Carmen Electra on Craig Kilborn 4/6

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Postby admin » Sat Apr 07, 2001 3:37 am

This is carmen electra.

[C craig: Can you spin around? Can you stand up and spin so they can see pretty dress. Just spin around there.

[Cheers and applause] craig: Look at you. You've got an elegant look for you tonight.

>> Thank you. Craig: A very nice dress after i

you --

>> i don't know how do i do this? Craig: The movie was 'get over it.' What was your

>> i play mistress myhra. A donitrix. Craig: They say big seen where they had to edit you out?

>> It's interesting. It's supposed to be tongue in cheek. I had a whip and a little costume. Craig: Very little.

>> I was so into -- i got into playing this role. Craig: Does not surprise me at all.

>> It was so funny because i accidentally whipped him too

giggled. Craig: Why would you giggle?

>> I felt bast bath bad because this is acting not real life. In realife i wouldn't feel so bad. Just kidding.

[Laughter] craig: That's our car men. What happened? It was r for a while.

>> It was rated r because of my scene so I had to get up in front. Mcaa which is a bunch of parents and try to convince them that we should get a pg-13 rating. Craig: Were you did you have a whip when you spoke to them?

>> I should have. Craig: They cut out a lot of your stuff and it's now a pg-13?

>> Yes. Craig: Where can we get that stuff?

>> I'm sure it will come out. Craig: Great. There's some big news you have. Tell them first of all about what possiblely may happen in new york on broadway.

>> Actually, yeah, i just received a call from chicago on broadway and met with the producers and i guess i'm going to fly to new york. I have to see the musical. I know it's bob fosse. Craig: It's great. I said is car men going to play the lead? I said I have to go see it again. This is a very dynamic, sexy broadway musical.

>> I love bob fausey and i've been dancing since i was 5. Craig: It's official?

>> It's in the works so i'm going to see the musical and a few rehearsals and see what happens. Craig: Do you me to close the deal?

>> I would love it. Craig: I like advising you and things that like. A few years ago, i didn't tell you about, but you're performing in vegas?

>> It's happening. The name of the show is called lumiere. Craig: That means light?

>> Yes, light. Very good. Craig: So what is this? This is a vehicle for car carmen electra in vegas?

>> Absolutely. It's going to be like illusions and dancing which i love. They through out some ideas. They're just now write it go, but maybe tap dancing on a laser beam so it looks like I'm tap dancing in the air and we're starting from ground zero so i get to be a part of the. Craig: What's that other thing?

>> Cirque soliel. Craig: Yeah. If i'm taking my buddies to vegas which i do, do you want to see carmen electra dance on a laser? They're going to say carmen electra on a laser.

>> I hope so. Craig: I don't want to bring this up because i feel like we're friends and i get so embarrassed.

>> Do you? Craig: But this was the second time you've been in 'playboy' magazine?

>> Yes. Craig: This has been laying around the office and i did not put these here.

[Laughter] craig: I will not look at it in front of you because i get really embarrassed, but -- so i always like to do this. Car men, how do you get so tan i get is my first question? How do you do that?

>> There's many different wathe ways to get a tan. Craig: What's the way you prefer?

>> You can use a self-tanner or use a tanning bed or go on a vacation or layout in los angeles. Craig: I laid out last time in 1983. Are you excited about 'five


>> Oh, god, ok. Craig: I'll take that as a yes. We'll be right back with 'five questions' wit m o y ñ ñ ñ Craig: A from cincinnati, right?

>> Yes. Craig: Spell it please.

>> C-i-n-n-c-I-n-n-a-t-i craig: That's correct. This one is difficult. Name one opera. This is for carmen electra.

>> Oh, my god. Craig: This is tough. I knew this would be tough because --

>> it's not tough. There's an opera carmen. Craig: Right there, baby. Yeah.

>> I almost missed that one, craig. You almost got me. Craig: I was helping you. Don't tell me, but think of a color. Don't tell me n your head, think of a color. You have it? Don't say it.

>> Do i need to concentrate? Craig: Yeah. Apparently you do need to concentrate.

>> I'm thinking. Craig: You got it? Wait. Is it green?

>> No. Craig: Incorrect.

[Laughter] craig: It's a little trick question. I'm sorry. This is a good one. Let's play the pyramid. I'm going to name thingsremember the category. Hamburger, hot dog, sticky, cinna, of steel.

>> Buns? Craig: Yes, that is correct.


>> oh, my god. Craig: Do you like that?

>> I like that one. Craig: Finally, this is the moment we've been waiting for. This is for -- can you take this off? All right. This is for four out of five. I want you as the music is faded out, dance to our current favorite song and i want you work it somehow.

[Cheers and applause] craig: That is correct. That is correct right there. Carmen electra!

[Cheers and applause] craig: You can make any song -- was that a tough one to dance to?

>> I can dance to anything, craig. Craig: If you want a copy of that, if you and dave want to party to that, we can get you an extended version.

>> Yeah, we're going to bumpthat in on car on sunset strip. Craig: Congratulations with everything that's happening in vegas and new york.

>> Thank you so much. Craig: We'll be back.

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