Carmen Electra On Last Call With Carson Daly

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Postby admin » Fri Nov 29, 2002 5:25 am

Carson: Please welcome carmen electra.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: I have -- first of all, I have like a --

[ Man in audience screams ] Thank you.

[ Light laughter ] I owe you, like, an apology, first off.

Carmen: Why?

Carson: 'Cause the last time you were on this show, we were in vegas.

Carmen: Uh-huh.

Carson: This show had only been on the air like three months. We've been on nine months now. We still don't know what we're doing.

Carmen: That's okay.

Carson: But back then -- we shoot in 8h here in new york. This is where they shoot "saturday night live." It's the same studio set here for nbc. They gave us the boot, you know? 'Cause they were doing something here. And they were like, "go on out." We went to vegas. Our whole staff were a bunch of 20-somethings. We're knuckleheads. We were liquored up the entire time.

[ Light laughter ] The show you were on, we didn't even write anything. We were hungover. But you were nice enough to fly to vegas --

Carmen: Are you serious? I had no idea.

Carson: -- To do the show. And next thing I know, you're slappin' somebody's ass. I had a guy that works on the show --

[ Laughter ] -- Who's a great guy, and he helps us out here. He's -- I'm slapping his ass.

[ Laughter ] We're doing, like --

Carmen: I forgot about that.

Carson: You remember that? We were doing, like, dominatrix lessons with you.

Carmen: Yeah, we were. It was interesting.

Carson: Which was fun. But I apologize for that. We're a well-oiled machine now, carmen.

Carmen: I see that.

Carson: So things are much better.

Carmen: I like the new york audience. They're great.

Carson: Ty y are good. They're good people.

[ Cheers and applause ] But I at least wanted to say, you know, it's very difficult for us to work in vegas, as you well know.

Carmen: Vegas is tricky.

Carson: Right.

Carmen: It can be very tricky.

Carson: Have you been back since we last had you on thehohow in vegas?

Carmen: I was actually just there. I caught the red-eye flight here last night.

Carson: Oh, that's where you took the red-eye from?

Carmen: Yeah, yeah. I'm shooting a show called "livin' large."

Carson: Of course you are.

Carmen: And --

[ Light laughter ] We shot two episodes, actually, at the palms hotel.

Carson: Right.

[ Carmen laughs ]

Carmen: Very funny, carson.

Carson: You could be hosting the new show "livin' grass." I'd watch.

[ Light laughter ]

Carmen: "Livin' grass."

Carson: And what did you do in vegas? You shot at the palms?

Carmen: We shot at the palms at the no doubt concert.

Carson: Very cool.

Carmen: So it was really cool. I love gwen.

Carson: Yeah, she's nice. She's married now.

Carmen: I know.

Carson: Did you go to the L.A. Wedding?

Carmen: I didn'T. I just recently met her, so --

Carson: She's a nice girl.

Carmen: Very nice. I love her.

Carson: And tell me about "livin' large." This is like a "lifestyles of the rich and famous" kind of vibe?

Carmen: It's "lifestyles of the rich and famous" meets mtv's "cribs."

Carson: Oh, cool.

Carmen: Yeah.

Carson: And you're like the robin leach, but hotter?

[ Carmen laughs ]

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Not much, but a little bit.

Carmen: Oh, that's not very nice. He's not very hot, carson.

Carson: He's a good-looking man, carmen.

Carmen: I don't know what you're trying to say.

Carson: And what do you do on the show? Do you go all sorts of places?

Carmen: Yeah, we travel all around. I get to do really cool things. I had an action figure made. I learned how to --

[ Carson laughs ]

Carson: That's great.

Carmen: Yeah, there's a studio -- gentle giant studios -- and they make all the action figures for, like, "star wars" and "matrix." And so "livin' large" sent me there to have one made. So I did a whole body scan and everything. It was really cool.

Carson: Oh, that was part of the show, you getting --

Carmen: That was part of the show. And then they gave it to me.

Carson: Right.

Carmen: Yeah.

