Carmen Electra Visits 'last Call' 5/20 Transcript

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Postby admin » Sat May 21, 2005 4:29 am

>> Carson: The whalers. Thank you, andy richter is still hanging out. Our next guest helped an entire generation of young men discoversomething new about themselves. Ease welcome carmen electra. .

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: Carmen has been on our show more times than me. I think now. I don't know even what,, this is your 11th appearance on the show in the last two weeks. You must be here more than with your husband, dave navarro.

>> Thanks for having me again.

>> Carson: What's with the bombshell babes? Is that the --

>> You know, it's just a group of girls. We love to dance and perform. We just started to do that. And now we're on your shoW.

>> Carson: How does that start? Being in a circle of friends with girls and they're attractive and you all like to dance.

>> They're all professional dancers and singers. So this is, you know, it's what they do for a living.

>> Carson: You were at your house one night and saying we should start a bombshell babes group.

>> Look, we're all dressed in the same thing.

>> I wish i could say we will an orgy, but it didn't come down that way.

>> Carson: Let's work that into your show. Tag body spray had a contest called win a dream date with carmen electra, which is a little bit weird on a couple levels. How did your husnd dave feel about that?

>> He was bidding for a while becakind of wanted to be the one to end up on the date with me. He dropped out like over $5,000.

>> Your husband got outbid by somebody and he's rich and famous.

>> Isn't that sweet.

>> That was awesome.

>> Carson: Do you know what you went for?

>> I think $35,000, I think.

>> Carson: Dollars, people, dollars. That's a lot of loot right there. Someone pays $35,000 to go out with you, not for nothing.

>> There's a rumor that was like $400,000. I almost can't believe that.

>> Carson: You're hot.

>> Who is it?

>> I want a whole team of carmen electras for $400,000.

>> The last thing i heard was $35,000.

>> Carson: I haven't gone on the date yet, right?

>> I haven't gone on the date yet. What am i going to have to do.

>> Carson: For that money, i say something, first base. 35 g.

>> A little weird.

>> Andy: There have been lots of means about it.

>> That's true. You have a point. It's for tag body spray for men and it's awesome. Actually, dab's been wearing it.

>> Andy: I don't need to know about that.

>> Carson: It was only open to guys age 15-20.

>> That's right, yeah.

>> A little weird.

>> You don't want some old pervert to show up.

>> Carson: You want a 16-year-old to drop roofies in your drink?

>> Andy: This will be great, carmen's not looking. Just a 17-year-old kid going to santa monica can carmen electra. It's a 18, 19, 20-year-old, guy how does he afford that?

>> I don't know how that works. We'll find out soon.

>> Carson: We've been having fun thinking about what that date is going to be like. We have a couple people here. We're going to show you what we think's going to go down. Someone playing the date and a girl playing carmen. We think it will go something like this.

>> So a guy from my world of war craft guild snuck into a screening of revenge of the significant and said forget everything you know. I paid $30,000 for this dateD.

>> Actually, I'm married.

>> Oh. Can i have my $30,000 back?

>> No. No.

[ Applause ]

>> I'll give him a little bit more than that. I'll do a little something. Nothing, you know, crazy.

>> Carson: That's nice you're doing that. You should go on a date with every guy here.

[ Applause ]

>> Carson: A cup of coffee. It really means nothing to you but it means everything to them.

>> Ah. Well the proceeds are going to charity so that's what's good.

>> Carson: In that case, makes more sense. How is dave.

>> He's good.

>> Carson: He seems to be working out every time i speak with him.

>> He's always at the gym, always.

>> Carson: He's in good shape.

>> You're in great shape. You look great. Every time i see you, you look better and better.

>> Carson: It's that lap dance video you put out. I've been working out to it every day. So I'm just watching it, fine.

[ Laughter ]

>> Working out the old right arm muscle?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Ah.

>> Carson: No, the left. Carmen electra, everybody.

[ Cheers and applause ] Bombshell babes and the great andy richter. Thank you, andy. Madagascar in theaters friday, the 27th.

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