Carmen Electra On Last Call With Carson Daly 7/18

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Postby admin » Sat Jul 19, 2003 5:15 am

We're here with carmen electra. Carmen, awesome to have you here.

>> Thank you.

>> Carson: How are you?

>> I'm happy to be here.

>> Carson: The last time -- we mentioned you were on the show quite a bit. The last time you were on our show was when we were out in las vegas.

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: And that was cool, because we had you with the pussycat dolls, and we also had -- dave navarro was playing with camp freddy, and we had you guys booked on the same show.

>> That's right.

>> Carson: And you guys actually performed together.

>> We did.

>> Carson: Every time carmen's on the show, we get these crazy -- either comments or moments from you.

>> I know. Well, I just feel so comfortable with you because we're friends. And, like, sometimes I forget that there's an audience there, you know?

>> Carson: Like we're a camera. Let me show what happened in vegas. Roll this performance footage down. This is airing on the show. Did you guys plan to eat each other's face before?

>> No, we didn't plan it. It was -- it was very spontaneous, you know.

>> Carson: It was very cool. It was very hot.

>> It's rock 'n' roll.

>> Carson: How is dave? You know, this wednesday, actually -- not to plug this show, but we're all stoked about it. We dedicated a whole show

jane's addiction. And it airs this wednesday. 'Cause they're busy with lollapalooza.

>> That's great.

>> Carson: So people might wanna watch that.

>> Yeah, they have a new record coming out, too, so --

>> Carson: And do you --

>> -- Everybody go buy it.

>> Carson: Since they're out on the road with lollapalooza, do you go out and visit dave on the road?

>> I am. As soon as I leave new york, I'm gonna go home for a couple days and then go straight to cincinnati, ohio, to my hometown, and he's gonna be there with lollapalooza, so I'm excited.

>> Carson: And will you hit the road with him a little? Like, do you sleep in the bus and go on the road?

>> I've never been on the road with him, so I don't really know how it's gonna work, but it'll be fun.

>> Carson: Does it make you nervous that he's out on the road? I mean, he's like just the quintessential rock star.

>> I know. He is such the rock star.

>> Carson: Your relationship is extremely strong, I'm sure, but --

>> You know what? I have to take a leap of faith. You know what I mean? It's -- yeah, it is scary. Of course.

>> Carson: Maybe he should be a little worried about, you know, you, too.

>> You know --

>> Carson: You know, with other girls --

>> What?

>> Carson: What?

>> What?

>> Carson: Also, what happened -- when you were in vegas, you got punk'd by ashton kutcher?

>> I did. I did.

>> Carson: What happened?

>> We -- it was actually dave and I. We arrived at the airport. And dax was the driver. And if you know dax from the show --

>> Carson: Right, sure.

>> Ah, he's hilarious. And he was just, like, talking a lot and saying really rude things. He told dave he couldn't smoke, yet he was smoking a cigarette. It was just --

[ Light laughter ] Yeah. So dave was, like, gettin' pissed. It was crazy. It was -- it was insane. And he sort of took us to the hood. He was driving us around the hood. And we're like, "uh, I think the hard rock is that way."

>> Carso a and of course, you guys have no idea what's going on at this point.

>> We have no idea what's going on.

>> Carson: You're just being picked up from the airport.

>> Then we back into a transvestite.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: That happens every day in vegas.

[ Carmen laughs ]

>> Carson: And so what happened?

>> So we were panicked, you know? And, you know, I thought we were gonna get killed because people were screaming. It was just -- it was insane.

>> Carson: But how come this "punk'd" never aired, right? I've never seen this.

>> I think there's some kind of lawsuit in las vegas. So everyone they punk'd in vegas is not gonna air. So it's kinda like the lost "punk'd" episode.

>> Carson: Really? 'Cause I know tara reid --

>> Yeah, tara did one, too, yeah.

>> Carson: You guys were shooting -- what was it? "My boss's daughter," the movie.

>> Yes. Yeah.

>> Carson: And you and tara went, and tara got punk'D. And hers never aired, either.

>> No. No.

>> Carson: When does that movie come out anyway, "my boss's daughter"?

>> In august.

>> Carson: And that's you. I know tara's in it. And --

>> Ashton kutcher.

>> Carson: And ashton's in it, as well.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> Carson: You know what I read? In the -- is also in that movie is -- you guys have all seen "old school," right?

