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Postby admin » Thu Apr 25, 2002 4:23 pm

carmen electra has wild child reputation but now she's crazy in love and tying the knot, is she going domestic on us? She's marrying a rock star, please welcome a woman probably not experiencing sexual dysfunction, carmen electra!


>> hey, carmen. ? You're asking why those men in the audience were here. Now you know.

>> How are you?

>> I'm fine. You've been good?

>> Working the lashes, me, too. I have to have them.

>> We do this.

>> We have this thing.

>> Congratulations are in order because you are engaged to my man dave navarro. Congratulations, we need to see the ring.

>> I was told to hold it still so there it is.

>> He played with the red hot chili peppers. How did you meet?

>> We were set up on a blind date, if you can imagine that. I knew who he was but through a mutual friend. I spent a year being single, after all the drama, and i just di not want to date anyone. I wanted to be alone and focus on my career and just heal because i had been through so much.

>> The dennis rodman drama? And my mom passing and my sister. It was too much. So i spent a year alone, it was great because it got me to a place where i could have a healthy relationship. Then i met dave. We were both in the same place, so it's great.

>> So you're getting married. Did he propo in any creative way or was it just a regular -- gr just very romantic, he got down on one knee. Very classic.

>> Did you set the date?

>> We haven't set the date yet because we're going to have a big wedding. It will take some time to plan it but hopefully next year.

>> I am an excellent person, I'll pull out my whole little file. Of course, we know that you were married for a short time to dennis. What did dave do to win your heart? Because you know, the boysutut here, have been in love with carmen electra for a long time. I have seen you without the lashes and all that stuff. What did dave do?

>> You know, he's just such a good person. He has a good heart and he does the work. He's willing to do theorork to make the relationship happen. So, we're just both in the same place. We both want the same goal. So it works.

>> Babies and all that stuff?

>> Yeah, but i want to get married first. I want to do it right.


>> can you believe that?

>> That's a novel approach nowadays.

>> But you would like to have kids soon after?

>> I want to work a little bit more. When i do have kids i want to spend time with them. I just- i don't know how so many women -- i think it's great that they work and they're independent but, gosh, i feel so bad for the kids sometimes. I want to be there. I'm excited about being a mother some day. I love kids.

>> I have to ask you about your participation in 'battlebots,' which is --

>> a stupid show. A total guy show, you know. Guys love it.

>> Guys build these robots and then watch them fight in a r ring in front of an audience. You interview these guys. What questions do you ask?

>> These guys spend their entire lives in their gages building these robe i d't think so, it's their life. -- Rotots, it's they're life. A total show but the more you watch it, you can get into it.

>> The robots fight with each other?

>> Yeah. They go into a ring, yeah.

>> They probably feel the same way about us when we watch 'all my children' sometimes.

>> It's comedy central, so.

>> You're about to host a model search?

>> Yes.

>> What's this group of models?

>> It's a model search i'm hosting for hollywood tans.

>> Tans as in t-a-n-s?

>> Yes. You are this amazing self-tanner, they spray you down. You don't get the u.V. Rays. I'm a judge along with the nypd and fire department, we will pick two winners who get to be on a hollywood billwood d booed for -- bill booed for hollywood tans.

>> You are the sweetest girl. We love to have you. You're absolutely adorable.

>> Thank you.

>> We want to remind you, 1:00 tomorrow.

>> No, it's today. 12:30 today.

>> The south streateaeaport, our thanks -- carmen electra

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