Carson: What sorts of other things do you get to do? Anything bizarre, anything weird in "livin' large"? I mean, give me an example of somebody that's, like, "livin' large."

Carmen: Well, we interviewed --

Carson: Do you hang out with billionaires or something?

Carmen: We interview lots of different people, like russell simmons.

Carson: Oh, that's cool.

Carmen: And, you know, talked about baby phat and phat farm. And, you know, we do many different things. I did a cardio striptease class.

Carson: Yes, you did.

Carmen: That was interesting.

[ Laughter ] So I get to try, like, these new different things, carson, that I've never done before.

Carson: Like a cardio striptease is new for you. Give me a break.

[ Carmen laughs ]

Carmen: I never stripped before, carson.

Carson: Oh, come on what was that all about? How was the cardio striptease?

Carmen: It was fun. You know, you get in front of the class and dance around and, you know -- it's fun.

Carson: That's the new --

Carmen: It's a good workout, though.

Carson: Sure. That's --

[ Light laughter ] That's like putting a lap dance on your workout regimen, you know.

Carmen: Oh, there was like an 80-year-old woman in the class.

Carson: That's disgusting.

Carmen: I kid you not.

[ Laughter ] It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. And she was gettin' into it!

Carson: I'm sure she was.

[ Laught ] Her clock is tickin'.

[ Light laughter ]

Carmen: She workser husband.

Carson: Did she strip?

Carmen: Kind of. I mean, not all the way, obviously. Ence ohs ]

Carson: What? Like that's so wrong.

Carmen: I thought it was very sweet.

Carson: Old people look hot naked, too.

Carmen: They do?

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: What is the -- I don't know where my mind is right now.

Carmen: Yeah, where are you going with this?

Carson: That is le the new thing. Have you noticed that out in L.A.? I know you workout a lot and stuff like that. Like, the strip cardio --

Carmen: Yeah, there's cardiostriptease, yeah.

Carson: Is that, like, boot camp for strippers?

[ Light laughter ]

Carmen: I guess it could be, you know.

Carson: See, I think hooters is boot camp for -- it's like aaa baseball. You start at hooters. Then you go to a strip club.

Carmen: But they've gotta get those girls new outfits.

Carson: Right.

Carmen: At hooters.

Carson: Why?

Y you like 'em?


[ Laughter ] Duh!

Carmen: Come on, do you guys like those hooters outfits? The orange --

[ Cheers and applause ] I mean, guys, I'm not saying, you know, make it less revealing. I'm saying just, you know, update --

Carson: I don't wanna tk about hooters anymore.

Carmen: Okay, great.

Carson: I don't wanna sell their wings. How's dave?

Carmen: He'eat. Carson, I'm in love.

Carson: I know you are.

[ Audience aws ]

Carmen: I'm really in love. He's a great guy. He's amazing.

Carson: He is. He is a very, very cool guy. Is he teaching you how to play guitar?

Carmen: No, actually --

Carson: How much into the music do you get?

Carmen: He's teng me how to play the drums.

Carson: I didn't even know he played drums.

Carmen: He can play drums, yeah. He's so talented.

Carson: Are you guys gonna be, like, the next white stripes or --

[ Carmghs ]

Carmen: We jam together. It's fun.

Carson: Right.

Carmen: Yeah. It's always been my dream to learn how to play drums. My brother played drums, and my dad played the guitar. And my brother would never let me touch his drum set. So one day, I saw dave playing in a studio, and he started teaching me. Bought me a dr set. And I love it.

Carson: Youe -- you know, you've had relationships in the past.

Carmen: Y.

[ Light laughter ] Yes, carson.

Carson: I'm gonna tiptoe around this one.

Carmen: Okay, sure.

Carson: But you've done things back in your life and done things -- and I don't know how you feel about 'em now, if it was just kind of a goof thing that you did at the time. You're older now. You look back. Does dave have those things in his life, I, too? And do you have that sort of common, you know, "I went there. I've done that. You've done that"? And this is the real deal.

