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IN LOVE: Caprice talks for the first time of lust for new man.


CAPRICE walks over. No one else walks like that.

It’s a movement that starts with a little ripple across the flat of her bare stomach under that cropped black boob tube then takes your eyes directly down the line of her thighs.

Her eyes flash, her lips part, then she kisses. Very slowly. “I’ve missed you,â€￾ she purrs.

Tragically, the mouth she is kissing isn’t mine. It belongs to her new boyfriend, BBmak singer Christian Burns.

Am I gutted? Is the sky blue?

The pair have been dating for a couple of months and I caught them red-handed at a Scottish concert where they were both performing.

Caprice, 28, and Christian, 27, (pictured right) have never spoken about their relationship, but when we all met up backstage at Edinburgh’s Playhouse they finally came clean.

To be honest, I’d like to say that Caprice laid herself bare but that’s wishful thinking.

The girl, whose previous dates include Prince Andrew, Rod Stewart and Tony Adams, shrugs: “It’s all in the past, I’m just looking forward to having a relationship with Christian. And he’s got a nice a***.â€￾

Getting into her stride, she flicks aside a strand of blonde hair and admits: “It’s early days but we like each other very much.

“We just clicked when we met a few months back. He makes me laugh.

'We hardly see each other because of our schedules but when we do we try and make up for lost time.â€￾

Christian chips in: “It’s great to go out with someone from the industry because you’re both going through the same things.â€￾

He doesn’t mention there are many other reasons for going out with Caprice that neither of us need go into at the moment.

Caprice has strolled away as Christian and I chat. Though to be fair, in tight pants it’s more of an undulating glide.

But now she’s back at his side and whispers something in his ear. They walk off into a corner like a pair of lovestruck teenagers.

Getting between Caprice and a bloke is not for the faint-hearted, but as my mum always said, if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well.

Christian comes up for air, tears himself away from Caprice and resumes our chat.

“The band tour again next month, so I’m only going to see her for another week or so and then we’ll be apart again,â€￾ he sighs as Caprice goes on stage to perform her latest single Once Around The Sun, out tomorrow. Christian smiles and waves at her.

“She’s gorgeous,â€￾ he says, “I’m very lucky.â€￾ You can say that again, I thought.

Christian carries on: “I haven’t really seen anyone seriously for this long, so it’s all new to me and I like it.

'I went out for a few dates with Tara Palmer-Tomkinson but that’s it. There was no relationship there at all. The story got blown out of proportion.â€￾

Christian and I share another beer in the wings. As Caprice dances we both take a deep breath. Yeah, nice.

Then it’s the turn of BBmak who crashed into the top five last week with Back Here. The British band were formed back in 1996.

They’re household names in the States where they’ve sold well over a million copies of their album Sooner Or Later.

But they still have to win over the fans here and are on a promotional tour.

Caprice watches her boyfriend go through his paces as she gets her breath back. “He’s really good,â€￾ she pants.

Sadly her breathing soon returns to normal, the rise and fall of her chest a little less pronounced.

“Life’s great at the moment,â€￾ she says. “Really, I couldn’t ask for more.â€￾

Caprice will be signing autographs at the following venues: February 26, 12.30pm, Coventry Big W; Tuesday February 27, 5.30pm, Oxford Virgin Megastore; March 1, 5.30pm, Chester Virgin Megastore; March 2, 12.30pm, Milton Keynes Virgin Megastore; March 3, 3pm, Bluewater Virgin Megastore.

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