[ Scattered cheers ] One of the greatest movies ever. It's awesome. Patrick cranshaw plays blue. You guys know blue, right, from "old school"? One of my favorites.

>> I love blue.

>> Carson: And he's in "my boss's daughter." Did you shoot scenes with him, or did you meet him?

>> No, no. But I did get to see the movie, and he's really funny in it.

>> Carson: How awesome is he in that movie?

>> I love him. I love blue.

>> Carson: And he's been around for, like, a long time. He's done some crazy stuff, a lot of tv work.

>> Obviously.

>> Carson: Yeah. And you never got a chance to meet him at all.

>> That's my boy, blue!

>> Carson: Yeah. He's my favorite from that movie.

>> I know. I love him. He's great.

>> Carson: And you know what? I know that you love him, and I love him.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> Carson: So we have a little surprise for you and for me. Please welcome blue himself. We flew him here. Patrick cranshaw!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: It's blue, everybody. Have a seat, guys. Ah, it's fantastic. That is fantastic.

>> Ashton isn't here, is he?

>> Carson: Who, ashton? No.

>> Yeah. Let's rock.

>> Carson: Oh, no, no, no, no.

[ Laughter ]

>> I love blue.

>> Carson: Oh, we're so glad. Did you know that carmen was in love with you? Let me show you, blue. This is what you're dealing with here. This is the new "maxim" right here.

>> Holy moly.

>> No, no, no, "fhm."

>> Carson: Excuse me. "Fhm."

>> "Fhm."

>> Carson: Well, you're in all of them. What's it matter? Blue, thumb through that. I hope your heart's all right, 'cause that might -- might knock you out.

>> Aw.

>> Carson: Did you realize that carmen electra was so in love with you, blue?

>> No, not -- not till now.

[ Laughter ] Here, take this.

>> Carson: Hey, blue -- well, this happened at the last minute. I mean, I loved -- blue, I loved your work.

>> Can I just snuggle up with blue?

>> Carson: Absolutely.

>> Yeah!

>> Carson: You're more than welcome to.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

>> Y'all just do anything you want to.

>> Carson: This happened at the last minute. Blue, what airline did you fly down here to new york from L.A.?

>> Well, what else? Blue.

>> Carson: Yeah. He flew jetblue here.

>> Aw, you did?

>> Carson: We got a big kick out of that. How was that? Was that all right for you?

>> It was fine. Yeah.

>> Carson: For those of you who have no clue what's going on here, and you haven't seen one of the funniest movies ever made in a long time, let me show you a scene of blue from "old school." Let's roll it down.

[ Applause ]

>> Hatch! Do you trust that we've provided you with enough slack so that your block will land safely on the lawn?

>> Sir, yes, sir.

>> And, blue --

>> Yes, sir.

>> Do you trust that I do not wanna see you die here tonight?

>> Sir, yes, sir!

>> Blue, you're my boy!

>> Thank you, sir.

>> Carson: Yeah.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> "Blue, you're my boy!"

>> All right!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: "You're my boy, blue!" Where you goin', blue?

>> I'm doin' fine, man.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: All right. How long hyou been acting for?

>> What century is this?

>> Carson: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] Oh, quite some time?

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: You -- I was looking at your bio today. And you've been on tv shows -- this is incredible. "Diff'rent strokes," "chips," "mork & mindy," "er," "sanford & son." Just about every great sitcom, you have made an appearance on. And then I noticed, back in 1960, you were actually on "green acres." Do you remember what character you were?

>> Grandpa.

[ Laughter ] That was only 28 years ago.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: You played grandpa. Where's your "e! True hollywood st or "behind the blue" or --

[ Light laughter ]

>> Well --

>> Carson: What year were you born, may I ask?

>> I was born in -- in the 19s.

>> Carson: Right.

[ Laughter ] Literally, 1919.

>> 1919, 1919.

>> Carson: Yeah. And you've been doing very, very well for quite some time.

>> Well, quite some time.

>> Carson: Have you heard about carm's new show she's got coming out called "dance fever"?

>> No, I wanna see it.

>> Carson: When was "dance fever" --

[ Laughter ]

>> I want -- see it? Hell, I wanna be on it.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: When was "dance" -- this is -- I don't remember "dance fever" like do "solid gold" or those other ones.

