Elijah Wood Visits 'the Tonight Show' 10/5

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Postby admin » Thu Oct 06, 2005 3:06 am

my first guest starred in the oscar-winning "lord of the rings" trilogy. His new movie is called "everything is illuminated," which is playing in selected cities. Hopefully yours is selected. Please welcome elijah wood.

[ Cheers and applause ] I like the beard thing here.

>> Oh, thank you. It's what little facial hair I can actually grow.

>> Jay: Is that all of it, pretty much?

>> That's pretty much it, jay. That and some wispy bits on the side.

>> Jay: So you shave with, like, a rough washcloth?

>> Pretty much.

>> Jay: Are you trying to connect these two eventually? Is that the goal?

[ Laughter ]

>> Well, yeah. I can grow like about there, and then a little bit here. But I can't connect this space here. And I even have a little hole there.

>> Jay: It will grow a little bit.

>> I want to have a full beard. Can you grow a full beard?

>> Jay: I haven't grown a full beard in a long time. But, see, that gives you kind of that young magician kind of look.

[ Laughter ]

>> If I grow it a little bit longer and point it maybe.

>> Jay: Oh, yeah, then you can be on the deviled ham thing. But it looks good. Women like it, right? You like the beard?

[ Cheers ]

>> Thanks for standing up, guys. That's new.

>> Jay: Well, you're a big star now.

>> Well.

>> Jay: I know you were just in europe.

>> I was just in europe.

>> Jay: I know you're sick. Thanks for coming.

>> I'm sick. The nature of these press tours. I was on, like, a month and a a half press tour. It's that thing where you get home, and your body says, "okay, it's time to get sick now," essentially. But I've been taking this stuff which I want to endorse for everybody, if you get sick. It's called gse.

>> Jay: What is this?

>> It's grapefruit seed extract.

>> Jay: Is that actual cocaine?

[ Laughter ] This doesn't even seem like it would be legal.

>> I don't take any antibiotics. I don't really take medicine. I only take natural medicine. My mom, since I was really young, was all in, kind of, the naturopath thing.

>> Jay: Maybe that's why you're sick.

[ Elijah giggles ]

[ Laughter ]

>> But honestly, I put 20 drops in orange juice every two hours, and it knocks it out within a couple of days.

>> Jay: Well, that's convenient.

>> It's very good.

>> Jay: But you have to carry orange juice with you?

>> No antibiotics.

>> Jay: But you have to carry orange juice with you every two hours.

>> That's true. Generally, I'm not mobilizing whei'm sick. I tend to stay home. So I don't have to carry it

>> Jay: Yeah, I'm not even sure what mobilizing means when you're sick.

[ Laughter ] You mean moving around?

>> That's what I mean.

>> Jay: See, here on earth we would say "moving around."

[ Laughter ] But yes, I gotcha. "Mobilizi" is good.

>> I like words. Words are good. Interesting ways to describe.

>> Jay: Some words are gooder than others, t yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> That's definitely funner.

>> Jay: It is funner.

>> It is funner.

>> Jay: Now, I've got to ask you about something. This 24-hour challenge.

>> Oh, yes.

>> Jay: What was that? What was the point of that?

>> The 24-hour challenge. Well, I had to go to the venice film festival, and then after venice I had to go back to new york for some more press. And to get to new york from venice, you have to fly through paris. So I thought, well, I could extend my layover in paris, and actually go into paris for lunch. So I could essentially wake up, have breakfast in venice, have lunch in paris and have dinner in new york. Kind of incredible. I'm not a jet setter by any means, but amazing. So I kind of screwed it up slightly. I woke up in venice too late. So I normally allow myself an hour to be able to have breakfast. Only was able to have coffee. So I had coffee in venice, made it to paris, got a cab to the moret, which is an area in paris. Had lunch there, had a croque monsieur, which is essentially like a grilled cheese ham sandwich.

>> Jay: Yeah, you can't get those here.

[ Laughter ]

>> I love to discus a french sort of fancy name. Croque monsieur. But it's a grilled ham sandwich.

>> Jay: I would get the le hamburger with fromage.

