Elijah Wood On Tonight Show 3/10 Transcript

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sorry, missed the first minute or so...

>> I didn'T. I was dateless. Well --

[ Cheers ] Let me rephrase that. My date was the three hobbits.

>> Jay: Oh, really?

>> Yeah. So the four of us went together. It was --

>> Jay: Now, that's not a a contractual thing, you have to spend the rest of your life with the other hobbits.

[ Laughter ] Wherever you go anywhere, you're hobbiting?

>> It sort of seems to be that way. And we're friends, so everywhere we go, the four hobbits.

>> Jay: So did you hit all the oscar parties?

>> You know, surprisingly, I only went to one, and it was the fan party for "the lord of the rings."

[ Cheers and applause ] From onering.Net.

>> Jay: Now what is that --

>> You don't know them?

>> Jay: No, so tell me about it. It's all fans.

>> Yeah, they're, like, 2,000 fans, something like that, at the american legion hall. They do it every year, and it's sort of preparation for the oscars, 'cause there's always so many, you know, nominations. And we sort of went there early 'cause a friend of ours' band played the show.

>> Jay: Right, okay.

>> And we went there to introduce them and then stayed there the whole night.

>> Jay: Now, are they called ringers? Is that what they're called?

> Rinyeo


>> They have their own name.

>> Jay: Ilike -ist

>> Um -- no. No, in that they're -- it's more fantasy-based. A little bit more hippy. You know?

>> Jay: Oh, more hippy, okay.

>> Kinda groovy. It's got that kinda groovy thing. Not in a, sort of, sci-fi, techie kinda way.

>> Jay: But there are people that are fun and enjoy it, and then there are people that are, like, really into it.

[ Laughter ]

>> Yeah, and you'd be surprised at how many women there are in the ringer camp.

>> Jay: Are there a lot of ringer women?

>> It's mostly women.

>> Jay: Really?

>> I'd say. I'd say it's 70-30 women.

>> Jay: Wow.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: That's pretty old, 70.

[ Laughter ]

>> It's kinda great, though.

>> Jay: Well, yeah, duh.

>> It's funny, 'cause I think that we assumed that the fan base was largely gonna be guys, 'cause that's the people that read the books, and there aren't many women in the books. But for some reason --

>> Jay: How many women here are ringers?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> You see what I'm saying, jay?

>> Jay: Yeah, that would ring your bell, sure.

[ Laughter ]

>> I think mostly orlando bloom and viggo mortensen. Is that what it is, guys?

>> Jay: No, no, it's you. No, it's you.

>> That's why we have so many women fans.

>> Jay: 'Cause one girl tried to slip me her phone number to give to you.

>> What?

>> Jay: Yeah. Actually, she was cute, too.

>> When, when?

>> Jay: But she was killed and taken out on a stretcher.

[ Laughter ] There she is. There she is right there.

>> Where? Is that you?

[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. Look at that, now she's on tv. That's awesome.

>> Jay: She snuck up on stage, and she hid it in here.

>> Is there a number in here?

>> Jay: No, it's not there. I -- I took it, and I gave it to some of the crew members, yeah, yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> Oh, right.

>> Jay: They're gonna call as you later. I hope you don't mind.

[ Laughter ] Now, tell me bout -- now, peter jackson. Now, he is the -- he kind of made me laugh because I liked his look --

>> I thought it was great, too.

>> Jay: 'Cause he had what I call a director's body. You know, where you just, "all right, cut that scene." You just, you know, everything is on the go. You're just eating chocolate, and you're shooting and working and eating and working --

>> And he did have, like, a a lounge chair on set, as well. He's sort of sit back like this. And he would eat and work.

>> Jay: Did he ever comb his hair?

>> Never. Occasionally, he'd cut it, and he'd cut it himself.

[ Audience ohs ] (female announcer)

>> Jay: And you play a memory-erase expert.

>> Yeah, I play a technician. A technician at the company.

>> Jay: A technician that helps people erase -- like, if you're out with a girl that was terrible, it will erase the mind. How is your memory? You have a good memory? I'm just asking.

