LOTR press conference in Japan

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Postby dazed410 » Sun Feb 24, 2002 11:23 am

There's a coverage of the LOTR press conference in Tokyo (02/20) on the official LOTR Japanese site:


I know that not many people can read Japanese, but you'll be able to see the pictures, at least... don't worry, they didn't say anything very different from what they had already said and repeated a lot of times. Well, maybe this could be interesting:

Question: If you could be another character in the film, which one would you like to be?
Dominic: Arwen! (Everybody laughs)
Elijah: He doesn't appear much in this first movie, and he is tortured, bad things happen to him, but... Gollum! I've liked this character since I was a child.
Liv: Maybe the white horse I rode. Because it doesn't suffer during the shooting, does it? (Laughs) We (actors) had a tough time. But, of course, it was a wonderful experience as well.
Orlando: Viggo. Not Aragorn, but Viggo himself. (Laughs)
Barry M. Osborne (producer): Peter Jackson. (Laughs) He is like a god. But, talking about characters, Saruman. I mean, Christopher Lee. If he were here, it would be even more fun. He has a great ability to learn languages. He can speak Japanese pretty well.
Dominic: McKellen (Gandalf). We actually became friends during the shooting period. I think his name is the one that first comes to my mind when I'm asked this question.

This URL is also worth seeing: flix.co.jp/gallery.jsp?gtid=E0000081http://www.flix.co.jp/gallery.jsp?gtid=E0000081

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