>> There you go.

[ Laughter ] Exactly.

>> Jay: And pay 12 bucks for it.

>> Right, of course.

>> Jay: De hamburger de ordinaire for lunch.

>> There you go.

>> Jay: Okay, so you have the cheese sandwich.

>> So I did that, and I did a a bit of shopping. Made it back to the airport within an hour of the flight. Go back to new york. And didn't go out for dinner. Ended up having tacos at a a friend's house. But essentially did it -- three cities in a day.

>> Jay: Okay, let's see what your meal was now. Nor someone who jet setted -- coffee, a ham sandwich and a a taco.

[ Laughter ] Do you notice something? If you dropped the jet, you're a homeless guy, basically.

[ Laughter ] You get rid of the jet, you're just a homeless guy -- coffee, ham sandwich, taco.

>> Yeah, that's kind of true. That sort of puts it into a a different perspective. I had this great sort of romantic view of it until I sat down with you. Thank you, jay.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: I heard you were in chicago, too. That's a great city.

>> That's an amazing city.

[ Cheers ]

>> Jay: That's my favorite food city.

>> And I've never been to chicago before. For years I heard amazing things. I'm from the midwest. I'm from iowa. Never, ever been. Finally got to go for like two days. And what a city.

>> Jay: Oh, yes.

>> Incredible. Beautiful city. The people are amazing and the food is brilliant.

>> Jay: Good food. You get the giant ravioli. Each one is as big as your head. Those are my favorites.

>> I didn't have any ravioli. I think it's the oldest steakhouse in chicago. Like vinetto'S.

>> Jay: Yeah, I know the place you mean.

>> But capone used to hang out there, this place that capone used to go to. It's one of the oldest steakhouses in america.

>> Jay: Good reference.

>> Amazing.

[ Laughter ] Then we ended up going to this place after called the green mill, which is sort of like --

[ Cheers ] There you go, right? I literally walk in the door. It was kind of set up for me that it was a live music joint. We walk in, full on big band swing music. I immediately rushed to the dance floor. I'm not much of a dancer. I'm a little bit shy, but the music was amazing.

>> Jay: You had to.

>> So I had to dance.

>> Jay: Okay, had to dance. It's the law. You have to dance got to dance

>> Jay: All right. We'll take a break. More with elijah right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Next "inside edition" -- after lindsay lohan totaled her car, new weapon against the paparazzi. Paparazzi curtains. Stores put them up. Brad pitt put one up.

>> Just push a button and there it goes.

>> Then -- once, a teen idol in a pop band --

>> He was the magic.

>> Last seen stranded at the new orleans convention center.

>> What's the reason he hasn't called?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with elijah wood. "Everything is illuminated" is the new film. We're talking about dining out. You go to these fancy restaurants. Have you ever had a situation where you just like, screwed up the order? You know what I'm saying? Where you want to be very cool.

>> I have. I'm very adventurous when it comes to food. Normally, I have great results. Like I've tried many things. And most of the time I'm quite happy with those excursions. However, I was 16 years old. One of the first kind of proper dates I think I had, took my then girlfriend out to a a sushi dinner. Now, I was relatively familiar with sushi, not that familiar. I think, you know, the basic rules. But beyond that, didn't know. So we're sitting there. I'm looking at the menu. And this is really the first time I've looked at a a sushi menu. And I'm looking at it. And I see this thing, uni. I feel like, at the time, I looked at it and thought, "oh, yeah, uni. I've heard uni's good." And I even say this to my girlfriend. Like, "oh, yeah, it's supposed to be very good." So I order it. Uni is sea urchin.

>> Jay: The things that look like a porcupine?

>> Exactly. It comes out as a orange gelatinous substance on top of a roll. It smells of the worst smells of the sea.

[ Laughter ] And so of course, it comes to the table. I'm like, "oh, not quite what I thought uni was." And then I kind of, you know, very bravely pick it up and eat it, because that's -- I'm not going to look like a fool in front of my girlfriend. And so I eat it. And I think I took the first bite and swallowed it, and nearly vomited.

>> Jay: Really?

