

The album brings 15 of his top tracks to one compilation. The first single off the Hits album is titled "One Better". It is one of three original songs released on this CD. The album is pretty much a thank you to fans and a sort of farewell. Closing out this chapter of his creative life. He is growing up and will put a new album out in the spring: introducing his fans to his new sound. He is writing alot of his own lyrics for the new album. Aarons's fans are growing up with him and he is looking forward to singing about love, teenage angst and grooving to fun party sounds, that he is sure his fans will relate to.

Recently Aaron took his crew across the ocean to bring the JukeBox tour to his Japanese Fans. With Several shows on the schedule, Aaron did an amazing job giving the fans a little taste of American music history. Carter says he loves performing 'Earth Wind and Fire' on the tour, but all the music was chosen by him. Aaron also told us he will be taking a break from touring for awhile . Right now they are looking at a tour set for Summer of 2004.

Aaron is currently working on several lead roles for the big screen and has a starring role in the movie Futer Force (due out in 2005 - directed Byrenny Harlan [Die Hard, Cliff Hanger, Deep Blue Sea]) . If 2005 is too long to wait, you can check Aaron and his family out on the MTV show Cribs that is airing this fall. The episode will give fans a glimpse into the lifestyle of one of today's hardest working families!

After meeting Aaron Carter, seeing his live shows several times, and spending some time talking with him; I've realized that there is alot more talent there than most people give him credit for. Aaron is suprisingly down to earth and real when it comes to life. His answers are not all rehearsed and scripted by a label rep. Oh yeah, and ladies, when we spoke with Aaron, he was currently single. Keep checking back with Starstruck Magazine for tour dates and album information. We will let you know as soon as it is released.

Aarons latest release " Most Requested Hits" is in stores now
Check back to http://WWW.AARONCARTER.COM for all the latest

Special Thank you to Lori Knight and Spectra Music and Managment.

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