Carmen Electra Visits 'the Tonight Show' 12/14

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Postby admin » Thu Dec 15, 2005 8:55 am

>> Jay: All right. My next guest, a beautiful actress. Her latest film is "cheaper by the dozen 2." It opens everywhere wednesday, december 21st. Ooh, they both open the same day. Well, you can see one early show and one late show. Please welcome carmen electra.

[ Cheers and applae ]

>> Jay: Welcome back.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: Just by coincidence, you two are on the show together.

>> I know.

>> Jay: It's the second time this has happened.

>> Did you plan this?

>> I did.

>> Are you still eating blood pudding?

>> I am every day.

>> So gross. Every day? What's wrong with you.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: But he's quite charming, isn't he?

>> He is. An amazing actor.

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: Did you hear his story about he split his pants when he had the shorts with the polka dots?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> Jay: You had a similar incident, didn't you?

>> I did. It was so embarrassing. I was at a party. I went into the bathroom. I walk out. I'm walking around the party thinking I look cute and everything. And I realized that my dress was caught in my g-string underwear. So my butt was hanging out. In front of everyone.

>> Jay: How awful.

[ Laughter ] Actually, is that common women do that?

>> It does happen. So women, be careful.

>> Jay: That happened to a a friend of mine.

>> Don't wear panties.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: You know, that's the perfect solution. I'm glad you came up with that.

>> How you doing over there?

>> I'm having a great time.

>> Jay: Now, what are you and your husband dave navarro doing for the holidays?

>> We're just going to stay home. We have these two lesbian friends that come over, and they cook every year.

>> Jay: Is it essential that they be lesbians?

[ Laughter ] I mean, is lesbian food different than hetero food? I mean, why does the -- they're coming -- they cook, they're lesbian chefs?

>> No, no. They're just lesbians.

>> Jay: Oh.

>> But they cook really well. And we love to have them over. But it's just fun to say the lesbians are going to cook.

>> Jay: Is there some show involved, or they just cook?

>> They should have their own show 'cause they're hilarious, but, yeah, they just cook.

>> Jay: All right. So, what do you want from santa? What are you looking for this year, besides the lesbians cooking?

>> A stripper pole.

>> Jay: You mean, for your house?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Ralph seems shocked by this.

[ Laughter ]

>> No, it reminds me of a story I've heard about you and a a stripper.

>> What's this?

>> Jay: You heard about me?

>> I was told a story that when you were doing standup, that you used to do it just before a a strip show.

>> Jay: Actually, that's true.

>> And that someone was so impatient with you, they wanted to get the strip act on, that they --

>> Okay, anyway.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: That is true. But next time we'll talk about that.

>> So the lesbians and the stripper pole.

>> Jay: If you want a stripper pole, does this go in the bedroom?

>> No, because my bedroom, oh, it's such a mess. Yeah, I'm a slob. And I just leave piles of clothes everywhere. So the stripper pole would go into the living room. And I figure, for the holidays, after eating christmas dinner, I can do a few laps around the pole, and work off the weight that I've gained.

>> Jay: Okay, that would work. So what's the hesitation here? I can't imagine your husband gog, "no, honey, that's wrong."

>> Oh, he's very excited. He may get up there, too, knowing him.

>> Jay: Now, is dave messy also?

>> No, dave is such a neat freak.

>> Yes. And I drive him absolutely crazy. He's so ocd. Every night, he has to fold his little clothes d his little panties -- I call them panties because he wears little underwear.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: You know, the lesbian thing is starting to make sense now.

[ Laughter ] He wears little underwear?

>> You know, the little brief kind of underwear. Kind do you wear, jay?

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: You know those ten packs for $3.99?

[ Laughter ] It's a bag o' underwear you get at costco'S. It's really not a big deal. So tell me about "cheaper by the dozen 2." You weren't in "cheaper by the dozen 1," right?

>> No. I'm in the sequel, and I play eugene levy's wife, and she's sort of the trophy wife who tries to please her husband. Eugene's character is very strict and expects so much out of his kids. Finally, toward the end of the movie, I stand up to my husband and just show that she's more than just a trophy wife.

>> Jay: Okay, so this is the big, dramatic scene.

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Now, there are 20 kids in this movie. Is that strange working with 20 kids on the set? Is it hectic?

>> It actually made me want to run home and rip my uterus out, jay.

[ Laughter ] But, no. I love kids.

>> Jay: I love kids. I just want to rip my uterus out.

>> I really do. I can't wait.

>> Jay: We have a clip. This is not you ripping your uterus out. This is a scene from "cheaper by the dozen 2." Now, this is where you're in shanghai, and the japanese have just attacked. No, no, I'm sorry. Wrong film. I'm sorry. This is the party?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: This is the party at the house. Take a look.

>> So, tom, I read a while back you quit the head coaching gig at illinois, pauly. What was that all about?

>> Well, that job was taking up a lot of hours, and I wanted to spend more time with the family.

>> Kudos.

>> Thank you.

>> That's my word for the day.

>> Ooh, how fun, fun to have a a word.

>> So, katie, I guess with tom at home changing diapers, you're kind of tearing up the best seller list?

>> Oh, well, I only had the one book, but I would love to --

>> Excuse me, waiter? Another scotch, por favor. Anybody else?

>> No, I'm fine.

>> Hey, what about charlie? Still playing ball?

>> No, he's living downtown and he's working in a garage to help pay for tuition to the universi of chicago.

>> I did a guest spot on "monster garage," back when I was acting, and I just love the whole engine and car thing.

>> So you're an actress. That's great.

>> Oh, thank you, tom.

>> You're welcome, serena.

>> Kudos.

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: There you go. "Cheaper by the dozen 2," carmen electra. Be right back with michael mcdonald, right after this, ladies and gentlemen.

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