Carmen: Absolutely.

Carson: And this is the real deal?

Carmen: Yeah. I mean, we've both been married in vegas.

Carson: There you go. That's --

Carmen: Both didn't last very long, you know.

Carson: Right.

Carmen: Both of our mothers died.

Carson: Right.

Carmen: So we -- we actually have a lot --

Carson: You connection.

Carmen: We really do. We really do. And we both just have the same goal. We just wanna be happy and have a good life.

Carson: You both look good in makeup, too.

[ Laughter ]

Carmen: He's probably like one of the only guys that can wear eyeliner and still look hot.

Carson: He gets away with it. He looks good, you know?

Carmen: I know. I know.

Carson: I do it -- it's horrible.

[ Laughter ] Never mind.

Carmen: You wouldn't look so bad in --

Carson: I like dave. I think he's a great guy. How much is that -- is the press just driving you guys crazy? I mean, 'cause I think with, like, n affleck and J.Lo and gwen and gavin -- like, they're all over public figures. Has that been difficult for you?

Carmen: It actually hasn't really been that bad, to be honest.

Carson: You seem to be willing to talk about it and stuff like that.

Carmen: Yeah, we did a "love story" for mtv, where they followed us around.

Carson: Oh, that's right.

Carmen: And it was really fun.

Carson: Yeah. Now, why would you wanna do something like that, put it all out there?

Carmen: Because I think people have a certain image of us, like we're this wild and crazy couple. And we're not like that at all. We're just really normal --

Carson: That's kind of a cool image to have. You should keep that image.

Carmen: Should we keep it?

[ Light laughter ] Okay, okay. Well, we'll have part two, and we'll just mix it up a little bit.

Carson: I didn't see it, but how much did you divulge in that show? Did they come into, like, your house and --

Carmen: Yeah, we just bought a house. So they came in, and they shot us, like, unpacking boxes and -- our little jam session. And just like what we do every day. I went to one of his shows. Jane's addiction performed. And he went to see the pussycat dolls. So it was cool.

Carson: What is with the pussycat dolls? Actually, you know what? You can tell me about that in a second.

Carmen: Okay.

Carson: 'Cause that's like this new huge thing.

Carmen: Yeah.

Carson: That's on the cover of magazines. And it's like an L.A. Thing, and it's kind of cult. But it's very cool.

Carmen: Yes.

Carson: All right, hold that thought. We'll take a break. More with carmen electra when we get back. Also, lifehouse will perform, right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: What's going on there? Was there a party there 15th?

Carmen: There was a party on 15th.

Carson: Hey, it's carmen electra. Wake up!

Carmen: Just a few fun things I get to do on "livin' large."

Carson: Yeah, that was cool, from "livin' large," your new show. Cardio striptease.

Carmen: That's right.

Carson: Very good. Let's go back for a second, 'cause we just talking during the commercial break about how much B.S. It is for people like yourself, when you go out in L.A. Or something -- even now, I mean, you're here on talk shows talking about dave navarro. You guys are gonna get married. You're in love. It's the real deal. Yadda yadda. But they still -- like, you have lunch with somebody. We had -- timberlake was on the show, justin. He was talking about -- he went to meet, like, alicia keys on sunset at a restaurant to talk about a project. And, of course, there's, like, paparazzi.

Carmen: Now they're dating. I know. It happens all the time. And I love and respect dave so much that I don't even wanna go out anymore because I don't wanna put him in a position to where it would even upset him to hear something, you know? It's so frustrating.

Carson: And you can still have a great connection with h, , where he knows, like, "whatever."

Carmen: He knows. No, he totally -- I'm with him every single day. It just sucks. And, you know, during the break, we were sitting here talking. And I know that you're friends with kid rock.

Carson: Yeah.

Carmen: And there was a rumor that I dated kid rock. And it's so frustrating. 'Cause I met him like this -- "hi. Nice to meet you."

Carson: Right.

Carmen: And then it turned into that, like, we dated. And I worked with pam. You know what I mean? It just makes for everything to be so uncomfortable.

