Carmen Electra Visits 'late Call' 3/23

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Postby admin » Wed Mar 23, 2005 8:01 am

Carson: Say hi to carmen electra. Carmen, are you there?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: What's happening?

Carmen: Nothing.

Carson: Nice to see you. How are you doing?

Carmen: Good to see you.

Carson: Show appearance number 245.

Carmen: I know, I know.

Carson: Thank you for coming back.

Carmen: Oh, no problem.

Carson: How's your husband, dave navarro, doing?

Carmen: Good, he's doing great. He's back in los angeles, working on his record, so he's busy.

Carson: He's in a bunch of bands right now.

Carmen: He's in a whole bunch of bands.

Carson: Yeah, I was just talking to him on the phone, and I said, "dave, how you doing?" He said, "fine, I'm outside hollywood gym. It's day three since I've quit smoking."

Carmen: Yes.

Carson: How's that been? As his wife, he must be driving you crazy.

Carmen: He's really cute about it, but he's doing so good. He's wearing his little patch. He didn't want to tell me because he was afraid he was gonna mess up and start smoking. He didn't want to disappoint me, so, the other day, I was hugging him, and I was, like, "baby, what is that?" And it was his patch.

Carson: That's crazy.

Carmen: But I'm proud of him. He's on his fifth day.

Carson: Because my dad has to sneak into the garage, by his workbench, and sneak cigarettes, or take the dog for the tenth walk of the day, just to get a heater in. I just don't imagine -- dave's such a rock star.

Carmen: I know.

Carson: Is he worried about his image at all, now that he's not smoking?

Carmen: No, I think that he was more concerned about his health because in the morning he coughed up -- you know, I don't want to say, but, you know.

[ Laughter ] It's not pleasant.

Carson: It's not healthy.

Carmen: No.

Carson: Well, you must be thrilled. Did you guys ever get a chance to take the honeymoon?

Carmen: We sort of did. We went to santa barbara, to a spa called bacara. It's really beautiful there and everything, but it rained, so I made him go do spa treatments.

Carson: Really? Dave navarro doing spa treatments.

Carmen: Yeah, I'll get a massage. I love the whole thing. I'll let anyone massage me. I love it.

[ Laughter ] Well, like my shoulders, or whatever, you know.

Carson: Right, what do you mean you'll let anybody massage you? That's a horrible thing to say on national television because perfect strangers are now gonna come up and go, "hey, I'm steve. I want to massage you."

[ Laughter ]

Carmen: That's fine. Seriously, bring it on. I always have knots and my neck's always hurting, so I don't care who it is.

Carson: All right. That's great, by the way. What about dave?

Carmen: Dave hates it, and I've been trying to figure out why.

Carson: Hates the fact that strangers massage you, or hates massages?

Carmen: He just hates massages. He doesn't like to give 'em and he doesn't like to get 'em. So he was miserable. I kind of forced him into it. But then I found out later, the reason he doesn't like it is because he gets a hard-on.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Is that what happens?

Carmen: He's gonna be so mad at me for saying that.

Carson: Really?

Carmen: But it's true.

Carson: How does -- dave navarro's worried about that? That is insane. He's done more screwing than black & decker.

[ Laughter ] He shouldn't have a problem with that.

Carmen: Well, they get close, you know? They massage all up in the, you know, area, so --

Carson: Wow, all right, so what the hell did he do?

Carmen: A little rub and tug. No, no, they don't do it there.

Carson: You're such a filthy girl.

Carmen: I'd let him do it, maybe, I don't know.

Carson: All right, I have to get that visual out of my head right now. You're on the show on the wb, now, "summerland?" Is that true?

Carmen: Yes.

Carson: That's cool. What are you doing on that?

Carmen: I play mona, this character who is sort of the bad girl that goes onto the scene to stir things up a little bit.

Carson: Right. I also found interesting, you lent your voice to the sci-fi cartoon, "tripping the rift," which is actually a very good show. But I thought the idea of having you on a project would be more to see you, rather than just hear your voice.

Carmen: Well, it's cool. I really love the character because she's like a cyber sex slave.

Carson: Well, there you go.

[ Laughter ] Say no more. Speaking of which, here are the -- now, I was thinking, with these dvds that you have out, this could really be like your george foreman grill. I mean, you could make a mint on these things.

Carmen: I'm with you.

Carson: There's this one here. This is the real good one, though. This is "fit to strip." Now, explain to me what this is.

Carmen: Well, basically, you know, at the time, I'd been doing burlesque and striptease, and I've been dancing my whole life. I heard about the idea of doing a workout and incorporating stripping, and I thought that was really just a fun idea and a perfect fit for me.

Carson: Yeah. No [ Bleep ].

[ Laughter ] You know what would be more fun?

Carmen: What?

Carson: Is to see a little bit of it. Just give us a few moves.

Carmen: Okay, yeah, I'll do that.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Do we need a volunteer?

Carmen: Yeah.

Carson: Any volunteers?

[ Cheers ] Screw you, all.

[ Laughter ] Wally, our cue card guy. Come on, give it up for wally. Come on, wally.

[ Applause ]

Carmen: Hi, how you doin', wally?

Carson: Wally, you'll be the subject, you lucky bastard.

Carmen: I'll do the best I can.

Carson: And give us a few moves from the dvd, and sort of, I don't know, talk about it, if you want.

Carmen: Okay, well, are we gonna have some music?

Carson: Yeah, what do you need, music?

Carmen: Yeah.

Carson: Yeah, do we have music? We got that.

[ "Pour some sugar on me" ] All right. Wow. This is a workout? Yeah.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carmen: Whoo, workin' those leg muscles.

Carson: I think wally just gained some weird weight.

[ Laughter ] Did you get all of that?

Carmen: Yeah, I got it.

Carson: Here's what you should do -- stand up. Can you stand up? Are you all right?

[ Laughter ] Stand up. You sit down.

Carmen: Okay, oh, I'm gonna get a lap dance.

Carson: I'd like to see you try this, now.

[ Laughter ] All right? You ready?

Carmen: Yeah, oh, wait a second. Hold on a second. Let me just get my headband up.

Carson: Wally, the cue card guy. Oh, yeah, your headband, nice.

[ Laughter ] All right, you ready? Go.

Carmen: No, wait, hold on.

Carson: Oh, for the love of god, really.

[ Laughter ] All right, play music to it. Oh, boy.

[ Laughter ] All right, that's enough. She's getting very hot. There you go. That's disgusting. Stop.

[ Cheers ] Wally, the cue card guy. Here, hold that up for a minute. Are you gonna hang out?

Carmen: I'm gonna hang out.

Carson: Carmen electra's gonna be here.

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