>> At the table. Had to hold it back. Sweat, the whole thing. And I think I finished it, just to be like, okay, I've eaten this. Then I was like, "you know, I don't know if you want to eat that. I think I'm going to vomit." And I managed to hold it back. So I kind of did lose my cool.

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah.

>> But at least I ate it.

>> Jay: When you said your then girlfriend, obviously it ended right after that.

[ Laughter ]

>> Well, wasn't that long after.

>> Jay: I'm proud of you. You finally have your own place. You moved out of mom's house?

>> Yes, the yearly elwood update. I do have my own home now. And it's big.

>> Jay: You have a washer and dryer?

>> I do. I'm doing my own laundry.

>> Jay: Come on.

[ Cheers ]

>> Not bad. I actually really enjoy it. I love it. And the funny thing is, it's a a great motivator, dirty clothes.

>> Jay: Yeah, that'll do it.

>> They're dirty, I want to clean them!

>> Jay: Do you wait till everything is filthy, and then do it all at once? Or do you do a load of laundry a week?

>> I initially started doing that, where it was completely filthy, and I had nothing to wear. That's slightly foolish. Now I'm doing it in spurts. I try to do it every weekend. Make a habit of doing it every weekend.

>> Jay: That's a fun weekend.

>> Exactly. There's something relaxing about it. You put a load in, you listen to some music, watch a dvd. You hear the load's done. It's great. And the folding is easy. I love that.

>> Jay: And you're 75 now? How old are you?

[ Laughter ]

>> And I actually -- one of the funny things about what I use to clean my clothes -- and this comes from my mom because she's anal about her laundry. Did someone laugh about this? I haven't even said yet. It's this "orange tko." It's like an orange extract. And I use mainly that, and just a little bit of powder. But it's mainly this orange product that cleans. You can use -- it's multipurpose.

>> Jay: Really?

[ Laughter ]

>> Yeah. I mean, you can use it to clean anything. "Orange tko."

>> Jay: Is that the crap that billy mays sprays on the stain? What is it?

>> "Orange tko." They may have advertised it.

>> Jay: I'm going to try it out with some of that grape crap.

[ Laughter ] Have clean clothes and not get sick ever again.

>> There you go.

>> Jay: Now have you unpacked? Or do you still have boxes?

>> I still have boxes.

>> Jay: How long have you been in the house?

>> I've been there for a year.

>> Jay: A year?

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Now, tell us about this movie. I haven't seen it yet. But I hear wonderful things. I know it's kind of a quirky, different film.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: You play this -- collector type guy?

>> He's a collector. The character's name is jonathan. And he's a jewish-american, traveled to the ukraine looking for a woman he belies knows his grandfather during the war. Incredibly quirky. It sounds kind of morose in subject matter. But it's very, very funny. Half of the movie is a mad ukrainian kind of road film. If you know what that is.

>> Jay: I don't think that anyone knows what a "mad ukrainian road film" is. It sounds interesting. Now, let's see. We have a clip. What's happening in th --

>> Well, my character is -- he's a vegetarian.

[ Audience member applauds ] And he finds himself in the ukraine -- I'm not, though.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Well, you got kev. Kev's a vegetarian.

>> But he's a vegetarian. And he finds himself in the ukraine, where they don't know what a vegetarian is. He's with two ukrainian tour guides. This is what happens when they sit down to eat.

>> Jay: Let's take a look. "Everything is illuminated."

>> Are you hungry?

>> Yes, I just hope they can have something I can eat.

>> What do you mean?

>> I'm a vegetarian.

>> You are a what?

>> I don't eat meat.

>> How can you not eat meat?

>> I just don'T.

>> [ Speaking russian ] No meat?

>> No meat.

>> Steak?

>> No.

>> Chicken?

>> No.

>> What about a sausage?

>> No. No sausage. No meat.

>> [ Speaking russian ] What is wrong with you?

>> Nothing. I just don't eat meat.

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: Cool! The film opens -- every couple weeks it opens in few more theaters. So, terrific. Wonderful reviews on it, as well. Elijah, thank you, buddy.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: Good to see you again

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