Carmen Electra On Late Late Show Craig Kilborn

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Postby admin » Fri Aug 22, 2003 6:46 am

Craig: This is carmen electra.

>> Thank you.

>> Thank you. Wow. Craig: You look great. Hey. That's good. So much to talk about.

>> Right. Craig: How have you been? You look great.

>> You do too. Nice clean shave. Craig: Knock it off. Just a little stubble for the ladies. Now, this is -- what, is this the new one or is this last month's?

>> This was last month'S. Craig: Here is the question. You do this. Are these pictures -- every time you do these magazines do you have to do a new photo shoot or is it the old pictures?

>> No. You do a new photo shoot every time. Craig: You have to get in shape every time, but you're always in shape, aren't you?

>> Not always. Craig: I have never seen you --

>> I try. Craig: Does your weight fluctuate?

>> I'm a eater. I love junk food. Craig: In the past two years what's the most weight you put on? Do you get up to 103? Did you get up to 103?

>> I've stayed pretty consistent for the past couple years. Craig: Yeah.

>> But if I don't watch it i can blow up. Craig: You could blow up?

>> I could just balloon up. Craig: This is a nice picture.

>> Thank you. Craig: Do you get to choose them or not?

>> No. No. They choose the photos. Craig: What are you kind of saying here? Are you kind of stretching here? Are you loosening your back?

>> I don't know. What am i saying? It's animalistic. Craig: Yeah.

>> I don't know. "I'm coming to get you." Craig: Now, the pictures are always wonderful, but also, the article is fascinating.

>> Do you enjoy it? Craig: Well, they are always looking for those juicy quotes.

>> They are. Craig: And you gave them one.

>> It is a men's magazine so they do like to get those juicy quotes. Craig: Are you saying you make stuff up just to give them a juicy quote?

>> No. I'm always honest. Too honest, sometimes. Craig: This is what carmen says in this new one. This is carmen saying it. "I think of sex every 20 seconds" according to her. That's what she says. Isn't that -- i know what it is. Right now, back stage, you weren't thinking about it. Now it's like every five seconds. And that makes the ratio every 20 seconds.

>> No, actually, in that article the writer had said, you know, "men think about sex every 20 seconds. How often do you think about sex, carmen?" I made a little joke and said "every 20 seconds" so everyone thinks I really mean it. Craig: I was worried when you heard that.

>> I would be concerned, yes. I would need therapy. Craig: I would hope you wouldn't need to approximate think about it every 20 seconds. Push it to 30 and just relax. You also -- I don't know if this is true from, this article --

>> Ok. Craig: You recently joined the mile high club? This is so easy. This is an -- this is so easy.

>> This is great. Throw another one at them. They love it. Craig: You sleep butt-naked every night. Time out, time out. I want to go back.

>> Ok. Craig: The mile high club -- you have never -- this is recently, you joined it?

>> It wasn't recently but i did join it, with dave. Craig: Dave navarro, your fiance.

>> Two years ago. Craig: You had never done that before?

>> No. Craig: A little conservative --

>> Are you surprised? Craig: A little conservative side.

>> A little shocked, perhaps? Craig: Was it, then, easy to join that club? Or was it on an actual commercial airline?

>> Commercial airline on the way to miami, and yeah, it worked. Craig: Was it -- was it one of those --

>> You should try it sometime. Craig: I'm so tall. I barely can use the bathroom by myself. Was it a night flight? Was it a red-eye?

>> It was a day time flight. Craig: You guys are so randy, aren't you? I think also we're going to eventually get off this fascinating article, but you also said that you love -- you think strippers have -- i haven't said anything yet -- you think they have amazing figures?

>> I do think exotic dancers have the best bodies. Craig: I'm sorry. Exotic dancers.

>> Get it straight, get it straight. The girls will get mad. They do, though, they have the greatest body, i think. That's my opinion. Craig: That means a lot coming to you because you put all those girls to shame because you have --

>> No. Craig: I mean, doesn't -- you have, what, maybe the best body in the world, maybe? I'm trying to think --

>> You're so sweet. Craig: There is one other girl i think has a great body but it's a completely different type than yours, you have the best body and then the tall giselle bunchen has an --

>> She has an amazing body. Craig: I do want to talk about -- you're going through with this wedding thing.

>> Yeah. Yeah. We are. Craig: This is dave navarro.

>> Yes. Craig: You guys have been engaged for a few years now.

>> Two years. We have been together three years. Craig: He proposed on the toilet in the airplane? No?

>> No. No. Craig: When is the wedding?

>> It's looking like november. Craig: You haven't set the date?

>> No. We're working it out. Craig: Are there going to be details? Are the media going to cover it?

>> Mtv approached us about following us through the whole process, and we're thinking ouout it. We're not sure. Should we get married on mtv? Craig: They wouldn't carry it live. They would tape the thing, right?

>> Exactly. Craig: Then who is going to be, like, your maid of honor and your bridesmaid? Have you made those decisions?

>> That's where it gets tricky because the girls are kind of fighting over who is going to be the maid of honor. I was thinking maybe you could do it. Craig: Don't you have to wear a dress?