Carson: Right. Tell me about this. This is the doll you just had mentioned here that you had the little body cast for. This is cool.

[ Light laughter ]

Carmen: Yeah. The -- on "livin' large," they made --

Carson: This is the pussycat dolls?

Carmen: Yeah. It's not for sale. I just wanted to clear that up, 'cause I don't robin to freak out. She's the choreographer and everything. They just made one for me.

Carson: Oh, so it's not for sale.

Carmen: No, no, no, it's not. They just made one on the show to feature, you know --

Carson: How come they can't get anybody's -- like, celebrity's doll to actually look like them?

[ Carmen laughs ] The body's pretty close, but -- you know what I mean? It's like -- you happy with it? Do you like it? Well, it's not for sale, so --

Carmen: A little in the face, it could -- does it look like me?

Carson: Nah, you know.

Carmen: I think the body's pretty accurate, though.

Carson: Do they sell accessories with this, like clothes?

[ Laughter ] "Buy a shirt for another five bucks." Then again, why bother?

Carmen: It was just a cool thing to have, you know?

Carson: The pussycat dolls, tell me -- this is like in L.A. Tell me about this. I know some famous people have done this. Who?

Carmen: Yeah, it's a contemporary burlesque cabaret act that robin antin put together. The choreographer and the creator. And we've had everyone from gwen stefani to christina aguilera, brittany murphy, charlize theron. Like, really cool people wanting to do it with us.

Carmen: Car is this like a "moulin rouge" kind of vibe or like a striptease with music? Or how do you describe it?

Carmen: It's a little striptease, but -- but it's really classy.

Carson: Your doll looks nothing like that, by the way.

[ Carmen laughs ]

Carmen: "Maxim," by the way -- we shot the cover of "maxim."

Carson: Oh, congratulations. How many times have you been on the cover of "maxim"?

Carmen: Couple times.

Carson: You're like the "maxim" -- or maybe not "maxim," but those magazines you're on -- they must call you constantly.

Carmen: Sometimes they do.

Carson: Yeah. And so the pussycats dolls -- do you dance on it regularly?

Carmen: Yeah, I do.

Carson: And then they have people -- like "snl," they kind come in and --

Carmen: Yeah, different guest stars come in, you know, depending on their schedules.

Carson: Anybody surprise you? Anybody very good? Do they all sing songs?

Carmen: Everyone surprised me. Brittany murphy is the most amazing singer. And you would have no idea. I mean, she's an incredible actress. But, god, her voice is so amazing. And tefani's really tall. Like, I'm only 5'3". Everyone thinks I'm tall, but I look up to her.

Carson: Right, literally.

Carmen: She's a tall girl. Yeah. In every way I do. You know, she's amazing. But --

Carson: And then christina aguilera was on it. How was she?

Carmen: She was great, too. She's an amazing dancer.

Carson: She's smaller than you.

Carmen: Yeah, is. Yeah.

Carson: Yeah, okay.

[ Laughter ] I mean, the clothes on your doll could fit perfect.

Carmen: Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: And so the world shnow that, finally, the "baywatch" movie has been shot?

Carmen: Yes. It's gonna air sometime in february on fox.

Carson: Okay.

Carmen: It's a tv movie.

Carson: Have they ever done that? Have they had a "baywatch" tv movie before?

Carmen: No, no. No, it's the reunion. Everyone came back. I have to admit --

Carson: I thought hasselhoff was dead.

[ Light laughter ]

Carmen: I think he n one of those episodes, but somehow he's been brought back from the dead.

Carson: Right. And so will it have the many people of all of the different reincarnations of "baywatch" in the movie or -- ? Like, what sort of "baywatch" era will be in this movie? You're in it.

Carmen: I'm in it.

Carson: Pam anderson?

Carmen: Pam -- I was so starsucuck, I have to admit.

Carson: How haven't you ever met?

Carmen: We briefly met at a party one time. It was just like really quick. But she is so sweet.

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