Carmen Electra Visits Late Night W/ Conan O'brien

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Postby admin » Thu Jan 20, 2005 10:04 pm

All right, everybody, we are back. You know my next guest from bay watch and scary movie, now appearing on two shows, hope and faith and summer land, has her own line of aerobic striptease dvds. Please welcome carmen electra.


Let me help you with that. Where does that even go? I don't know where that's going to go.

>> How is that? Conan: That's great. That's the best microphone i have ever seen. How are you? Welcome to the show.

>> I'm good. Conan: I'm doing great, you're all sparkley, glittery.

>> Wear a little shimmer. Conan: It's nice, working for you. So much to talk about. I will start with the carmen electra aerobic striptease video.

>> Yes.

>> I got this video, i was very excited. There is no striping in this video. You remain clothed the entire time, is that right?

>> Yeah, it truly is a workout video, really sexy, teach women how to strip, but it's all about taking off layers and keeping a little something on, unless you want to take it off, that's your choice. Conan: Start with like 40 layers of clothes. In the video, she is wearing a parka, nine sweaters and a mining helmet, everything comes off slowly. It is, some of it, i was watching some of it, thinking okay, this is very erotic to watch, it's fine to say that. Very sexy, very, very erotic and sexy and it's incredible, really.

>> I'm surprised you watched it.

>> I watched it nine times.

>> Usually you don't watch those things. Conan: That's my question, is this really for, are women going to be buying this? I bet you a lot of men will be getting this.

>> I have had a lot of both, more women than men, believe it or not. Conan: Women are buying it to learn.

>> Learn how to do a striptease, learn how to. Conan: There's a lot of this, you put your hand on my knee any time you want, like pop-eye the sailor, actually. A lot of shoulder movement.

>> A lot of grinding. Conan: A lot of grinding, a lot of grinding. But what's interesting about it is that there's a lot of moves that actually didn't look like you would be working up that much of a sweat when you do them. There's a lot of like putting finger in the mouth, a lot of slapping of the butt.

>> Yeah, you know. Conan: Which doesn't seem like an aerobic move, doesn't seem like, you know, I work out, never had someone like slap your own ass.

>> Well, there's different sections to the dvd, we do a stretch, we do a great warmup and then you have like an aerobic session and then there's a cute section where you learn how to do a striptease, where you can dress up as the sexi librarian or you can dress up. Conan: The sexy, one of the staples of stripping, the sexy librarian, who had the idea, what sexy librarian.

>> It is funny, because it's the most conservative kind of person with their hair in a bun. Conan: Put their hair down.

>> And yeah, they go wild. Conan: Take to have glasses, the hair tumbles down, it's madness, I saw that video too. Van halen. We have a clip, show a quick clip here, you'll see what we're talking about, then i want to ask you some questions, show the clip now.

>> And walk, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And slap, two, three four, down five, six, seven, eight.


It's fun to watch. But i swear, carmen, i think you burned one and a half calories during this and this and then this part, what does this do. It feels good.

>> At the time i was dancing with the burlesque group, so I hired that choreographer, core choreographer, that's what inspired it. You believe me, you feel it, you feel a burning sensation. Conan: See a doctor immediately.

>> But your muscles, you can feel it burning, yeah. Conan: People can learn role playing G. For couples to watch, maybe some spice back in to the relationship.

>> I took a class, 570-year-old woman in the class, said her sex life is better than ever. Conan: Okay, I didn't want to hear that.

>> I'm happy for her. Conan: I'm happy for her, but let's not talk a lot about it. Was she slapping her own bottom.

>> Yes. Conan: That's nice.

>> She did a really nice grind. Conan: Again, come, on why not? Stop. We're still on tv technically. Your husband, dave navarro on the show recently, talking about who you haven't had a chance yet to have a honeymoon, you both have been so business sir, you haven't had a honeymoon.

>> Crazy since we got married on mtv, crazy. Conan: I love these little stories you tell. That time we got married on mtv, yeah, it's funny because we took viagra, i know david told that story. Conan: Dave office the show, he said he took viagra on his wedding night. I thought he was crazy, you're marrying carmen electra, all right? You don't need viagra, but you took viagra as well?

>> We both did because we thought it would give us a little extra, you know, i don't know, something. Conan: Well, i didn't even know, I don't know much about viagra, honest. It's a pill of some kind?

But anyway, it's 20 milligram form --

[Applause] Something that ladies take too? It does something for them?

>> I read an article that mod that took viagra. Conan: She is nuts, you know. God knows, what is madonna eating? I'll do that too. So I don't know if i on would follow her down that road. What did it naen for the both of you. You both took viagra, what happened?

>> Migraine headache, pounding headache, yeah. Conan: Not a good idea.

>> Not a good idea. Great sex and then pounding headache. Conan: Then it's worth it, maybe.

>> Maybe. Conan: Usually pounding headache means no sex at all.

[Audience-ahh. Conan: I lost this crowd on red state-blue state, they have been pissed ever since. You'll have a chance for a real honeymoon?

>> We.

>> Will where?

>> Hawaii. Conan: Beautiful idea. No viagra, though.

>> No, we don't take viagra. You know what, i have been to long john silver's, i am the one person who eaten, there I heard you saying that earlier. Conan: I'm just, you don't see long john silver's that often, i haven't heard the sentence, I would love to, but I'm heading to long john silver'S. Are they a sponsor? They can't even afford commercials, long john silver's, get a guy in a sandwich board stage, wave a fish stick at people. Folks, don't feel bad, it's a large corporation. All right, carmen electra aerobic striptease and fit to strip are in stores now. Further ones in the series?

>> Yes, no carrierringconnect

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