>> Great memory. Yeah. Really vivid.

>> Jay: Do you remember the first time we met?

>> I do remember.

>> Jay: How old were you?

>> I was 11.

>> Jay: You were 11 years old.

>> 10 or 11, yeah.

>> Jay: Okay, 11 years old. Shows you how long I've been doing this show. All right. You told me you wanted something --

>> Yeah, this dates you, too.

>> Jay: I know, I know. But you told me you wanted something for christmas or you'd just gotten something for christmas. What was it?

>> Um -- I don't know, a laptop? At 11 -- maybe that was the year.

[ Audience ohs ]

>> Well, I got a giant stuffed gorilla. About three foot tall.

>> Jay: Giant stuffed gorilla. Three feet tall.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Much more useful than a laptop computer.

[ Buzzer sounds ] You know what's amazing?

>> The laptop was in there.

>> Jay: We're both still the same size.

[ Laughter ]

>> You're looking good there, jay.

>> Jay: You told me you wanted a car. What kind of car did you want? Or didn't you talk about -- oh, because I brought some goofy car that day. You said, "you know what I want? I want a --"

>> I think -- I remember very clearly that we had a connection about flying cars.

>> Jay: Flying cars?

>> And you were cool enough to send me documents about real flying cars.

>> Jay: Oh, that's very good. Let's take a look.

>> And that was very kind of him.

>> Jay: Let's take a look.

>> Well, flying cars. I'm interesting in, like --

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: That's very good. Flying cars?

[ Tone sound ] That's very good.

>> Come on.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: All right, now. Okay. That's very good. Now, I surprised you with something that night. Do you remember what it was?

>> You surprised me with -- I was doing -- that was for a movie I did with mel gibson, and there was silly string in the film, and you shot me with silly string.

>> Jay: Let's take a look.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Tone sounds ] I just -- I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. I couldn't resist. that's very good. That was, like, 12 years ago.

>> Now, you know what I wanna see?

>> Jay: Yeah?

>> I wanna see your first time on "the tonight show." 'Cause you came on --

>> Jay: Well, that's black and white kinescope.

[ Laughter ]

>> Well, you came on as a comedian.

>> Jay: Yes, I did come on as a comedian. Surprisingly.

>> No, no, as a stand up.

>> Jay: Yes, yes.

>> And I've never seen that. I've never seen your stand up. And I've always wanted to.

>> Jay: You've gotta get out more.

>> So can I get a tape of --

>> Jay: You spend so much time with porn and chocolate, you can see my act.

[ Laughter ] Tell us about the movie, quickly. "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind."

>> Quickly?

>> Jay: Well, I wanna show the clip.

>> Right. Well, the movie is basically a romantic comedy, essentially about the trials and tribulations of a relationship.

>> Jay: Right.

>> These two people are in love with each other. They erase each other of their memories. It takes mostly -- mostly takes place in jim carrey's mind as he's losing his memories of kate winslet, and he doesn't want the process to carry on. He doesn't want to lose his memory of her.

>> Jay: Let's take a look. Here we go.

>> This is me.

>> Baby, what's going on?

>> I don't know. I don't know! I'm lost, I'm scared, I feel like I'm disappearing.

>> Disappearing?

>> My skin's coming off, I'm getting old, nothing makes any sense to me --

>> You're not getting old.

>> Nothing makes any sense. Nothing makes any sense.

>> Oh, tangerine.

>> Nothing makes any sense. Nothing makes any sense.

>> It's okay. It's okay.

>> Hey, let's go out dancing. Yeah? You wanna go out to montauk with me?

>> Montauk?

>> Yeah. No! Come up to boston with me.

>> Sure, yeah. We can go next weekend.

>> No, no. Now, now. Yeah. I have to go now. I have to see the frozen falls now.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Needy.

>> Yeah, yeah. I want a baby right now.

>> Exactly.

>> Jay: Well, terrific job. Elijah, congratulations on all your success, and good job.

>> Thank you very much.

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