>> Yeah. Craig: I'm old-fashioned. I don't wear dresses. I know some of the guys wear dresses.

>> There is a little thing you do, you tape it right under and -- craig: Oh, stop it. See, you hang out with the rock and -- with the rock 'n' roll crowd. You toured with the band this summer?

>> I went to visit dave on the road. Craig: On the road. And ate a lot, i heard. That's what i heard.

>> It's hard not to, yeah. Craig: Back to carmen electra and "five questions. "

Craig: Back with carmen electra. >> Thank you so much. I love you guys. Thank you. Craig: I want to show one picture here.

>> You can show. There is nothing there. Craig: You're not wearing anything, young lady.

>> I am. Craig: Anything else about the wedding we need to know? Is it going to be out in L.A.? Is it going to be in malibu? Something exotic? Hawaii?

>> I can't tell that. Craig: Give it all away? I saw you in "people" magazine trying on gorgeous dresses.

>> I love mishka. They make fabulous dresses. Craig: What's that, an appetizer? You got married before.

>> Something like that if you want to call it a marriage. Craig: We're not counting that. Is that what you are saying?

>> We don't count that one. Craig: So this process will be --

>> I want to do it the right way. Craig: The right way?

>> I want to have a really beautiful weding with my family and -- you know. Craig: A lot of cameras there -- no, that will be great. You were on the tour bus hanging out with the band?

>> With dave. With the band? That's how rumors get started. Craig: He doesn't travel by himself. You were travel width entire --

>> -- Craig: You were traveling with the entire --

>> I was on tour with dave with lalapalooza. Craig: You were eating a lot? This is what they tell me. We're getting something specific here. I'm disappointed in you. You can have a sweet tooth, girlfriend, but make sure it's quality stuff. Tell them your problem.

>> I love cookies. Craig: Oatmeal?

>> No. Craig: Chocolate chip?

>> No. Craig: What?

>> I like those disgusting -- the pink icing with the sprinkles. Craig: The one you buy in the store? The crap?

>> I love those. Craig: Five-year-olds eat that.

>> It's so good. Craig: So you know they're bad, though -- you know they're not quality cookies. Right?

>> To me, they're quality cookies. Craig: I want you guys to look. This is a classic oatmeal -- that's a nice looking oatmeal cookie. It's probably chewy -- it's not that chewy. This, I've never put one of these in my house, i never will.

>> These are the bomb. Didn't you grow up eating these? They're so good. Craig: These are lame. This is our wedding gift to you, ok?

>> You're so generous, craig. Craig: I know. This is a 12:30 show. It's time for "five questions." Here we go. Craig: All right. Geography.

>> Ok. Let me think, here. I have been to hooters a couple of times. Craig: I'm sure you have.

>> Back in the days. Craig: Back in the days.

>> Back in the day. I'm going to say true. Craig: That is correct, ladies and gentlemen. Craig: What was the musical event you guys went to?

>> Lalapalooza. Craig: Making only one mistake, can you spell lalapalooza? This is fun.

>> L-A. Craig: There is your first mistake. L-O.

>> It is? It is not. Craig: Yeah. L-O.

>> Are you sure? Craig: Yeah.

>> L-l-a-p-a-l-o-o-z-A. Craig: Yes. Craig: I alled you to have one run.

>> I really thought it was la. Craig: You're right. It should be.

>> I'm going to say do it like old school. Rewrap it up and pass it along. Craig: That is correct. Yeah.

>> Old school, right? Craig: You were a co-host on "love line," the phone-in show, they asked questions, right?

>> Yeah. Craig: We have a caller waiting on line two. Caller, are you there?

>> Yeah. Hi. My girlfriend like carmen electra. What should i do? Craig: Carmen, do you want to take that? You're kind of ruining it for a lot of women out there because of the way you look. What should this guy do?

>> That's the only way i get into it. Craig: Anything? Have her eat cheap cookies? Alcohol? I don't know.

>> Help me out, craig. You got me on this one. Craig: Congratulations. You stumped her, caller. Good luck. Break up with her. We're fine. I don't know. That's a tough one. It's tough being carmen electra.

>> Tupperware, a statula, pots and pans, anything in the kitchen, anything that has to do -- a spatula, pots and pans, anything to do with cooking, a toaster. Craig: Those are helpful things. You don't cook.

>> I don't really cook. Craig: We should point out -- what? Five out of five? She got five out of five. You got five out of five. Congratulations. Craig: Nice to see you.

>> Good to see you. Craig: We'll talk to you after your wedding.

>> We're going to talk about the movie. Craig: You want to talk about the movie? Yeah. We've run out of time. My boss's daughter, ashton kutcher.

>> "My boss's daughter," ashton kutcher, it's out tomorrow, i have another water scene like "scary movie" where i -- craig: That's right.

>> I actually -- i fall into a fountain and i come out in slow motion. Craig: This is great. We had tara on last night.

>> You did? Craig: Yeah. We talked about it. I'm sorry. We were having so much fun with the cookies. "My boss's daughter" opening tomorrow night.

>> Yeah. Craig: Big hand for carmen electra. craig: Welcome back. Love her. I love carmen

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