>> Oh, really? No, "dance fever" was big. Deney terrio was the host athe time. Do you remember that?

>> Yeah, yeah, I sure do.

>> Carson: And tell about the show. You're a judge and --

>> I'm a judge, along with jamie king, who was a choreographer for madonna and britney spears. He's unbelievable.

>> Carson: Right.

>> And M.C. Hammer. He's so sweet.

>> Carson: Hammer's on i really?

>> Hammer's a judge.

>> Carson: Wow.

>> I love hammer. He's the nicest person.

>> Carson: Really? Like, name oneng you like about hammer.>> He has a big heart.

>> Carson: He does?

>> He has a really big heart.

>> Carson: Okay.

>> I know where you're going with that.

>> Carson: No, not at all. I think that's great.

>> A big heart! I said, "big heart."

[ Light laughter ]

>> Carson: And so what happens on "dance fever"? People -- what, they come out -- it's like "american idol," but it's dancing?

>> Yeah, they come out, and they dance, and they compete for $100,000.

>> Carson: Blue, how's your dancing?

>> For $100,000, it's good.

[ Laughter ]

>> You gonna dance for me, blue?

>> You bet.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Carson: Blue, did you ever meet -- did you ever meet fred astaire?

>> No, I didn'T. I tried to caddy for him, but he had too many clubs.

>> Carson: Really?

>> Yeah. Too heavy for me.

>> Carson: Wow, that's fantc. Well, we thought we'd have a little fun, and you could show us, basically, how your new show, "dance fever," works.

>> Okay.

>> Carson: We've got aunch ofnterns on the show. They're all kinda crazy, very talented. We're gonna let you judge, and we figurt'd be the perfect time to end the raging debate we have as to who's our best intern and best dancer. So we'll have a little "dance fever" dance-off, if you wouldn't mind. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for intern number one. This is evan from oklahoma state. Evan?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Shake your ass watch yourself shake your ass show me what you're working

shake your ass watch yourself shake your ass show me what you're working

shake your ass watch yourself shake your ass show me what you're working shake your ass

>> Carson: All right, ere's evan.

[ Cheers and applause ] Nice work. Very good. Thank you very much. Carmen, now, you're a judge on "dance fever." How would you judge our intern, evan?

>> Well, you definitely gave it your all.

[ Laughter ] Um --

>> Carson: Is he gonna get laid in a cludadancing like that?

>> I don't think so, carson.

>> Carson: No?

[ Laughter ] Blue, what'd you think of evan's dancing?

>> I liked it.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: All right, fair enough. Thank you very much, evan. Nice work.

>> All right.

>> Good work.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: Our next intern that'll come up here is katie from denison university. Katie, take it away.

Got me looking so crazy right now, your love's got me looking s right now

got me ing so crazy right now, your toh got meng so crazyright now

got me hoping yl page m righnow,ou got me hoping you'll save me right now

>> Carson: These are actually our interns, people.

[ Cheers and applause ] I'm not kidding. Carmen?

>> I feel that the song was very appropriate for the dance, 'cause you looked crazy.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Carson: Now, is that how you judge on the show?

>> Yeah!

>> Carson: Are you like simon? Are you mean?

>> No, I'm very honest. But I do -- I don't wanna hurt people's feelings. We're having fun, but --

>> Carson: Right.

>> You know,se people, they're real dancers, and they have big dreams.

>> Carson: Sure.

>> And I don't wanna be mean

them, so --

>> Carson: Blue, would you like to be mean to katie and say something?

>> Hi.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: Thank you, katie, very much. That was good.

[ Applause ] We've got one more. Oh, you know what? Our third intern got sick. We actually need one more. Maybe somebody on our staff can come up here. How about -- how about wally? Wally, you wanna come let carmen judge your dancing?

>> No, I don't dance.

>> Carson: Come on. Come on, you guys wanna see wally the cue card guy dance, right?

[ Cheers and applause ] Come on up here, wally! Come on. Get up here. Give him a round of applause. This is wally. He does our cue cards here.

It's raining men hallelujah it's raining men amen

I'm gonna go out I'm gonna let myself get absolutely soaking wet

it's raining men hallelujah it's raining men amen

>> Carson: All right, there's wally, everybody, our --

[ Cheers and applause ] -- Our cue card guy. Carmen, god bless you. Thanks for being here

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