Elijah Wood visits 'Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien' trans11/16

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Elijah Wood visits 'Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien' trans11/16

Postby admin » Fri Nov 17, 2006 4:45 am

Conan: Yeah! My first guest, of course, played frodo in "the lord of the rings" trilogy. Now, he has two movies opening tomorrow, "happy feet" and "bobby." Please welcome the very busy elijah wood.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> What's going on, cones?

>> Conan: I don't know. Call me "cones" anytime you want.

>> Is that all right?

>> Conan: Elij.

>> Oh, that's actually a nickname of mine.

>> Conan: Is that, really?

>> Elij.

>> Conan: You know, people have tried to nickname -- all my life, people have tried to -- I've had friends who've been like, "I want to call conan a nickname." And they try.

>> How about "cob"? I thought about that on the ride here.

>> Conan: Really?

>> C-o-B. Cob. What's going on, cob?

>> Conan: Yeah, it's horrible.

[ Laughter ] People try. One guy, he used to go, "hey, cone!"

[ Laughter ] It doesn't work. And one guy, he started calling me "the snowman."

[ Laughter ]

>> What is that?

>> Conan: I don't know. He just -- his mind finally broke, and he's like --

>> Is that kind of like "the iceman"?

>> Conan: I don't know. I think he was, "cone -- snowcone -- snowman." And then he started calling me "snowy." And then he was put away for a long time.

[ Laughter ]

>> I kind of like "cob," I must say.

>> Conan: Oh, you n call me cob.

>> Thanks.

>> Conan: Okay, I changed my mind. I never want to hear that again.

[ Laughter ] You know what's funny? You know, I was thinking about this today. I think every time you've been on the show, you come walking out, and someone in the crowd -- and I think it happened tonight -- shouts out "frodo!" And I thought, "that's probably part of your life now, wherever you go." Is that the case?

>> It kind of is. It's everywhere. And it's been three, four years since the movies came out. And I literally hear it every day. If I'm walking around in the city, there's gonna be one "frodo."

>> Conan: Right.

>> In fact, I'm pretty sure, about a month ago, a homeless man called me frodo.

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: Really?

>> And I thought --

>> Conan: No televisions. Yeah.

>> I was gonna say, "the movie had that kind of far reach that even the homeless are like, 'frodo!'"

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: I get that. I get, "cob!"

[ Laughter ] "Snowman!" You are sometimes -- I've heard you're sometimes mistaken for harry potter.

>> That still happens.

[ Laughter ] It still happens. And I've also gotten "spider-man." And apparently --

>> Conan: People think that you played spider-man.

>> Yeah. So, tobey maguire played spider-man. And apparently, daniel radcliffe, who plays harry potter, gets me.

>> Conan: Right.

>> And spider-man, tobey, gets me as well. And daniel goes so far as to sign my name in an autograph.

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: So if someone thinks that he's --

>> That's he's frodo --

>> Conan: -- You, yeah.

>> Exactly. And he'll sign, you know, "best wishes, elijah wood." So apparently, there are, like, daniel radcliffe elijah wood autographs out there. But it's like this weird --

>> Conan: He's gonna start embezzling from you soon.

[ Laughter ] You're gonna start realizing he's writing bank checks with your name.

[ Laughter ] That's really weird that people -- but you know, I've noticed that people are busy. You know, it doesn't matter what level of stardom you think you've achieved, someone always thinks you're someone else.

>> It's weird. I mean, I guess, with those two movies, there's at least something similar, so I kind of get that. But "spider-man"? I don't think I look like tobey at all. It's so funny.

>> Conan: Yeah, I think it's just good to go with it.

>> Yeah, why not?

>> Conan: Just say, like, "thank you. Whoa! Right? Remember?"

[ Laughter ] "It's me!"

>> So funny.

>> Conan: Now, you have -- you've grown -- last time I saw you, this is kind of a beard/goatee thing you've got going on.

>> I'm trying. I'm trying. It's not a whole lot, but apparently --

>> Conan: You've been working on this for eight years, is that right?

[ Laughter ]

>> What about you? How's your facial hair?

>> Conan: I don't -- you know, I'm doing this job, so I never really have an opportunity.

>> Right.

>> Conan: But my suspicion -- my suspicion is that this part's kind of okay. No mustache happening at all.

>> I can --

>> Conan: I have one hair that goes this way, one hair that goes that way.

[ Laughter ] And if I wax them, they come out like rollie fingers maybe.

>> Well, that's kind of nice. A little salvador dali.

>> Conan: I do that a lot. Like, "welcome to my home!"

[ Laughter ]

>> Super long hairs.

>> Conan: Yeah, just that. But you know, it's part-time. I can grow, like, mean sideburns.

>> This is as much as I can grow. It's kind of pathetic. I'm 25. I'm hoping that in a couple of years, I can get full beard. But I think we're probably neck-in-neck then.

>> Conan: Yeah, yeah. I think there's that. We don't have good nicknames, and we can't grow decent facial hair.

[ Laughter ]

>> Right. We should start hanging out, conan, is basically what I'm getting at.

>> Conan: That would be great, yeah. It's the bad beard club.

[ Laughter ] It's in midtown.

