Transcript of Aaron Carter interview on Xchange (UK)

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Postby angeleyezBSB » Fri Apr 12, 2002 5:12 pm

Transcript of Aaron Carter interview on Xchange (UK)
Date: Dec ,
Source: Xchange (
Submitted By: Emma Anderson

Jez: Talking about saturday jobs, while most of us just have a milk round, our next guest of 14 has sold 10 million copies of his album worldwide, give it up for Aaron Carter!

(Clapping and Cheering.)

Jez: Aaron, put it there mate (Shake's Aaron's hand.) Now listen, you don't know what you're missing because it's £2:50 an hour, delivering milk, OK? and you get the rest of the day free. And look at you going round the world, selling records, you don;t know what you're missing.

Aaron: (Laughs.)

Jez:(Laughs) Look at him, he's like 'Yeah, yeah I've got more money than you.'

Aaron:Oh no, it's not like that.

Jez: Are you enjoying the UK?

Aaron: Oh yeah, I love it here, I really enjoy it.

Jez: Been here 10 days.

Aaron: 10 days, yeah.

Jez: What's you're favourite site? What have you seen that you've gone 'Yeah!'?

Aaron: Uh, my favourites site, uh, I like the Big Ben.

Jez: Uh huh

Aaron: That was cool, I really enjoyed it. And, uh, all the, the London eye was cool too.

Jez: Yeah. You've been on all of it, you've done the kinda sightseeing stuff?

Aaron: Oh yeah.

Jez: So you're over here promoting your new single.

Aaron: Yep. 'Leave it up to me.'

Jez: 'Leave it up to me'. Which is from 'Jimmy Neutron' as we've seen it in the back here (Points to a TV screen where the 'Leave it up to me' video is playing.)

Aaron: (Laughs.)

Jez: Have you seen that film/

Aaron: Yeah I've seen he film. I saw it in, around August time actually.

Jez: OK.

Aaron: Very early.

Jez: Fantastic. Now listen, most 14 year olds are going to school, kinda going 'listen, what am I gonna do when I leave school?' and everything. You're a pop star already.

Aaron: (Laughs.)

Jez: Are you just kinda going 'I'm a pop star at 14, What am I going to do when I'm older?'

Aaron; Well, you know, I don't know, you know, I've, I've looked forward to doing lots of things as I get older.

Jez: Uh huh.

Aaron: You know, I wanna do, um, marine biology.


Aaron: Definately when I get older, um, and, uh, I guess I'm gonna go to college for that.

Jez: Right.

Aaaron: And study for it. I mean I know I might not make as much money doing that as I will now, but it doesn't matter.

Jez: Fantastic. Look at that, Pop stardom to training dolphins.

Aaron: (Laughs.)

Jez: Can't beat that. Can't beat that. Now listen, you do have a famous brother, Nick.

Aaron: Uh huh.

Jez: Sings for some band or other doesn't he?

Aaron: Yeah. N SYNC or something?

Jez: Huh?

Aaron: N SYNC?

Jez: Yeah, something like that.

Aaron: Oh no, I'm sorry, Backstreet Boys.

Jez: No, No, Forget that we don't need to big them up. This is you're bit.

Aaron: (Laughs).

(Aaron then plays a game called 'Celebrity Snap' which is a bit like the game 'Pairs' and he has to match up the celebrity siblings. He got 3 out of 5 correct. He also performed his single 'Leave it up to me.')

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Postby MoRtiCia13 » Wed Apr 17, 2002 10:32 am

living in the shadow of a star sibling must suck!
does the poor kid ever NOT get asked about nick?

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