Elijah Wood On Trl Thursday - Transcript

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Postby admin » Thu Dec 12, 2002 7:38 pm

Now time to bring out the first guest with the entire fate of middle earth and the holiday box office in his hand give it up for the bearer of the ring, elijah wood


Let's gol right over here, big movie star like yourself give a little love to the people outside.

[Inaudible] Everybody!

Suction cupping himself to the window. My god.

Hi, guys


You feel good?

Yes. That totally confused me. I got completely lost if a moment. Wha'ssup.

You must be glad you did the first movie now.

I guess so. Is that why, just all the --


Maybe it wasn't there, maybe it was your cameo in the osbournes.

In the osbournes, you know i actually get noticed for that. I walk down the street and like hey were you in the osbournes.

What was it like hangin' out with ozzy i know them my sister good friends with jack and kelly. I hung out a managed to get on the show inch i know you are a fans.

We went and saw billy corrigan's new band which is coming out soon.

And onto something better for him very nice. Talk about mandy moore another pop diva you did a movie with, you are workin' on it.

That's right we did that earlier in the summer, should be sometime next year.

What it is like working with her I know you are relatively in the same age group wn those nds of people are onset a lot of rum mor fly you are dating, maybe kissing.

Which we did

[Crowd simultaneously] Oooooo.


You did, in the movie nimpl the film.

Not behind stage but it was rum mored we were going out together. It's funny, that's a new ta set of what i have to deal with now. If I'm suddenly hangin' out with someone I'm dating them as well.

Happens to me all the time. J-lo, really it's nothin' talk about your first discovery you were kind of discovern the ame idol judge paula abdul, everyone knows her -- actually a pop singer.

Suddenly just the "american idol" judge.

She was actually a singer and had this song.

She was guys.

Called "forever your girl".

She had albums and everything.

Actually, yeah. Were you in the video "forever your girl".

That's right.

We have a clip of this. Roll this down.

All right there's paula and there's you, elijah ohhh hey, man why you so sad.

Ha-ha. Wow!

How does it feel to see that when was the last time.

Haven seen that in ages very long time.

How was it working on that.

Great. I totally remember i remember being completely infat waited and excited to meet her and i found out years later david fincher actually directed that from

[Inaudible] And "fight club" which is crazy.

How good does it feel the facial hair now.

Yeah, right.

Are you going to hang out.

I am. I'm here all right.

Elijah reveals the top secrets about the new movie "lord of the rings: The two towers" don't you move.


This looks strangely familiar.

Because we've been here before. We're going in circles.

Uhh. Wonder if there's as that tee bog nearby can you smell it?

Yes, i can smell it.


That is a beautiful set, in the even a set it is new zealand right.

That was really new zealand.

So cool.

Amazing right.

Back with elijah wood on trl a clip from the new movie "lord of the rings: The two towers" out december 18th.

That's right. I know everyone


Out soon

I know everyone saw the last one absolutely huge itdidn't makeey at box office.

It did okay, all right.

It made all the money i was going to say. How do you follow this up now? Impl with a much darker film. The next one in line is i think we are the journ for these characters really begins and gets a hel of a lot darker and more epic it is sa bigger film.

How about the battle scenes.

The battle at the end is this huge, i think 20 minutes long all in all, amazing.

I think that's what makes it so attractive to audiences don't you agree.

I think so inten,re adventure stories to jump into as an audience member but pround and give people themes to think about and characters to care about.

Your character the last one searches for the ring in the beginning he seemed so like I'm gonna find the ring I'm gonna get it.

That's right.

What's happening to him in the "two towers" kindsa different right.

I think in this movie he's a little sorry because he has the ring it starts to exact its evil on him and takes over. Frodo is weary.

I heard a rum more do you actually have the ring.

I do at home on the chain and everything.


Do you wear it out.


Do you run with a giant neon sign saying I'm elijah wood and I have the ring.

This would be super-strange I couldn't get over the burdenen from new z lan so i took it with me and always frodo, really a method actor.

I am, too you sept I i suck get ready for elijah's 15-minute qp

I was gettin' all geared up

But right now your no. 7 request mariah carey "through the rain"


No. 7 right there most requested mariah carey "through the rain" it was 6 yesterday. She'll be here monday, by t way miss mariah carey.

And her breasts, as well.

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohhh!

All right.

Wow, i did realize this was so controversial.

Settle down, nan is trl.

I'm sorry it is time for a little trl tradition we do with all the big movie stars, we have one right here to convince america to see your new movie in a few seconds we call it the 15-second human trailer can we get 15 seconds on the clock? There we go.

Suddenly I'm nervous.

Ready, go.

All right. So, listen this is a movie in middle earth


It's the continuation of the journey fm the movie you saw last year, really exciting, lots of battles and beautiful elves and you if like hobbits it is great. Comes out soon and paula abdul?! See it.

What the hell, i figure item throw it. In elijah thank you very much for stopping by. Tons fans in new york feel free anytime.

Thank you.

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Postby Gisele » Thu Dec 12, 2002 7:49 pm

thanx B)

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Postby dazed410 » Sat Dec 14, 2002 12:30 am

JEFF!!! :clap: :hug: I also love me some ads :wub:

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Postby Claire » Sat Dec 14, 2002 8:27 pm

I remember that Paula Abdul video....

God, I always forget that he's grown up already, he behaves like a grown up and I still think he's seventeen or something...

Totally agree that damien tries to imitate Carson and carson can be an amazingly bad host sometimes.

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