>> Spotty beards 'r us.

>> Conan: I'll be there. "Isn't this fun?" They'll be like, "yes, it's really fun."

[ Laughter ]

>> Look, this patch came in.

>> Conan: Now, speaking of hair -- there's this picture of you that I saw recently -- can we put this up? I don't know what you're doing here.

[ Audience ohs ] You're a badass in this photo. Please tell me this is for a film.

>> It is for a film. It's for a film called "day zero."

>> Conan: Is that max weinberg in the reflection right there?

[ Laughter ] It looks like max is walking by. Yeah. "I see tobey now."

[ Laughter ]

>> Yeah, it's for this film, called "day zero." And my character kind of loses it and shaves his head completely and gets a tattoo, which you don't really see in that photo.

>> Conan: Right.

>> There's a giant tattoo on the back. And that's the first time I've ever shaved completely, which was kind of interesting, and amazing, 'cause everybody wants to touch your head.

>> Conan: That's true.

>> So you sort of inadvertently become this wonderful buddha. You know, everybody's kind of coming up to you --

>> Conan: I've never seen a bald man and had the urge to reach over and grab his head and rub it. Never.

>> I guess they ren't really strangers. They were friends.

>> Conan: Oh, okay. Okay, that's good.

>> But you lose so much heat off of your head that everything that touches it is kind of cold.

>> Conan: Yeah.

>> So cold hands on the head kind of feels weird.

>> Conan: So people --

>> But it's sort of nice as well.

>> Conan: So when you're bald, people -- when you're completely bald, people with really cold hands see you and grab your head, and it creates a brain freeze.

[ Laughter ]

>> Exactly.

>> Conan: Wow.

>> What about you? Have you ever shaved your head before?

>> One time. I think we did one show where I was bald.

[ Laughter ] I did.

>> Wow!

>> Conan: I immediately grew it back.

[ Applause ] That's the thing, is unlike -- one of the reasons I can't grow a beard, but my hair completely grows back in eight hours.

[ Laughter ]

>> And it is an amazing head of hair.

>> Conan: This thing, yeah. We have -- you are here promoting not one film, but two films.

>> Which is exactly what happened last time.

>> Conan: I know. You're always -- you're a very hardworking actor. Every time you're here, you're like, "I'm in nine films right now, you need to mention."

[ Laughter ] You're in "bobby."

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: You're also in an animated film, "happy feet."

>> "Happy feet."

>> Conan: And you know, I was checking out the animation for "happy feet." Incredible. It's actually -- there are sequences that are just absolutely incredible.

>> Yeah, I mean, there are shots in this movie that, to me, look like they were shot on location.

>> Conan: Right.

>> I mean, they really went for a photorealistic style, and it's amazing.

>> Conan: And the biggest trick with animation, obviously, is that it can become technical. You can feel like you're not really watching a performance. But here, there's a lot of emotional content in the film.

>> There is. In fact, surprisingly -- I've seen the movie once before, and then saw it for the premiere in a more complete form. And I'm sitting there, and about, like, 20 minutes into the movie, I'm starting to get this sort of misty-eyed feeling. I was like, "wait a second. I'm not supposed to cry during this. I did the voice for this."

>> Conan: Right.

>> And like, three times in the movie, I started kind of -- and I found myself wanting to hold back. And normally, I get kind of emotional in movies and will thankfully sort of cry. But something about watching this film, this animated song/dancing movie, I felt a bit weird crying.

>> Conan: I cry --

[ Laughter ] I cry when I see -- yeah, you feel weird if you've just watched a cartoon.

>> I'm watching penguins is basically what I'm saying. Penguins singing and dancing, and there I am, like, "oh, god!"

>> Conan: Yeah, "how could this be happening? I thought I had done away with my foolish human emotions."

[ Laughter ] We have a clip here from "happy feet." Anything you want to tell us?

>> I believe this is a clip of my character, mumble, trying to sing. He's born without the ability to sing. He has an amazing ability to dance. And he runs into these adelie penguins who ask him to try and sing, 'cause they don't believe he can -- or can'T. And he proves them wrong.

>> Conan: All right, let's check out this clip from "happy feet."

>> You are someone special.

>> A tall beauty, and your dark, romantic past?

>> Of which you never speak.

>> Well, sort of.

>> Hey, let's go check it out. Maybe she's got some friends. I like 'em tall. Ooh, yeah.

>> It's never gonna work.

>> Hey, big guy. It's the loving season.

>> All you gotta do is sing.

>> That's the problem. I can'T.

>> You're a bird, ain't you?

>> All birds can sing.

>> Sing like the birdies do.

>> Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet.

>> All right.

[ Sings off pitch ]

>> What's he doing?

>> He's singing.

>> That's not singing. That's not singing.

>> Yeah, I heard an animal once do that, but then they rolled him over, he was dead.

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: Robin williams --

>> That's robin williams right there.

>> Conan: Very funny. "Happy feet" opens tomorrow. "Bobby" opens tomorrow in select cities, and nationwide on thanksgiving day. Elijah -- elij, always good having you here.

>> Good to have you here as well.

>> Conan: Or good to be here.

>> Yes.

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