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Postby megan2365 » Thu Mar 28, 2002 4:22 pm

I love Aaron Carter! He's so cute and fun! I would just like to say that he is a genuinely nice fun great boy. His forum just got started, thus the lack of topics. I've met him and can personally say he does not deserve to be laughed at.

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Postby angeleyezBSB » Thu Mar 28, 2002 6:31 pm

yeah i agree he is kind of cute! and getting pretty tall. I swear everyday he looks more and more like nick. Hopefully this board will get some fans replying and posting things on here.


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Postby MoRtiCia13 » Mon Apr 01, 2002 3:37 pm

my son sure thinks he's swell.
he's young...come on people...not so harsh.
i reserve the right 2 conserve my opinion.
but he seems nice and fun and the girlies love him so!
awww...looks like just a freakin' baby...sh** ,i feel old!

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